Seeing Calista and asking for some prayers please.

Hi friends,
Tomorrow morning I am heading out bright and early to catch a plane!  This little gal is waiting for her Grandma to come and give her some hugs and kisses!
Calista is almost 7 months and I haven't seen her since she was 2 weeks.  She sees me on skype but I worry that she might not recognize me from that.
Hubby can't make it this time but he will keep the home fires burning!

It's doing this right now outside.   Well actually it's sleeting and just a little snow.  We've had very little snow this winter but of course we would get this storm right before I have to leave.
I have a 3 hour drive tomorrow morning to the airport.  Yucky and especially in this weather but I will go from this to....
It's always a bit of a climate shock but I adjust rather quickly.
 I've had a rough and I mean really rough few days.
It involves my daughter and her daughter Addison.
So please say a prayer for little Addison if you could.

And no it's not health related but it's still very painful and this baby could use your prayers.
Don't forget me please!


Building a house with High School kids!

 Hi Friends,
     This is the 12th year my husband Dan's high school building construction II class has built a home.
This is a year long project that get's started even before the school year begins.  Our high school has block scheduling so that his classes are able to work on the home about one hour/day.  The periods are 85 minutes but the students must travel to the site and roll call taken.  I think it's really amazing what my hubby and his students are able to achieve in that short of time each day.
     This years home is being built right on the river!!
The view is amazing, you can see a glimpse of it in the picture above taken last fall.
It's kind of cool to see the season's change as the work on the house progresses.

Here the students are framing basement walls. The river is in the background.

The students install the roof trusses by hand, without the help of a crane or any kind of lift.

Students lift a wall in place. It's nice to have so many hands when the heavy work takes place.

A view of the house without students present. Once again the beautiful river is visible in the background.

Everyone has a task during truss installation.

This is a boyfriend and girlfriend that both took his class. They are shown installing roofing felt before shingling. They work really well together and are on the same team.

Getting a start on the shingling. This lot is very sloped which increases the difficulty with using ladders and scaffolding.

Students install the roof sheathing.

This will be the main entry for the house. It is also a covered porch which will be a nice place to sit and relax.

This long covered porch overlooks the river and faces south. What a wonderful place to sunbath and look at the sights on the river.

The side that faces the river has huge windows and the covered porch that was shown in the previous picture.
Shingling is almost done, the basement stairs are being installed and window's are coming in about two weeks.
Stay tuned for further pictures and updates as the home progresses!
And a few more facts.....The homes are always financed by the owners.  They must have a lot that is within 3 miles of the high school, they save on average $50,000 plus on labor.
The fee to the school is about $5000.  This covers tool replacement etc.

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On this Day of Love....Please share some with a fellow Blogger.

Hi Friends,
On this day of love would you please share some love with a fellow blogger and friend of mine.
Dawn of Dawnies Life If by the Sea is currently in the fight of her life.  She has stage 4 breast cancer and could use our prayers, comments and encouragement!

If would like to read more about her current struggle please follow this link.
I love blogging for many reasons.  The friendship, the creativity and projects, the parties but most of all the ability for all of us to reach out to a fellow blogger in need!

 Dawn celebrated her 54th birthday a few days ago.   So let's wish her a belated happy birthday too!
Dawn also lives in Wisconsin and though we are on opposite sides of the state, there is still a bond!

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine's Day!   And remember to cherish your loved ones and family, for what could possibly be more important in this life.



I am feeling blue for you my Valentine.


Hi Friends,
I want to share a Valentine Table with you today.
I set this table while under a bit of duress!  A 16 month old toddler named Addison followed me around undoing just about as fast as I was doing!  

But I so wanted to join Laurie's Valentine party.  

However, if you see some out of place cups or silverware you will know why!

The only new for my table are the tulips and picks.
$5 for the tulips and about $2 for the Valentine Pics.
The place-mats, napkins and napkin rings were a give-away win.
The white plates were 4/$10 at TJ Maxx.
My blue and white Myott Finlandia has been purchased slowly at garage sales and E-Bay.  I love that stuff and am slowly adding as I find a good buy.  I  recently found another dinner plate for only $1.99 at Savers.
The red heart bowls were a buck a piece at Michael's.

Sunny but chilly yesterday although we've had a fairly mild winter without much snow.
But still, I am ready for Spring!

And there you have it!
A table done by Addison and her Grandma!

I am joining Laurie @ Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie for her world famous Valentine Party...be sure to check it out!
I am also joining Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Momma Mia and family happenings.

Hi friends,
I have to admit I have been in a bit of a blogger funk lately.  I think the month of January does that to me... I feel kind of like a bear hibernating .  However, we did do a few things that I wanted to share today.
I think the highlight of the month was seeing the traveling Broadway show, Mamma Mia!  This was a Christmas present from my Mom and boy did we enjoy it!  The talent, the music, the dancing and costumes, superb!
All of my large extended family celebrated our Christmas in mid-January.  Every year we head to a water park and stay in condos.  The cousins have a blast and the adults don't have to worry about buying presents for all the cousins as this is our present for the kids and adults too.

Little Addison and her grandpa both had a good time!

I made a collage of Addison modeling the figure skating dress that a friend of mine made for her!  These are slightly blurry as she is always in motion so I may try again later.  

My sixteen year old niece Kristen is a gymnast.  She is pictured at one of her high school meets. She is my sister Susie's oldest daughter, and pretty darn good.

Now that January has come to a close and we're into February I get to start looking forward to my trip out to Phoenix to see my grand-daughter Calista and her Mommy and Daddy.  I am so excited because I also get to hook up with some great blogger friends as well.  Kind of a tradition and if I ever move there I will have already made so many great friends with these wonderful group of gals.
Little Calista is now six months old and I haven't seen her since she was 2 weeks old so this Grandma is getting antsy!
Other than that I am trying to come up with something for Laurie's Valentine Blog Party later this week.  See the link at the top of my blog if you would like to join in.
Stay Tuned and thanks for stopping by.