High School kids building a house part two!


This is the 12th year that my husband Dan's building construction II class has built a home.
This year's home is pretty unique as it looks out over the river. It has been a difficult house to build as it is on a very sloped site and the fear of heights is an obstacle for many students. 

Students spend a little over an hour a day working on the home. Our school utilizes the block schedule, which has 85 minute blocks, but taking attendance and travel through town, to the site and back chews up about 20 minutes of our time each day.

We are still waiting for siding to arrive, which is on order. It is a rustic looking vertical tongue and groove product called "rough rider". It has the look of reclaimed lumber, but it is a new product that is very appropriate for this house. The windows will be framed in cedar and the fascia and corners will also be cedar.
Views like this are abundant from this lot and a dock will be easily built to allow boat access or perhaps a nice spot to lounge on a reclining lawn chair and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The view out of one of the large basement windows.

It is still being decided what materials will be used to cover the foam insulation that is covering the concrete. Several products are being considered including a "trowel on stucco like product" and a corrugated galvanized metal covering. Only a number of students are willing to climb this tall ladder and scaffolding, but a part of the class is learning to overcome the fear of heights. 
Many fish species lurk below the surface of this river, such as bass, walleye, and interestingly prehistoric Sturgeon. Many huge Sturgeon have been caught near here. My son actually caught a 50" Sturgeon from this river about 3 years ago.

We just received this pile of cedar and pine tongue and groove product called "end match". The cedar will be used in the living room and kitchen area and the pine in the bedrooms, bathrooms and hall areas. It is a beautiful product with a "smooth as silk" finish.

The students are enjoying the installation of the cedar wall paneling. It gives them a great sense of accomplishment as each board finds it's way into the wall pattern. 

One of the bedrooms is starting to take shape as the pine boards are being installed. Knotty Pine begins to bring the feel of "a cabin on the river" to this room.

These Hickory kitchen cabinets are being considered for the kitchen and possibly a matching bathroom vanity. The kitchen is rather small, but a large pantry is adjacent to the kitchen and will provide excellent storage space for the kitchen area. 
This is one of 3 skylights that a student is preparing for the cedar paneling. The skylights provide the cabin with ample light in the living room and kitchen. 
Students measure and install the wine colored soffits. This product is different than most soffit as the venting is in the grooves and makes the panels look much cleaner than traditional aluminum soffit which has the venting holes in the panels instead of the grooves. 

This student is one of the nicest kids that you would want to meet. He is back in school this year after a year long battle with leukemia.   He spent much of last year in a hospital and underwent chemo therapy and all of the struggles with battling such a hideous disease.  He is now cancer free and is back to his old self. He is an inspiration to all of us. 
Much of this post was written by the teacher, my hubby Dan.
If you would like to see the beginning of this home click here.

More updates to follow...stay tuned!

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Magazine Challenge with tutorial


Hey friends,
I am joining Debbiedoos Blogging and Blabbing for her magazine challenge.
This is my inspirational project. 
For this project I used an old wooden picture frame, a vintage child's illustrated book and a button.
I also needed primer, paint, mat board, decoupage glue,spray mount adhesive, hot glue gun and ribbon.

The only items I purchased were the old frame, the book and mat.  I found the book and frame in a local antique store for a total of $8.  The matted frame was purchased at a discount store for a buck.

I found the project in this book which was on a freebie table at a garage sale a few years back.

And here is my copy-cat version!   I primed and spray painted the frame a sunny yellow.  Then I wiped on a bit of antique gold rub and buff and sanded lightly.

I used decoupage to adhere the verse's to the frame. I love this part of the project!
Here on top and....

And on the bottom of the frame as well.

I used spray adhesive to attach the illustration to the mat and then used my glue gun to attach it to the frame.

I had the ribbon and button on hand although I wish the ribbon had been of the wired variety.
I hot glued the button onto the bow and then hot glued the bow to the frame.
I have one more step and that is to spray a sealer but I want to allow it to dry a bit today.
And there you have my copy!
Total cost for me since I had so much on hand is $9.
I am hanging it in my Grand-daughter Addison's room (at our home) which is painted this aqua blue.  It appears darker in this pic than it really is.  I am still debating where to hang it so I just hung it on a wall for a quick pic.  I will take another pic when I get it all situated and post that too.

I really wanted to join Debbie for her challenge!
I am a wee bit behind as usual... since I have my hands full all day with a  very busy wee one!
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Take Care,
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Spring Vignette and Keetha and Greg!

Hi friends,
 I love spring vignettes!   I have this little table that hubby built for me and it was in desperate need of a new look.  Something light and airy instead of the dark colors of winter.

So I grabbed this green watering can that I purchased at Wally World many moons ago!
A few spring blooms, a birds nest with little green eggs and a few white lacy birds that I purchased at Michael's.
Nothing new here, just shopped the house!

Normally I have a little lamp here too because it's such a dark little spot.  Right now I am on a search for something new,  at a fabulous price of course!

Yesterday hubby and I drove an hour East to meet up with my blogging buddy Keetha and her hubby Greg.
Now it was supposed to be a couple's day spent at this beautiful restaurant and then later at Keetha and Greg's home.
The picture above was taken a year and a half ago during a previous get-together.  It was January and we were all dressed for the cold back then.  We have so much fun with them and to think, we met because of our love of blogging!

Well  life happens and their was another little guest who came along for the visit!
And because of this little 18 month old darling it became a different affair.  And I was only able to get a couple of pics of Addison and none of the adults.
Here she is checking out some of the decor.  There were bunnies everywhere, just beautifully done.  Addison has a major love/hate affair with bunnies!  She loves them so much but the bigger ones tend to make her quite nervous.  Addi was so engrossed with the bunnies that Dan and I ended up eating in shifts!

But Keetha and Greg were just as gracious as can be and understanding too!
After a fabulous buffet we headed over to see their lovely home.
Keetha has it decorated just beautifully and they have a lovely set-up in their basement complete with lots of toys for their grands!
This made Addison a happy camper and allowed her grand-parents a chance to visit a bit too.
We have plans to get together soon and then I promise some pics of her lovely home! 
 Now on to visit the rest of you...have a lovely week all!
And don't forget to go say hi to my friend Keetha!  She has such a great sense of humor, you will love her blog!

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Hi friends,
I've trying to come up with an idea for a little added front porch pizazz!
Something easy and cheap to make too!
I found this cute little straw hat at Michael's for under $3.00.
The glittered lady bugs are actually little buttons that I found at Hobby Lobby.

I had been searching for little garden tools.  I found these at Pier 1 clearance priced at .80 cents each.

I added some daisies, (that I already had on hand) red gingham ribbon and the cute little ladybug ribbon (purchased at Hobby Lobby.
I just tied the ribbon and then used my handy glue gun to apply the rest.
Easy, peasy and cheap too!
Total cost to make...less than $10.00!

Another view.  I am still experimenting with where I want to hang it.  I wanted it on my door but that would put it in easy reach of little Addison.  I think the ladybugs and little tools would be just too much temptation for her.
She has been grabbing my tulips and then she runs as fast as she can go and throws them.
She knows she isn't supposed to touch them but her impulses just get the better of her.
After all, she is only one!
Yesterday we were in the upper 70's and muggy too!
Today and I kid you not, I see little snowflakes swirling around outside.
Oh this weather has really been a roller-coaster!
How is the weather where you are today?

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A Country Living inspired table!


Hi friends,
It's been cool here the past few days with our lows way down in the 20's.
With our extremely warm March this has been a real shock to my system.
I have also been worried about our plants (especially my lilacs) but I checked this morning and all seems well.
We are going to see a gradual warming over the next few days.. and hopefully ( crossing my fingers) we won't have to worry about frost anymore.

One recent little purchase, this cute little cow creamer that I found at Pier 1 for only $2.29 inspired me to set a country table for two!

I purchased the tablecloth about 3 years ago (it's part of the Country Living line)  The white plates are from TJ Maxx 4 for $10.00, the rooster was a gift from my good friend Marty at A Stroll thru Life.


The old-fashioned milk jug came from a garage sale for only 50 cents and then I just popped in a little faux daisy bouquet.  The little tea-pot and S and P were garage sale finds as well and only a $1.50 for the two of them.

The juice pitcher and glasses belonged to my hubby's grandmother.
I just love the vintage cherry look!

The red and white plates are plastic and came from Wally World.  The cute little rooster napkin rings were a gift from Kathleen @ Cuisine Kathleen.  
The blue and white cups/saucers are from my collection of Myott Finlandia.

A thrifty country table for two!
This is probably about as fancy as I am going to get these days!

We got to play Easter Bunny this weekend and was that ever fun!

My daughter took 18 month old Addison to visit with the Easter Bunny.  And as you can see, she was not about to get any closer to that big scary bunny!

How was your Easter spent, I would love to hear!

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