On Saturday, May 1st my daughter Katie Rose turns 20.  My May Day Baby!  I always loved May Day when I was a little girl.  And for the last 20 years it has been an even bigger day for me.

When Katie was a little girl of about 4,  some of the older neighborhood kids placed flowers outside of our door in celebration of May Day.  The first time this happened, Katie ran to the door and came back excitedly with the flowers in hand. " Mommy", she said,  "how did those kids know it was my birthday today?"
I will never forget that sweet moment.

So in celebration of Katie's birthday and May day I thought I would share some of my favorite pics of her.
These were taken 2 years ago for her senior pics.  She compromised with me a bit and wore some pinks.   I have always loved the color pink but Katie not so much.  

I used our scanner for these.  They are in a book we ordered that contained all of the pics the photographer took. 

I got my pink pics.  Thanks daughter!

It was in the 90's the day she had these taken.  I remember the bottom of her feet were burning from the hot rocks.  She was a trooper.  The photographer spent 4 hours with her that day. 

I loved the light coming in the window here. 
Happy Birthday Katie Rose!

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Happy Weekend Everyone.



A Moo Moo and a Woo Hoo for Outdoor Wednesday!


It seems like the older I get the more I appreciate the beauty around me.  When I was a teenager my Mom was forever pointing out the beauty of the area we lived in.  She loves the rolling hills of Western Wisconsin.  Being a teenager, and much more interested in boys than hills,  I was rather ho hum about the whole nature beauty thing.  But on Sunday, as I was driving to a local rural nursery to check on their flowers I was struck by the greenness and beauty of our rolling hills. I spotted some beef cows heading down to pasture and I thought they made the prettiest of pics.

We got some desperately needed rain last weekend and things are greening up quite nicely.

 A simple pastoral scene.  But I find beauty in it.

Flowering Crabs also make my heart sing.

We only have one in our yard that the previous owners planted.  They placed it in a poor spot and it doesn't get enough sun.   So I  took my camera to town and found these lovelies outside a local business.

Ahhhh, yes!  The beauty of spring.

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My Mom's Guest Room/ A Metamorphosis


Hey everyone, how was your week-end?  Ours was rainy and gloomy.  We desperately needed the rain but why does it always have to wait until the week-end to show up.  Monday's forecast is for sunny skies and highs in the mid sixties. And  since I have been a bit slowed down by my recent surgery I thought I would share with you my Mom's guest room.  Above is how it looked before she moved in last June.  It had been a young child's room.  And since my Mom didn't have a lot of time to get everything repainted, and since some of the other rooms needed it more,  she decided to leave the color and just work with what she had. 
And here's how that same bedroom looks now!  Today was not a good day for pics.  Sorry their a bit dark. But sometimes the moment just hits. 

A little better view.  Remember, she kept the paint color and just worked with what she had. I love the white iron bed.  Her puffy quilt was purchased many moons ago at J.C. Penney's but still looks really new.

A white wicker rocker and some accessories.  I love her old lamp!

Over here she has a white wicker shelf and some things to make it homey.  My Mother is like me, or should I say I am like her.  We both like to scour garage sales and 2nd hand stores for art work and accessories.

A cute little white stand is and wicker mirror are another garage sale find.
On the windows she used some simple white curtains purchased at Target. 

A slightly different angle.  She has a beautiful view out this window.  But as you can see, it was a dark and
gloomy day.  See the art work...

Here's a little better view.  It's a whimsical piece that my sister Susie the art teacher made for her.  I like it because it's a bit unexpected.

A better view of the quilt. 

I think she has made it a nice little retreat for her guests.

A sweet little book for that complicated Mother/daughter relationship.
 Oh and I wanted to share with you my Mom's tabletop in her dining room.  Lot's of charming blues.

I bought her this soup tureen for Christmas.  I just love the birds and the pretty folk art look of it.

The little pig salt and pepper were a gift from me many moons ago.

Some pretty blue glassware balances it out.

And next time I will try to wait for a sunny day for pics.  Enjoy your week everyone!

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Sunday Favorites Anniversary Party!!! A Baby Shower for my Sis with an update!


  On Saturday, I held a baby shower for my sister Susie.  She is eight months pregnant with a baby girl! Susie, my only sister, is number 7 child in our family which includes 6 brothers. I'm the oldest child of this large brood.   We had a beautiful sunny day and a lot of lovely guests .

My new punch bowl was purchased at Goodwill for only $6.00. I made a frothy green punch.

I used pink and green with my creamy white pitcher for a centerpiece. See the cute little candy dish Gloria sent me.    I was so busy, I forgot to take pic's of the food ! Still a new blogger at this point.

I loved the cake and so did my Sister.

Susie and I.  I was 15 when she was born and quite brother weary by then. Every time my Mom went to the hospital to have another baby I thought I was finally getting my sister.  However, when Susie was finally born I had entered the I am embarrassed my parents are still having kids stage. 

Some of my sister's gal pals who came to celebrate!

My Mother in Law, the quilt lady made her this darling baby quilt. There were so many cute baby girl clothes that she will need to change her daughter's outfit 3 times a day just so she can wear them even once.  There is my daughter Katie behind her looking slightly bored. 

Two grandmas and the godmother to be!  My Mom in the blue chair.  This will be her 24th grandchild, oh my!  Susie's MIL, Shelby in the red coat.  This will be her first grandchild and she is so excited!  My sister's good friend who will be this baby girl's Godmother.

Fast Forward one year.  On April 13, 2010 little Chloe Annabelle turned 1!  

Here's my darling niece!  The one we all fight over.  She is walking, talking and has a full head of dark brown hair!

She also has a yellow polka dot bikini!   I thought this pic was just too cute! When else in your life can you have little rolls on your thighs and still look adorable in a bikini!

A cute little smile and big brown eyes.

And here she is with her Mommy and Daddy.  Happy Birthday Chloe.  And  Happy Blog Party Birthday Chari!   Be sure to visit my good friend Chari  @  Happy to Design and wish her a Happy Anniversary and enter her cool give-away!    Yahoo!!


Daffodils and Tulips/ A Springy Table!

I really hadn't planned on doing a tablescape so soon.  But, when my sweet MIL offered to bring the meal, how could I refuse?  I snitched borrowed some tulips and daffodils from my Mom's garden.

I used my Vera Bradley plates that I got so incredibly cheap.  A dollar for the dinner plates and .70 cents for the salad plates. Vintage GW napkins.  Regular flatware. 

Vintage yellow gingham luncheon cloth. $2 thrift shopping.

I know, pretty bad pic.  I was still kind of bent over in pain on Sunday while taking the pic.  I even forgot salad forks but no one seemed to notice.

My table runner was only $3 at Kohl's last spring.   It's a little long, so I just folded it in the middle a bit.

Another slightly out of whack pic.  Thanks for coming by and thanks to Susan @  Between Naps on the Porch for hostessing Tablescape Thursday.   


Outdoor Wednesday/ A Mini Cottage Affair.


My little garden gnome has found a new place to rest.   About a month ago I found the little garden cottage while shopping at Home Goods.  It was still cold, we had snow on the ground but I knew it needed to jump in my cart and come home with me.

 I just love my cute little cottage!   A mini version of my home.  I planted pansies and the phlox are coming up quite nicely.  The phlox will be in all their glory around mid- to late July.

This is the time of year when I actually love dandelions.  I know, I won't feel that way for long.  But they just remind me of my childhood and a time when I thought they were the prettiest flower around!

Things are greening up quite nicely around here.  See the rain gage?  Hubby checks that quite religiously.
We do need rain but I am loving our sunny and 70's weather.

The hydrangea ivy is filling in quite nicely.  Later, it will be filled with beautiful white flowers.

It's even wrapping itself around the front porch.  Hubby wants to trim it back  but I'm not so sure.  I kind like the wild look!

A bleeding heart coming along.  Please ignore the weeds!   I am trying to get them but my stitches still hurt a bit. OW!

I love this plant, however I always forget their names.  I save the little markers but they still get misplaced.

Some fun perennials!  Drats!  I tend to forget what I planted last year. 

I know this is a catnip type plant that I put in last year.  Lily, our kitty,  is always rolling around on it.

Baby's Breath I believe.

Some chives .  Well that's about it for now.  I will be so excited when the lilacs and apple trees are in bloom.  Won't be long!   Please visit our hostess Susan, for some OUTDOOR WEDNESDAY FUN.   And I am joining Marla, @  Always Nesting for her new blog party called  WOOHOO!  Wednesday . Check it out!