A Christmas Thief I am.....fa-la-la-la-la....la-la-la


I am a Christmas Thief and I just can't help myself!
I am being inspired by all your wonderful blogs!

Here's my version of the gingerbread Christmas tree.
I was so inspired by
She has decorated the most darling gingerbread tree for her kitchen.
I wanted to add a picture of her cute tree but my server kept rejecting it.
I guess it knew I was thieving,  I mean borrowing.

I think I picked the worse time of day here for pictures.  I just used what I already had on hand.  I had the urge though to go out and buy some more.

Another not so great pic.  But check out my kitty in the background.
Lily is up in the tree.  When she gets excited she will just run like crazy and up the tree she goes!
I hadn't even noticed her until I looked at these pics.  Hubby and I had been outside decorating the front porch.
And I guess that got her so excited!
It was a lot warmer here today with highs in the 40's. We had been in the
20's with wicked wind chills.  As you can see we still don't have any snow.
I like my snow for Christmas, I want a winter wonderland!    Last year I was fretting about our lack of snow  and then we got slammed with 12 inches of it.
So be careful what you wish for!

Now Cheri's tree is a lot cuter but I had fun creating this.

I still need to find a little tree skirt to put here. I have one but I don't think I like it anymore.
Maybe I have some leftover burlap.  That would work!
I am joining Marty @ A stroll thru life for Tabletop Tuesday.
Have a great week everyone! 


A Mother's Love.

A Mother's love.  
Hi All!
I took my daughter Katie and my grand-daughter Addison for pictures last Wednesday.
Little Addison who will be two months on the 3rd of December was so cooperative for the photographer.
I swear she knew what was going on and just hammed it up!

All pretty in pink!  A little fashionista in the making.

A Mothers love is one of the greatest love of all.
And now I know that a Grandma's love is also one of the greatest love of all.
Addison looks so much like Katie did at the same age!  I see a little of her Dad, but mostly I see Katie.

And now isn't this fitting for Pink Saturday.
 Happy Week-end Everyone!
I am joining Bev at How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday. 
I am also trying to decorate my house for Christmas this weekend and boy is it a mess.
But I sure have been inspired by all of your great decorating.  We also need to go cut our tree but since it's been so cold I may wait on that.
Talk to you soon....


Pottery Barn Pillow Wanna Be!

I love this pillow from Pottery Barn!  But for $39.00, it just wasn't in my budget right now. 
So I scoured GW and found a white sweater that I thought would work.  I paid $5 for the sweater
and I purchased an  XXL so that I could make a bigger pillow.

And here is my version!  I just cut off the sleeves of the sweater, measured for the size of the pillow, this one is 16x18, cut and sewed just a couple of seams.  Super easy and a whole lot cheaper! I am thinking of buying a red holiday sweater and making a pillow out of that as well.

I also made some soft gold pillows for some added warmth.  I found this really soft corduroy fabric at a fabric outlet I like.  It was 9.95 a yard but.... I had a 60% off coupon to use. 
Then I bought some goose down pillows to put inside.  They were only 6.50 a piece at this same fabric  outlet ............  and that was for the 18x18 size!

I paired it up with the pillows I made earlier this year.  They have more of a summery look so I wanted these to be more warm and cozy looking.

Another view.  I also made the pillow in the middle as well.
Well my friends, we are supposed to be getting nasty weather today.  Right now they're predicting freezing rain.
I would much rather have snow.  The freezing rain is just the worse to drive on. 
On Thanksgiving we are off to my brother Matt's home.  He has a large, very nice heated garage that works for our big family.  They set up lots of tables, have a  huge buffet table plus we can go in and out of his large home as needed.
Since we have such a large extended family, it's the only place we can fit!  At Christmas we all go to a water-park and rent a motel or condo.  The kids like it and so do the adults.  Wisconsin Dells which is the Water-park Capital of the World is just down the road from us.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
I have so much to be thankful for and I am hoping you all do too!
I am joining Linda @ Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday!
Check out her fun blog!


A Thanksgiving Harvest table.

I have been wanting to do a Autumn/Harvest table for months!   And with the Holidays approaching, I thought it's now or never.

I love my harvest time dinner plates.  I bought 6 of them last fall and now I just wish I could find the bowls to match.  So until then, I will have a one plate table-scape.  Is that permissible? 

I found these cool place-mats at TJ Maxx.  They are like a really thick felt type fabric.  I love the design and thought they would look nice next to my white table.  The rooster napkin rings are a gift from Cuisine Kathleen.  Thanks Kathleen, I lover them!
I made the napkins last year and the runner too.  Nothing fancy but they fit the bill.

My white gobbler was purchased last year at Home Goods.  I love the white ceramic look of him.  I think he was about $6.

I used my black lantern as a centerpiece.  I was going to take night pics but I just ran out of time.  I had little Addison over last night and she needs lots of Grandma kisses.

Here's a pic of the table runner fabric.  It's very close to the plates and I was happy to find it.
Cost about $3 to make the runner.

I found these pretty gold goblets at Wally World.  They were marked down to a buck a piece! 
My kind of deal!

We had just a bit of sun today but mostly it was cloudy and cold.  Typical November weather.

A slightly different angle.
So there you have it!  My one and only Autumn table.  Maybe I can do better for Christmas but I think I am just going to aim for one.  Too much to do and not worth stressing over.

I have so much to be thankful for.  My husband has a secure job.  I have a part-time job and my children are healthy and although they have their fair share of struggles, they are mostly ok.  And.....

I have this adorable and healthy little grand-daughter to be thankful for!

I am joining Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch
for Tablescape Thursday.
Lynn @ The Vintage Nest
for the Give Thanks Party!
Check it out Everyone!


And Autumn Wedding and Autumn Mantel.

Hi there bloggy buddies!  It's been harder and harder as of late to get a post in.  And since you all are so creative and have such wonderful blogs, I'm having a hard time keeping up. 
 Today I am joining Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday.  The teapot above is adorable isn't it?
My hubbies niece got married last month in a quaint Victorian B&B.  The bunny teapot was one of many on display.

The bride even had a Victorian style gown and headpiece. It was a small, intimate affair.   The couple's children, his and hers, joined in the ceremony . 

The cake was out of this world delicious as was the rest of the food!  The topper was the Brides' Grandmothers wedding cake topper.  So vintage and so perfect!

I just loved the windows! The sun was streaming in and created such a soft glow.

And the bride and groom got the most gorgeous of Autumn days!  It was a balmy 70 degrees and the leaves were just at their peak!

They had a lot of their pictures taken near this gorgeous tree! 

Since I plan on decorating  for Christmas soon I thought I would show you my Autumn Mantel.
Our weather has turned from highs in the mid-sixties last week to mid-thirties this week.
Brrrr it was so cold this morning.  The frost was so thick and I am so ready for a good crackling fire.

My only new purchase were these dainty little lights.  On these dreary November days I can keep them lit all day long if I please.
I am looking forward to the Holidays but I always feel like I am behind.  Do you other gals ever feel this way?
I am just starting to think about my gift list and when I get enough gumption I will start unpacking the endless Christmas decor
Take Care and Happy Tuesday!


Some of my Favorite Things and Why I am Thankful!

Hi Everyone!  I am joining my friend Laurie for some of my Favorite Things Saturday.
Please go over and check out her wonderful blog and  fun links when you are finished here.
One of my new favorite things are little girls clothes! There seems to be a never ending supply of cute things for little girls.    And here we have little Miss Addison all decked out in her new turkey apparel.
 Of course we had to try it on to see if it would fit!
This cute outfit was a gift from a relative.  Addison will get to meet a lot of her Aunts and Uncles on Turkey Day so of course she needs to be dressed for the occasion!

I did little shopping on my lunch break yesterday.  I was looking for a Christmas dress for Miss Addison and I think I found the perfect one!

Of course we had to try it on her to see if it fit properly.  I just hope she doesn't outgrow it before Christmas.
Isn't this just a dreamy little dress?
I found it at JC Penney's.  It was on sale and then I had an extra 15 percent off so it went from 35.00 to 14.00.  Not bad at all.
Addison is going in for her first pictures soon so we wanted her to have something really pretty!

So while I am not out buying new dishes, I sure am having a blast with baby girl clothes!
Little Addison will be 6 weeks old on Sunday and she is certainly a blessing to us all!
We had warm and beautiful weather all week with highs in the mid to upper 60's.
But I think Old Man Winter may have blown in today.  We barely made it to 40.  It was cold, rainy
and dreary to boot.  However, no snow as of  yet.   I think the ground is still too warm.
But just Northwest of us near the Twin Cities they are expecting up to 6 inches of the fluffy stuff tonight.
So I have a feeling we will be getting some soon.
Deer Hunting starts right before Thanksgiving here.  I know the hunters are always very happy to have snow before their season begins.
Take Care Everyone and I will be coming around to visit you soon!


Fluffing the Guest Room!


Hi All.
Have you ever felt like you were just running in place?  Lately I feel like a hamster on a wheel.
I keep going and going but I am getting nowhere.
So when I found this little plaque last weekend I thought it would be the perfect addition to my guest room.
A little motivation to get back in the groove.

I hung my new plaque here above my old red shelf. 
I want to change everything to Christmas decor soon so I just left the shelf as is for now.
Like I said, I am just trying to find my groove.

Early last summer Fifi painted this pic of my front porch.  I finally got it framed.  I found the frame at Hobby Lobby for 50% off  and hubby matted it for me. 
A sweet reminder of summer!

I hung it in here next to the bed.  I think it makes a cheerful addition.

My Mom gave me this old frame with red velvet inside. I think she had bought it at a garage sale years ago.  I decided to add this sweet doily that my MIL brought me after their trip to Switzerland.
I just tacked it on and now it has sentimental meaning to me as well. 
I've been seeing a lot of wonderful stuff around bloggyland going up for the Holidays already.
It's getting me in the groove!
For the first time in 4 years my Son and DIL will be home during the Holidays.  They usually only can come during the summer so this year will be extra special.  And with a new grand-baby even more so.
Have a delightful and inspiring week my friends,
I am joining the following bloggy parties.
Met. Monday @ Between Naps on the Porch.
Tabletop Tuesday @ A Stroll thru Life.


Little Addison is One Month Old Today!

Little Addison Lou is one month old today!  And little did I know, that I would fall so hopelessly in love!
She is a picture of her Mommy at the same age.

She was weighed and measured at the Dr. today.  She has grown a whopping 3 inches and gained 3 lbs. in just one month!
She is smiling , becoming very alert and  is such a good baby who hardly ever cries!
My Mom  raised 8 kids and Say's "that she never had such a good baby"!
I guess she means me too!  hehe!

I have to say that being a Grandma is one of the great joys in life!
I am so happy that she is nearby and that I get to see her nearly every day!

She stayed over last night so that Mommy could have a night with her friends.
A little sleeping angel indeed~
Thanks to all my bloggy friends for putting up with this new Grandma!


A student Built House for Kim's Before and After Party!!!

I am joining Kim @ Savvy Southern Style, for her very first before and after party! This was originally posted about a year and a half ago, so I thought it might be worth showing again.
I do think this is a great before and after.
Of course the before is a empty lot!  hehe.
And good luck Kim on your new weekly meme! 
  My husband teaches Building Construction classes to high school students. This year is the 9th year his classes have built a home. They start in September right after the school year begins and they finish in June. The classes work 1 hour and 45 minutes per day (they have block scheduling) The students frame, roof, put on siding, hang the windows, insulate, sheet rock, put in tile flooring, build the deck, hang doors and more....
In these pics you will see last years home. They are currently working on another home for the 08-09 school year.

The students work in all kinds of weather. The homes are built for a specific person and they must be within 3 miles of the school. The owners receive a ton of free labor and so the savings are huge. The owners sign a contract with the School district and their only cost to the school is about $2000, to replace tools etc.

To me, its amazing what my husband can teach these kids to do while also keeping students from cutting off a finger or sliding off a roof.

The 07-08 house is 2100 sq ft.

This years home also had students from landscaping classes and FACE classes(Family and Consumer Education) designing and planting shrubs and picking out colors, flooring, cupboards etc.

The back of the finished home. This pic was taken during the open house in early June. The grass had just been seeded so it looks kind of bare.

A local furniture store provided furniture and decor picked out by the FACE students for the open house.

Master bath.

I loved the walk-in shower.

The dining area.

The kitchen. The kids learn how to hang cupboards, put in ceramic tile flooring and more.

A view of the living room, the fireplace wasn't quite completed yet. Students in this class must have had several woodworking and construction classes before they take this advanced construction class. They must have also received a B or higher in their previous woodworking/construction classes.

Master Bedroom. The students work in teams and have a foreman (another student who shows leadership quality) helping to guide them as well. My husband generally has a teachers aide in this class and she is becoming quite knowledgeable in building construction as well.

Office or third bedroom. I'm very proud of my husband and the work he does as a teacher. Last year, several local TV stations came and did stories on the project. Thanks for stopping, I hope you enjoyed the tour. Cindy