Farewell to Summer.

I'm not ready to let go of summer.  Oh no I'm not!  So one more summery table before the phlox and the hydrangeas have faded away.

My china was a bargain!  I bought it a year ago at K-Mart.   A 20 piece set for $16.  It's the Martha Stewart line featuring a pattern of lilacs.

Hydrangea and phlox for the centerpiece.  Hurricane candle holders just a buck at a garage sale.
Lemonade glassware is from the dollar tree and the gingham check luncheon cloth was only $4 at a thrift shop.

The morning sun is shining through!  And one more hurrah for the phlox outside our window.

A bright and cheery Sunday Brunch.

Are you ready to let go of summer at your house?  Today was the first day of my hubby's 47th year of school.  He is starting his 30th year of teaching and of course all the years of being a grade-schooler, high schooler, college student and student teacher before that.  Last year at Christmas he sent a pic of himself to some of our relatives as a joke.  It was the kind they do at school every year and he wrote on it Danny in 46th grade!  Most everyone got the joke!  But his Mom, bless her heart, being a typical mother quickly framed it and hung it in her living room.  She is such a sweet lady!
So are you ready to let go of summer?  Or are you kind of sad like me. 
Thanks for coming by,
I am joining Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.


  1. No, negative, nit(probably misspelled), positively not! I'll go down kickin' and screamin' all the way. I'm not a winter chick or a snow bunny, besides I really think I got a raw deal this summer with the shingles stealin' my season.

    I love your pretty flowers on the table and outside the window. I remember the post where you purchased your china. It all looks quite inviting.

    God bless ya and enjoy this day!!! :o)

  2. Thanks for visiting sillshill.blogspot. I love your phlox and hydrangeas. I love purple flowers. Your table setting looks lovely! I am kinda ready for Autumn, because of the heat. The 110 degrees is gone I hope. It is getting cooler in the evenings and mornings. I do love the Summer but I am ready for Fall weather. Not going to rush it though, because then it will be time for that cold snow, so I am not going to complain too much. This is a good question though. The smell of flowers and rose bushes and all the butterflies is what I like best about Summer. I like to cut grass on the riding lawn mower and clean the flower bed but when it is so hot you have to keep taking breaks and then I never get through. Well we have alot to cut and I am trying to come up with a better schedule of doing things. We canned alot of string beans and figs and put up alot of blueberries and a little corn. Tomatoes would get eat before you can them. I like Summer and not ready for it to go because I like to enjoy each day and it not to go by so fast. Maybe When I get time I can put some recipes on my page. Talk to ya later. Kim

  3. Oh CIndy Sweetie...
    I am SO POSITIVELY ready to let go of summer. I have had enough of this heat to last until next year. We will still be having warm temps at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We always have the air on or the screen doors open.

    Yep, I have had enough this year. Love ya girl. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  4. I am sad about summer leaving...I'm going to stretch it out a bit longer!! Your joke about Dan is funny, at first I started doing the math thinking he had been teaching all these years...lol!!

    I love those Martha dishes, so pretty and delicate. I love lilacs almost as much as your phlox and hydrangeas!! Beautiful!

    I'm sending you an email about Lake Geneva!! Take care girlfriend!


  5. You already know the answer for me! I am ready! Don't get me wrong I am a summer southern gal through and through but this year has been waaayyy too hot waaaayyy too much! Beautiful flowers inside and out! I love purple and yours is just gorgeous! Very pretty summer tablescape too! So beautiful!

  6. Hi Cindy, beautiful table....love the colors you have going on there! I am ready for summer to go! It has been in the 90's for so many days, weeks, with lows in the upper 70's. I have officially melted! On our trip to Kentucky, we experienced a couple of mornings in the 50's and it was heavenly! Linda

  7. never ready to let go of summer...love your photos...we will still have summer weather for quite a while here in Texas

  8. You want more of summer....just come to AZ!! We got plenty to share!!

  9. Is it cooling down and FEELING like fall there? 'Cause it is NOT here.

  10. Oh Cindy, I love your table. The yellow and purple is just wonderful. The flowers inside and outside are stunning and the sun streaming in is so beautiful. Yes, I am so ready to let go of summer. I know it is different since we don't have snow here and cold weather, but this heat is just miserable. I so want to be outside and be able to enjoy it. Hope you have a super weekend. Enjoy your last bit of summer. Hugs, Marty

  11. Oh GIRL! You know I am ready to let it go! I am always ready to let it go. If we could skip August (well except the 16th and the 24th of course) I'd be happy! DO NOT LIKE THE HEAT! Bring on the Fall! Or better yet, the rain and some snow (in my dreams!)
    Your flowers are lovely! Ours were done long ago.
    This was so nice of you to fix a spot at the table for me! Trust me, I'd be there in a heartbeat if I could.
    :) HUGZ! Karen

  12. Your table looks so beautiful with the sun streaming in! I am not ready to let go of summer yet either.

  13. Hi Cindy,
    I'm ready for fall and cooler weather. I do love your table setting. It is so pretty with the sunlight shining through on all your beautiful tableware.


  14. The table is Beautiful!It's charming and adorable. Fatima-Scrapart.

  15. Too funny about your hubby's school picture last year. Made me LOL!
    I am SOOO ready for summer to be over! Actually the high was only 99 yesterday. So there is relief in sight... usually by Halloween. Ha!

  16. Am I ready to let go of Summer? I'm afraid so. We've had such high temperatures and no rain, this Summer has been awful. Hopefully Fall will be much kinder. Love your flowers and table setting.

    Hugs XX
    Moore Whimsies

  17. NO!! As hot as it has been, I don't like to see Summer end. I love Fall, but always know what follows - The cold, dark, dreary days of Winter. :(
    Your flowers are beautiful.

  18. I really love the crispness of fall. I love jeans, sunny warm days and cool nights, apples and pumpkins...so, I'm really ready for that. BUT, I'm not at all ready for what follows or for shorter days.

    Your table is so pretty. I love the purple/yellow combination. You really captured the perfect rays of sunlight in your photos.

  19. Cute table, lovin' the colors, but so ready to let "this" summer go... Bring on fall:@)

  20. As of today...I fell in love with Fall again...my house smells like pumpkin spice and I am pulling all the Fall decorations out and I am so excited for it all :D

  21. Yes, I'm sad to see it go, it flew by for me and it seems everyone else too. I hate to see the flowers go and the cold come but I'll try to enjoy each season that God gave us.

    The flowers are just beautiful and so is your dinnerware what a bargain!


  22. Yellow and purple. regal and divine. Your pieces are so wonderful.

  23. How pretty with the shadows dancing on the table. The phlox and hydrangea make a beautiful bouquet.

  24. Love those flowers! Such a pretty table!
    No, I am not ready for summer to end. Everyone wants to rush into Fall, but heck it is still summer, and winter will come soon enough!
    And yes that place at The Tablescaper was for me. My table has one for her, so I guess it was payback, LOL.
    We had a nice visit Sunday, we talked dishes, what else!

  25. Gorgeous flowers. It's bittersweet when summer ends. I love fall yet I know it will be a long winter that follows.

  26. HI!!
    I love your table top too!
    I love fall and winter!!ANd you know I do!And we are so ready for it out here!!

  27. Beautiful summery table, Cinday! I am so drawn to yellow lately and your table topper is stunning. Love the violet colors on the plates....Christine

  28. Beautiful colors and flowers. Love the bargains that you got on some of your things. I think I'm ready for fall after the hot, hot Texas summer!

  29. I'm really not ready for summer to be over either. I love your bright and cheery table.

  30. Pretty table! Love how your flowers are still holding on. I wish summer would stay.

  31. I'm a bit sad to see summer end. Your lovely tablescape has all the charm of the summer season. Yet, I am longing for fall too. Thinking about the beautiful changing leaves, the harvest, warm sweaters and hot spiced cider. Each season has it's glory!

    Susan and Bentley

  32. Your colors here are so pretty. I'm so ready to let go of summer. I'll probably say different once I get cold a few times,

  33. Your phlox are so lovely, it took a while to get me to gaze at the table. What lovely china! And such a lovely table. I am ready to get rid of these hot temperatures. But I will miss the flowers!

  34. OK so I must admit I am looking forward to Fall....however after viewing so many beautiful summer tables tonight you gals have me second guessing that thought. Just beautiful...you have an awesome view there in your dining area too. Have a great weekend. Debbie

  35. The colors in the flowers with the yellow work so beautifully with your lovely china. It's such a romantic tablescape. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  36. The flowers and dishes look beautiful. I love Fall, but we still have some more summer around here too. Loved that story about your husband and all of his years of school :-) I haven't been around blog land as much because we've started back with ours. Homeschooling keeps me a bit busy.

  37. Cindy, your hydrangea and phlox for the centerpiece truly pick up the colors in that china beautifully! What a bargain you found!! I would have been running out the store with 3 boxes in my cart & then probably would have gone back in for more. LOL

    I am sooooooo ready for summer to be over. It has been an awful-wicked hot one for us in Ohio. I've been stuck in the house with horrid allergies for 2 weeks, too. Hurry up FALL!
    In fact, last week I spent the time getting out all my autumn decor. I am R-E-A-D-Y!!!

  38. G'morn, Cindy ~ Yup! I have no trouble letting summer go this year from this 'flip me over I'm done on that side' record setting heat wave here.

    What a lovely delicate & rich table setting, Cindy. It is so inviting. Your florals are so elegant & stately in that pretty vase.

    Thank you for helping me/us in our 'smiles' for Angel Dawn. I hope you will spread the word for all to visit us. I really want to flood that precious child with 'smiles'.

    Have a beautiful holiday weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  39. Hi Cindy,

    Such pretty colors -- love the phlox with the yellows on your table. Everything looks great with the light streaming in, and it was special seeing the phlox on both sides of your window.

    Have a great weekend!


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