The Pumpkin Patch!

Hi Friends!

Yesterday was the most perfect of Autumn days!  Sunny, in the low 60's and the trees are really starting to turn.
We have the sweetest little pumpkin patch just up the road from us.
They grow nearly every pumpkin imaginable and they also provide fun entertainment for the kiddies!

Addison may have liked the resident dog the best!  Look at his cute scarf!

Checking out a little bit of the scary stuff with Grandpa!  I thought at 11 months she might be too young to be scared but there was this horrible, scary looking cat in there that totally freaked her out!  Now Addison loves kitties, we have two, but not ones that look like that!

The mums are so pretty!

They have everything decked out just perfectly for fall!

Lots of cute stuff to buy inside as well.

See that little inflatable haunted house?  They have a mummy inside that light's up and makes freaky noises.
There is a witch outside that does the same.  Addison toddled in on her own and then made a rapid beeline out the door when the mummy went off!

The cutest little pumpkin is right here!

And there are pumpkins nearly as big as she is!

More haunted happenings!

 Of course there are scarecrows!

Down below they have this beautiful pond.  Well actually they have two ponds and it's such a peaceful setting.

Arbors and...

birdhouses and....

Shrubs that are turning beautiful shades of red!

More pond views.

And then a wagon ride for the sweetest little pumpkin around!

Thanks for visiting!  I will be around this week to visit all of you!

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I seem to have a love/hate affair with tablescaping!
I LOVE seeing other people's creations and I LOVE doing it myself.
However, I hate how it can make me go out and spend more than I should and maybe buy things I don't really need.
My only new item for today's table is the real white pumpkin which cost $1.50 and the small mum plant which was only $2.00. 
The rest I already had and most of it I bought super cheap!

It was dark and dreary yesterday so I had to use my flash otherwise nothing would have shown up!

My centerpiece is a white pumpkin that I carved out and added a tiny mum to.  I added a few faux leaves and such to fill it out a bit more. 

The gold tablecloth was only $2. last after Christmas.  The red plates were marked down to .75 cents at Wally World, the napkins were a gift, the flatware, everyday and the napkin rings were marked down to $2 for 4 at Wally.

Gold goblets only $1 a piece at Wally, marked down last fall.

We've had a bit of rain lately so it's still so nice and green outside!  The leaves are rapidly turning with our cool in the 60's weather.

Easy, fun and cheap! 
So how do you feel about tablescaping?  Do you ever buy more than you really need?
So now I'm off to visit and get to drool at some really amazing tables!

Take Care,

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Autumn scenes at Applestone Cottage

Hi Friends,
After the unseasonably cool week we had, fall is coming at us fast and furious.
Happily we're going to be in the 70's this week and with some sunshine too!
AHHHH, perfect fall weather!

Time to get busy with a little more Autumn decor.

A basket full of fall colors.

And nothing says Autumn to me like Mums.  I bought these at a little greenhouse down the road.
She has very healthy ones unlike some of the big box stores.

I love the look against the roughness of our stone cottage.

 A little re-arranging on this side table.
Sunflowers and white pitchers are a great combo!

Our apple trees are still producing....although the deer are getting their share, I've still managed to make some yummy apple crisp.  See the little flying saucers?  Hmmmm, should I be concerned! lol!

And they can get a bit competitive out there!  I shot these pics of the two bucks early one morning last week.
They were really going at it.  I tried to lighten up the pics... taken through our living room window so they were quite dark.  The does are also going into rut so that may have factored into their horn locking too. 

My Mil made this adorable smocked dress for Addison!  I think it's so cute!  She used an old pattern from the 60's and added a a little slip underneath.  Did I say my Mil is in her mid-eighties and still quilting and sewing and knitting and crocheting!  She is also a fabulous cook...and makes the best homemade buns and other goodies!

And of course I have to throw in some pics of the little girl who is going to wear that dress!
The little girl that will be 1 years old in about 2 1/2 weeks!
Addison loves going outside!

And how can I refuse those big brown eyes?

She heads right on over to the apple trees.

And she always manages to find some of the most rotten apples still on the ground.

Oh heck, a little bite won't hurt me Grandma!

And then she's off, toddling along as fast as her little legs will take her!
And one happy but tired Grandma trotting behind.

Have a great week everyone!

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Autumn Mantel on the Cheap!

With big weather changes coming our way, I thought today would be a good time to start moving into Fall decor.   Not that I want summer to end, but I seem to have little control over that.  Our high today....87,  our high on Thursday about 60 with possible frost.   So getting with the program, I changed out my mantel today.  I shopped the house instead looking for new.
The cute apple, butter pumpkin sign was a gift from my daughter.

Indian corn from last year, dried hydrangeas from my garden and my stacked yellow birdies.
My living room is done in blue's, yellow's and red's so I always find it a challenge since orange isn't a good color in here.

Acorns in an apothecary jar. 

Yellow and red sunflowers!

 A little wagon and scarecrow which my grand-daughter will play with!

I have a hard time getting good pics back here because it seems to cast dark shadows.
So are you ready for Fall ?   Or should I say ready or not it's on the way!
Hopefully we will see more summer like weather before old man winter comes around!


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Sunday Favorites....Colorado Dreaming!

I am joining my friend Chari @ Happy to Design for Sunday Favorites!
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Our trip to Colorado in the summer of 2010.   One of the best parts......I got to meet our hostess Chari and her hubby Russ.  
One of the highlights of our recent trip to Colorado was our visit to the town of  Estes Park and our drive through Rocky Mountain National Park.  I often see 4 legged creatures with antlers around our neck of the woods, but none as big and majestic as these guys.

We were very excited to get up close and personal with the elk.  They are really big and I wouldn't want to get on their bad side.


Just look at those antlers!!  Aren't they incredible creatures.

And the drive through the park was both breathtaking and at times a little bit scary. 

We drove to the highest peek some 12,000 feet or more.

Seeing snow up here in July is really something.  The temp dropped a good 25 degrees and the air was thin and made me a bit dizzy and headache.

There were just a a few little yellow flowers up this high.  Our info said that it can take 50 years for these plants to grow an inch.  That just blew me away.

Amazing Views.

I kind of thought this house could work for me.
Can you imagine their views? 
I hope you enjoyed the tour.  After I'm home about a week I'm ready to go again. 
I'm also joining Susan @  A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday.
Thanks for coming by my friends,