The Levee is holding, scenes from the Raging Black River.

Thank-you everyone for sending good thoughts and prayers our way. 
Today is looking oh so much better.  The river crested yesterday at 61.2 feet and it may have set a new record. (our flood stage is 47 ft.)  It was a scary scene yesterday morning.  I thought oh my gosh, it's not going to hold. But it did and they are predicting the water will start to recede today.
Everything was rebuilt after the big Flood of 1993.

This is the view of the Black River yesterday morning around 8:00 a.m. 

It was a scary scene.
It looked higher than the big flood of 93 and they were keeping the residents they had evacuated out.
My daughter is doing fine, no baby yet.  That little girl seems to have her own time table.

This is right off of main street, near our local utility plant.  Water is not supposed to be here.

And early last evening they allowed residents they had evacuated back into their homes.
My daughter was able to get back to her apartment.
We are very lucky here.
They are still monitoring the river but they think we have seen the worst of it.
Just down the road from us, in the little town where my sister resides things have been devastated.
The school she teaches at is surrounded by water.
Her home, just outside of town is fine but many others have not been that lucky.
Thank-you again for your thoughts and prayers.  You are all the best!
I am so lucky to have my wonderful blogging friends.


  1. That water is frightening to look at. We are so dry here in Kentucky we could use a little of that rain. Hope the water receed quickly.

  2. Scary photos! Glad no little baby while all the chaos was happening and that you all are doing fine.

  3. Oh, my Cindy. I am happy to hear that things are getting better. I do hope they continue to. Those pictures are terrifying.


  4. Praise the Lord for your family!! How sad for so many others. This is where community kicks in!!
    We have helped clean out a mnay of our friends homes on the river here. Yucky nasty work..but it has to be done!!

    That baby wants to come when everything is calm..lol

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  5. Sweetie, I've been watchin' the news reports and prayin' hard for ya. I'm thrilled to hear both you and daughter are safe and sound. Those raging waters are to be taken seriously. My prayers are with those who didn't escape the rage of the waters.

    God bless your weekend Cindy!

  6. Good Morning Cindy Sweetie...
    I am so relieved to hear that everyone is fine for now including that precious little bundle of love. She will make her grand entrance when she is ready. Can't wait to see her beautiful little face. Keep us posted.

    I will keep holding you all in prayer for safety and for the road to be open and ready when it comes time for sweet girl to deliver. Hopefully the water will start to recede today.

    Many hugs and much love sweetie, Sherry

  7. Oh Cindy I had no idea this was going on where you live. I have gotten a bit behind in reading my favorite blogs and even posting! I'm glad to hear that the water is going down...my heart goes out to your sister and all the others who were affected by this flooding. I will be watching to see how things are going and sending up prayers that this is over soon. Try and enjoy your day as best you can.

  8. Glad to hear things are improving. Sad to hear about those who lost their homes.

  9. Cindy, I am sending tons of positive energy up and out your way ... I remember many of those floods in MN ... got caught in one while driving a small car which was almost submerged before I even knew it. Stay safe ~ ALL of you!

  10. OMG Cindy! I am so glad everything is slowly getting back to somewhat normal. Your poor sister! I hope everything is OK at her home.
    We are so lucky to have you too!
    Big hugs from CA! Karen

  11. Oh Cindy those pictures are scary! So glad you are all safe. Tell Katie it's time to go for a nice bumpy ride! My mom swears a bumpy hay ride sent her into labor. LOL That little one will come on her time not ours. I am praying for Katie for a swift and easy delivery! In just a few weeks you'll be holding that sweet baby in your arms! I can't wait to hear all about it! Big hugs

  12. Cindy, I am happy that the waters are receding and you are safe. Hurray. The river looks menacing in your photos.

  13. So glad it looks like the worst is over. I've been following along. Good luck to your daughter on the new baby-when ever it decides to come!

  14. I was going to email you last night to see if the flooded area was near you. Gosh, I am so sorry but happy all of you are safe. Now...if baby would just come!


  15. Oh Cindy, what a miracle that everyone is able to get back into their homes. I know is a relief. I so hope you don't get any more rain. I will keep you all in prayer. Hugs, Marty

  16. So glad you didn't have to build an ark after all! Several years ago it flooded near and around us but most of us here were very fortunate. I remember the pictures on the news though...such devestation. I finished your cigar box today....yeah!!!! I had the best time with it...only reason I fret at all is that I know how creative some folks are...their work is sheer artistry. My work is just "dabbling in a little craftiness" but I truly enjoy it! I'm more excited about the little things I found to put in it. This is my second swap in Blogland and it's been plain fun. I sincerely like to look for gifts and little trinkets for friends and family...it's sort of like a treasure hunt. I also love to see how much bang for my buck I can get. Guess I need to get a life since this is the most exciting thing I've done lately!!!! Glad the flood isn't any worse although I know it is still bad for many. Love & prayers to you, your family, & friends.

  17. Cindy, GOOD HEAVENS! I cannot leave you alone for a moment and look what happens! :) I am just glad to know that you and your family are safe and sound!! What a mess! Thank heavens they had rebuilt it in 91 or it could be so much worse. At least it held!
    We have had floods like that out here..but not in many years. I live in "Riverside" and it is aptly named. We live right on the edge of what used to be a rageing river. What is crazy is to see homes built right on land that I remember as being RIVER! What were they thinking. It flooded out once...but people went right back and built even more homes. And...they are right BELOW a huge dam! I find that amazing. I do!

    Would you believe that we...are hot and dry and miserable in this terrible heat! I am sure it reached near 100 today. If not higher.
    I cannot wait for rain and here you are back there having way to much.
    I am just glad you are safe and sound!
    No baby? But of course they have their OWN agenda those wee ones!
    Many HUGE hugs to you, Cindy. Be sure and tell us when the "BIG EVENT" happens! We all want to rejoice with you!! :)

  18. Cindy, I came by as soon as I heard, and I can't believe those pictures! I hope you and your family are all okay and that everyone affected by the flood is safe. Thinking of you...


    Sheila (who hopes to be blogging again soon!)

  19. I'm so relieved that Katie is alright and home again. That was really scary. It looks like the water is right under the bridge there. Amazing! I see you are getting some nice fall foliage on the upside! Thanks for the vote of support for driving in the snow, you are right about driving in Phoenix-it is scary. I hadn't looked at it like that, and now that I do it helps. :-)

  20. Oh Cindy, that water looks pretty scary. I am glad it is receding and that the levy is holding up. Thank heavens!!...Christine

  21. I don't blame that baby for not showing up yet. Yikes that river is really scary. I'm so thankful that your family has made it through all of that water. The damage is as bad as a fire I do believe.

    Hugs XX

  22. Cindy-I saw your comment at Kathleen's and came over to check on you--I had no idea!! That water is scary, I am glad you are safe and sound and that the baby did not make her entrance during all of this. I will put those affected in my prayers.

  23. I just popped on here for the first time in a few days. Wow! How scary for all of you! I pray that you have indeed seen the worst and that thing will rapidly improve for your town and surrounding areas. I hope your grand daughter comes soon! I know you must be getting anxious!

  24. Cindy, I hope the river level goes down quickly and that the rest of your town is spared any hardships! Such a scary time! I know they are having trouble in Iowa too.

  25. Hi Cindy, I am amazed at the water. As I write this comment, it has just started to rain here for the first time in FOREVER, it seems. But your pics are just shocking - to see that much water flowing...such a powerful force! Glad it is receding. BTW I tried to leave a comment on the first post about the rising water, but it said "service has been interrupted". So sorry about all the damage. Our country certainly has had a lot of disasters lately. Linda

  26. So sorry to hear of your sisters town flooding! I am glad to hear she is safe though, as well as you and your daughter. I hope it continues to recede quickly. Thanks for keeping us updated too. Take care!

  27. I had no idea, I am sorry, what a terrible time. Those photographs are scary-awful. I hope that raging river goes down soon.

    Take care.


  28. I am Praying that it continues to go down.

  29. Glad you and your family are safe and sound. Floods are so scary. Will be waiting to hear that the baby is here.

  30. Mornin' Girlfriend...

    Just read your note and came right over! Ohhh...I am sooo relieved to hear that ya'll are doing okay! Also very relieved to hear that the river is starting to go down and that they are allowing the evacuated people back into their homes...that's always a good sign! I'm sure that Katie is happy to be able to be back in her own place! Girlfriend, your photos of the raging Black River are amazing and sooo scary! It really is hard to believe! All of the planning, engineering, and construction after the bad flood of 93 must be paying off! Thank the Lord!!! I sure am sorry to hear about the town where your sis lives! So glad that their home is okay though!

    Hmmm...no baby yet, huh? Yes, you're right...these babies don't come till their good and ready! Hehe! It WILL be soon though! Can't wait! Did you see Gloria's new little great-grandson? He sure is a precious little guy! I'm just elated that he and mom are both doing so well! I haven't heard from Gloria in several days...I hope that all is well and that she is just busy with that new baby!

    Well Darlin', so very happy to hear from you and that all is well! Tell Dan we said hello! You guys have a wonderful Sunday!!!

    Love ya, sweet friend!

  31. That baby wants to wait until all the attention can be focused on her and not the weather! That does look like some angry water you got there. I'm glad you're okay.

  32. Oh Cindy, I have been out of town without internet access. I'm so glad y'all are safe, but what a scary weekend - especially with your daughter's due date so close! I didn't even have t.v. access - yep - I was in the wilderness - so I hadn't heard anything about this. That water does look so dangerous! Whew! I can only imagine how scared you were. Thank God you are all okay. laurie

  33. I'm so glad the waters are receding. I know that everyone is ready for the baby to arrive, but I'm sure you're a bit relieved that childbirth wasn't part of this weekend. It looks like a scary situation for many.
    Blessings to you my friend.

  34. That is one very scary river! I am so glad it hasn't run it's banks in your direction! I can't wait for this baby to come!!! :D

  35. HI!!
    OH MY, I was soooo worried when I heard this on the news, I was gone all weekend and not around a computer, if I could get this blogging sight to upload my pics the post would be up....
    so happy you and your family are ok and PRAYING that everyone else is ok too.
    THAT IS ALOT Of water, more water then I can imagine!!!
    Let me know when baby girl arrives!!!!


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