Copycat and Cloching!

I'm on a different schedule these days and not always ready to post when a party comes along.
But I love Debbie's idea of a copycat party and although I am fashionably late I still would like to join in.
I am also joining Marty for her cloche party.  I am actually on time for this one!

My inspirational pic!  I found it on Pinterest and there are no tags saying where it came from but it's so charming and homey to me!

Well of course I just had to (the one minus toddler hands) choose the darkest and dreariest day around to take pics of my version. 

My version has a swan gourd as the centerpiece along with a few prickly apples!

I used 2 yards of burlap for my tablecloth.   I also bought one yard of check broadcloth for the napkins and the material under the plates.
Otherwise I had everything available in my home.

Napkins tied with twine...talk about cheap napkin holders!

 A little raffia.

 I am sorry about the darkness of my pics....even with the flash on they're just too dark.

Nubby Apples.

And my only cloches live on top of my fridge these days!
Not exactly where I would like them, but their out of reach of little bitty hands.
These little, bitty hands!
Trying on her kitty costume for Halloween!
Now it's time to head out for Trick-or-Treating!
I'll be around to visit with you all soon!


Also joining


Pink in motion!

Hi friends,
I do have to admit I love this pic I took recently of my grand-daughter Addison.
I think it kind of captures the seasonal changes were having right now.  One day were still warm enough for a light sweater, the next day we need a fluffy pink coat!
I found her fluffy coat at TJ Maxx and the pink fluffy hat at a garage sale last year.
I only paid a dollar for the hat and it looks brand new.  Little did I know that I would find a coat to match it perfectly!  At $15.00 I think the little coat was a pretty good deal as well!

And here she waits patiently (sort of ) to head outside.  All the while trying to run off with an empty diet coke box.
Seriously, it is harder and harder to get a pic of her.  She doesn't walk, she runs!!  But sometimes I get lucky and catch a few good ones.
As you may have guessed my days have been filled with toddler watching.
It's rewarding but tiring as well.
Addison seems to be the most active toddler around and even her young mom gets tired when watching her.

And little Calista!  She is also wearing pink... however she lives in Phoenix and can still wear a onsie and be quite warm.
I don't get as many pics of Calista but I am working on it.
I sure do miss having her around and am planning my next trip to see her in January.
Thank goodness for skype!

And just to give you an idea of why I am so pooped and don't post as much as I would like to.
A little journey to the mall last week and a visit to the toddler play-land.

Or should I say, Addison in motion!  Remember she is only 12 months and she is already trying to climb up the slide back-wards!
 Seriously, does anyone know if they have gymnastic classes for one year olds?

The only time she isn't in constant motion is when she is sleeping.
She is exactly like her Mother was when she was little and one reason I put her in figure skating when she was only 3 years old.
She was skating around the rink in no time and she thought the dance class she was in  was boring because they moved too slowly for her.
Well friends, I will try to get a more interesting post up in the next few days.
Bear with me, I am kind of chronically tired.


Autumn 2011 Scenes at Applestone Cottage


Hello friends,
Sad to say but our beautiful Autumn colors are fading quickly.
We've  had some strong winds over the past few days and the trees are starting to look rather bare.
So today I would like to share some scenes from our brief but beautiful Autumn 2011.

Apple picking time!

 Fall Mantel.

Outdoor decor.

Glorious Mums!

 Autumn tablescaping.

The cutest little pumpkin in the patch!

 Our deer have very full bellies!

  Wild turkeys roaming our beautiful countryside.

A glimpse of a big buck in the making!

Corn fields and autumn colors.

Our small but pretty maple trees.

More Wisconsin countryside.

My pumpkin topiary!
Made from a variety of fresh pumpkins, an urn I got on clearance at Wally World for $5 and some Autumn pics.
The top pumpkin is a turban, the bottom one is a French, the gray one is a jarradale and I believe the beige one is a long island cheese.

 Thanks for coming by......how is Autumn progressing where you live?


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Galena,Illinois, Meeting Jane(aka)Blondie and Al, Getting in the Christmas spirit!

I am joining Beth at Beyond the Garden Gate for Travels Near and Far.
It's her new monthly blog party where you can share your travels!
Meeting Jane and Al, December 2009.
 Dan and I were very lucky this past week-end!  We got to meet some of the nicest, warmest people you would ever hope to know!   Many of you will recognize the pretty lady above as Jane, also known as Blondie!  If you haven't met Jane, head over after this post to Blondie's Journal and tell her Cindy sent you~   Dan and I met Jane, and her husband Alan this past week-end in Beautiful, Galena, Illinois!  Jane and I had been talking for months about meeting and after lot's of planning, we were all headed to Galena.  Galena was a good half way point, about a 3 hour drive for both of us~ Here you see Jane and her husband Alan, shortly after we met at an Italian Restaurant called Vinnie Vanucii's!   But it wasn't just lunch, we had   2 days to spend getting acquainted!

Jane had found this lovely B and B with just the cutest name, Annie Wiggins for us to stay in!  More on that later.....
We were off to shop and visit and eat and enjoy beautiful Galena!

Galena is this beautiful, historic  little town located on the Illinois river.  Ninety percent of the town is on the National Historic Registry.  This is also the hometown of President Grant and I did an earlier post on touring his beautiful home.  This shop owner sure had a brilliant idea!   This was the cutest store window ever! Jane, Al, Dan and I spent a lot of time in this cute little store!  Besides the darling store windows.....

More cuteness!  They had a Guy Cave equipped with a big screen tv and beverages!  Jane and I shopped while the guys hung out in the Man Cave, but of course Jane and I had to crash the party!


We had so much fun just visiting and getting acquainted!  It was like old friends getting back together!  After a fun afternoon of shopping, eating and visiting we head over to the beautiful Annie Wiggins!

Here Santa greets us at the door!

It looks like a picture postcard and I am so excited!  Jane and Al had arrived the night before to celebrate their Wedding Anniversary, Congrats Jane and Al!! so they already know their way around.  Let's take a tour inside~

Our room is located on the 2nd floor and has a private entrance complete with fireplace and our own private balcony.

Our romantic looking bed! 

We had a charming  2nd story porch filled with wicker furniture!  Jane and Al are one floor up, I will let Jane fill you in on that story! After a little R and R we head down to the parlor to meet Al and Jane for cocktails, and dinner out!

As you head into the beautiful parlor, you will see a Victorian home built in the 1830's dressed in all its Christmas Splendor!

Your's truly!

Handsome Hubby!

The gorgeous tree!

The owner, our hostess had decorated many of the rooms with these beautiful gowns!  Very Victorian looking!

The beautiful wallpaper in the foyer.

A view up the lovely staircase!

After some fun parlor games, ( isn't this just the neatest set!)  we have the Union and Confederate soldiers facing off, we're off to dinner.  We had a lovely evening at Fried Green Tomatoes!  This fabulous Eatery, in downtown Galena, served the most awesome food!  I don't have any pics, (too busy eating and visiting) but Jane may have some to share!  If you ever visit Galena, this should go on your Must Do list!

After a lovely evening of visiting we all retired to our rooms.  We will meet in the dining room for breakfast, but first I wanted to share with you the view I woke up to the next morning!  The Belvedere Mansion was right next door and although they are not a B and B, they do have tours!  This was our lovely morning view!  I don't ever recall seeing a more picture perfect postcard view!  The recent snow glistening and the trees lovingly flocked by Mother Nature!

What a gorgeous Mansion! 

Our hostess had the dining room gorgeously set!  Her collection of Johnson Brothers Old British Castles just took my breath away!


A dish lover's paradise!!

Jane and I just loved this tablecloth!  The food was scrumptious! 

Just look at that Apothecary Jar!  It would have been perfect for Marty's Cloche Party!!!

A gorgeous vintage Vignette!  After packing up, Jane, Al, Dan and I head downtown in search of some big screen tv's!  Now what could be more perfect than this!  My hubby, a rabid Green Bay Packer fan and Alan, a loyal Chicago Bears fan are in a border battle today!  Now if you follow football you probably know, that the border states are generally big time rivals!  For us it's the Vikings and the Bears!  Jane and I, have Dan and Al pinky swear to  still like each other no matter what team wins!      LOL!! 

Jane and I spend the next 3 hours visiting, visiting and visiting some more!    Occasionally, we even check on the guys and the progress of the game! 

The guys view!!!  After a very close game, the Packers were able to pull off a win, and it was time for us all to hit the road!  Dan and I  had one of the most magical and fun week-end's ever!   Jane and Alan are just the nicest, most gracious people and a whole lot of fun too!!!!  If you ever get to meet a Blogger friend, don't hesitate!  I have been blessed to have met several and they will be friends for life!!!    I know this post was long so I am adding on to several Blogger Parties!  There are so many and so little time, and I doubt I will do much more posting before Christmas but I will be around to visit you all soon!  ( Pinky Promise!)

Thank-you Jane and Al for a fabulous, fun filled week-end, one we will never forget!!!       Cindy