More Blue Ribbon Projects from the Fair.

I am joining my friend Marty for Tabletop Tuesday.  I thought it would be fun to continue with some more fair pics.  Isn't this vase just absolutely gorgeous!  I probably should have added it to my Blue Monday post as well.

And I love this bench!  I don't think you would need to add a thing to it.  Can you imagine the time spent painting it.  I would love to have this on my front porch at Christmas time.

And more gorgeous pottery!  I think these would look good just about anywhere!

Wouldn't this blue ribbon basket be a neat addition to your home? 

And if your taste is more to the porcelain, check these beauties out!  See that teapot?  I think my name is on it.  He-he, I only wish.

How many hours were spent painting these beauties?

A lovely table and check out that metal deer!  How unique is that!

I asked my hubby and he said this table would actually be pretty simple to make.  Hmmm.  My wheels are turning.  He has some Birdseye maple that he has set aside for a project.


I was in awe of this wooden train.  What guy young or old wouldn't love to have this under his Christmas tree.

And just for fun!   Don't you just love this cute little bear!  He's all ready for our cold winters.

And I just had to show you these cute little doll dresses!  Now look at that.  Going to Gram-ma's wardrobe circa 1940's.

And will you look at these darling doll outfits!  I am in awe of the seamstress that made these.  Not only did she do a fabulous job sewing but she has a great eye for colors and style.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what these talented people have created!  I sure did.
And please visit our hostess Marty for more great links.
Thanks Marty!


  1. Leave it to you to have the most creative Blue Monday I've seen yet! This was much, much more the fair...it's just fabulous!

    That little winter bench is a sight to behold. That little diva bear and her delightful wardrobe has my eye. I collect bears...among other things!

    God bless and enjoy your day!!! :o)

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Like you, I love that beautiful bench with the winter theme! Annie

  3. Gorgeous things, so many talented people! Almost makes me want to turn the computer off and roll up my sleeves... almost:@)

  4. So many beautiful creations - so much talent out there. Thanks for sharing it with us that could not be there.

  5. I am totally amazed at peoples talents...painted plates, doll cloths etc. such beautiful hand work! :D

  6. Oh my word Cindy, all of these things are just wonderful. I really do like the table and your DH could whip that up for you in no time. Hint-hint. So glad you had such a great time at the fair. Thanks also for linking to TTT. This was so much fun. Hugs, Marty

  7. These are wonderful too! I love the handmade pottery! But I am really wowed by those adorable doll outfits! Such great crafters!

  8. I am in awe of these creative folks, and dearly love the heron vase and the wooden train and trestle.

  9. people are so talented...the christmas bench is wonderful..love it..and the pottery teapot...and the little bear is just adorable...it's all lovely...

    thanks for sharing this


  10. Looks like you had a fabulous time, Cindy!! I've never been to a state fair so I didn't know what to expect {cotton candy?}. i would have brought the blue heron vase home with me. Our guy has really been hanging out around our house.

    Glad you got to go and had a good time. I have to go back and read your first post.


  11. I have not seen a ribbon fair in years....what great displays. The pottery and the weave basket where my fav.

  12. I love all those neat treasures. Especially that bench and that neat silver deer. Have a great week and Happy Blue Monday!!

  13. Cindy, what great things at the fair! I enjoyed seeing everything, especially the bench! Linda

  14. Hi Cindy,
    What a wonderful group of artisans and their creations. I wouldn't know where to start with the compliments because everything is so beautiful.


  15. Oh I love pottery and I was drooling all over those. So many pretty items. How fun for you to see them in person....Christine

  16. Great talent out there. Quilting is the one project I haven't done.

  17. Thanks for sharing all these blue ribbon winners. I think the doll clothes are my favorites. ~ Sarah

  18. Hi Cindy! Oh, what wonderfulness at the fair! I haven't been to a fair in probably 30 years or more!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. The great blue heron vase!!! How DID they do that?

    And the wooden train - - - I'm not a big or little boy but I MYSELF would love that! I have a "thing" for trains.

    And the doll clothes. Oh my. How exquisite!

  20. wow lovely post! I would love to have that bench too!
    Thank you for coming by to see Met Monday in the sewing room:)

  21. So many wonderful things. I can't chose between the painted bench and the train. So beautiful.


  22. Such an interesting collage! I love those doll clothes especially.

  23. Wow! What a lot of talented people! I love the pottery with the bird on it and the woven basket and the doll clothes!

  24. These are gorgeous Cindy.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Enjoy a great week.

  25. Oh my, everything is just awesome! That bench, those little doll clothes, pottery, well, it's all gorgeous!

    Have a happy day!


  26. Thank you for sharing. What wonderfully talented folks in your area. That tea pot is dreamy!!!

  27. I would certainly never be able to pick out an over-all winner from this group of pictures. Wow!! They are all so awesome. What talented people there are.
    Those wardrobes are so sweet!
    Ladybug Creek

  28. That is beautiful pottery. I love that first vase. I'm always amazed at the talents people have. Why is that I just make good cookies?

  29. How fun to attend a state fair! I enjoyed seeing the displays!


  30. Cindy, There are some very talented people in your State! What wonderful artists! Loving that train, and those doll clothes - adorable! It was fun getting to see all of these winners. I'm glad you liked the little bowl. laurie

  31. Cindy, I loved seeing all the talent represented here! Not only are the pieces beautiful, creative but their many skills amazing.
    I also LOVED looking at all the beautiful quilts in your last post. Gorgeous and beautiful are not enough to describe the amount of work and talent which went into making them. They are fabulous!!!

  32. Hi sweet friend...

    Ohhh my goodness, I'm so sorry that I've been so long in getting by to see you, Girlfriend! It's been a busy last few days here. We sold some of our property (one block over from where we live) and so you know how that goes! Girl, it looks like you and Dan had the bestest time at the Minnesota State Fair! Ohhhh...after seeing all of those awesome items, I would have loved going! Sooo many pretties! There sure is alot of talented people out there! Loved getting to see all the glassware...and ohhh, can you imagine painting the flowers/roses that were on some of those plates? I want to paint like that when I grow up! Hehe! I loved getting a peek at some of the sewing too! I remember sewing lots and lots of doll clothes for my girls...I loved doing it!

    Girlfriend, I also visited your last post as well! Ohhhh my goodness, those were the prettiest quilts that I've ever seen! I loved every single one that you took a photo of! It would have been hard to choose a favorite! I was so surprised at the talent of whoever did all the displays! They did a fabulous job! Now, I would have loved doing that! hehe! Well sweet friend, thank you sooo much for sharing the State Fair with us...I loved getting a peek at all the beautiful items that people entered!

    How are you doing, Darlin'? I hope that my note finds you and Dan both well! Is Dan getting back into the "school groove"? I remember how that was...it was hard being off for nearly 3 months and then having to go back to work! Well, I'm hoping that the next couple of days will slow down a bit. We moved the piano out and my new armoire in. I'm wanting to move things around a bit and decorate! wink! Take care, Sweetie...I'll talk with you later!

    Love ya,

  33. HI!!
    Oh I just love all those craft items from the fair!!I could take them all home with me!!
    Those doll outfits were so darling!!I could imagine Miss C wearing them!!SO cute!!!What a fun time you had looking at everything!!!
    Now if I could know for sure our fair had things like that to look at, I might go, and take a body guard with me!!haha
    have a great week-end, it's a long one!!YEAH!!!


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