More Blue Ribbon Projects from the Fair.

I am joining my friend Marty for Tabletop Tuesday.  I thought it would be fun to continue with some more fair pics.  Isn't this vase just absolutely gorgeous!  I probably should have added it to my Blue Monday post as well.

And I love this bench!  I don't think you would need to add a thing to it.  Can you imagine the time spent painting it.  I would love to have this on my front porch at Christmas time.

And more gorgeous pottery!  I think these would look good just about anywhere!

Wouldn't this blue ribbon basket be a neat addition to your home? 

And if your taste is more to the porcelain, check these beauties out!  See that teapot?  I think my name is on it.  He-he, I only wish.

How many hours were spent painting these beauties?

A lovely table and check out that metal deer!  How unique is that!

I asked my hubby and he said this table would actually be pretty simple to make.  Hmmm.  My wheels are turning.  He has some Birdseye maple that he has set aside for a project.


I was in awe of this wooden train.  What guy young or old wouldn't love to have this under his Christmas tree.

And just for fun!   Don't you just love this cute little bear!  He's all ready for our cold winters.

And I just had to show you these cute little doll dresses!  Now look at that.  Going to Gram-ma's wardrobe circa 1940's.

And will you look at these darling doll outfits!  I am in awe of the seamstress that made these.  Not only did she do a fabulous job sewing but she has a great eye for colors and style.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what these talented people have created!  I sure did.
And please visit our hostess Marty for more great links.
Thanks Marty!


Blue Ribbon Quilts!


Hi All.
Every year Dan and I make our annual trip to the Minnesota State Fair.  And every year, our first stop is the creative arts building.  This is where I get to ooh and aah over all the gorgeous creations.
The best of the best are entered here and the skill, creativity and craftsmanship is just amazing!

I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the quilts that were entered.  Don't you just love this pink creation!  Ooh it would have been good for a Pink Saturday post.

Please excuse the glare. Most of the displays are behind glass cases and it was so crowded and not real easy to maneuver around to get a good pic.

The displays are so beautiful!   After they have completed the judging they group things together by colors, themes, textures and other fun ideas.

This one just took my breath away!  And will you look at that darling dress.  I can't imagine the hours it took to complete this beauty!

Even a pink ribbon is an achievement at the State Fair where the competition is so fierce.

I just loved this quilt!  No ribbon, but it was a winner in my book.

Oh just look at all the charming teapots!

Aren't the colors just wonderful!

I just loved this Christmas display!  Everything pictured is a an entry.  Just look at those amazing wooden figurines.
And it's Minnesota so of course we have a Viking Santa!

  And I thought this was so clever.  Quilt on a stick!  Isn't that unique.  I guess they figured that since everything at the fair can be found on a stick, why not a quilt.  And the state bird, the mosquito of course.

A crafty fisherman's paradise!

More Christmas.  Look at those stockings, aren't they wonderful!

Lovely craftsmanship

Here are some fun facts about the Minnesota State Fair.
The Minnesota State Fair is one of the largest in the country covering 320 acres.
Last year's attendance was just under two million.
The first Minnesota State fair was held in 1859.
Presidents Coolidge, Eisenhower, Harding, Teddy Roosevelt and Taft all made appearances at the fair.
And Teddy Roosevelt gave one of his most famous speeches, "Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick" at the Minnesota State Fair in 1901.
 I have a few more fun pics I hope to share later this week.
Have a great Monday.
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A Big Thank-you and look what came in the mail!!!


I want to thank everyone who left birthday wishes for me!  You lifted my spirits and your all the best!
I have met so many wonderful friends since I began blogging.  And one of those friends is Jamie.
Jamie lives in Arizona and I met her at the blogging tea last fall and again this past spring.   Jamie is one of the sweetest and most down to earth gals I have ever met.  

Here she is with the darling Miss C also known as Jamie's granddaughter.  Jamie inspires me so much!
She has such a kind heart and she is a wonderful Mother of 3 and Grandmother to this cute little girl with another grandchild on the way! 

See this adorable little sun-dress?   Jamie sent this as a gift for my daughter Katie's soon to be little girl!
Isn't it just gorgeous!   She should be able to wear this next summer and I think it's about the cutest dress ever!

And if that wasn't enough she sent this darling outfit too!  Just look at that cute little top!
OMG I wish I could wear something like that!

And the cute little pants that go with it.  Katie's baby girl should be able to wear it by next spring or even a bit sooner. 
Katie just loved the outfits and she is in awe that someone she has never met would send her something for the baby.
And I was so touched and moved to tears.
Aren't blogging friends the best? If you ever get a chance to meet one, I say go for it!

So go say hi to my friend Jamie. 
A lot of you already know her and know how sweet she is!
Her blog is called Mimi's Corner and she shares her life, her family and all her awesome adventures!
I'm telling you, this lady has energy!  She is always on the go!
Thank-you Jamie!

And for me, I'm going to the Minnesota State Fair this weekend.  I feel like a kid when I go to the fair.  It's kind of a tradition.   Dan and I go every year since it begins right around my birthday time.
Have a great weekend everyone and I'll be back with some cool fair pics (I hope).




 It's my party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to.

You would cry too if this happened to you! 
I hope you don't mind a little step back in time. Today's my birthday and I'm feeling a little blue.
From chubby little toddler to....

preschooler.  That's not my skin looking strange, this picture has a little rip.

About 1st grade.
And then I got tired of scanning in old pics so jump ahead to my senior pic.

Senior pic.

And really jump ahead to my wedding day to Dan, August 1997.  
A 2nd marriage for both of us.
I found my soul mate.

To almost Grandma to be! 
Yikes!  How does this happen? 
OK, I know but still.....
Thanks for coming along my Birthday Memory Lane.


Rearranging the Mantel for a New Do!!!

Hi All!
You know how it is when you get just a few new things and then have the urge to rearrange.
The crock was a early birthday gift from the hubby and I though it needed a honored place on the mantel.
So off with some of the old and on with the new!

And I'm  loving the birdhouse that I found on Saturday while shopping at hobby lobby.   But what I  really love are these cute little birdies!  An early B-Day gift from hubby and they fit so nicely next to my new birdie house!

 A little more rearranging with some old books, a white GW pitcher and my chippy looking dove.

Just a little change but I'm liking the new look!  I think the warm yellows add a nice dimension and they will move right into Autumn.

I decided to move some of the mantel decor over to the TV armoire and create a new vignette.
I am happy with the results for now and I will go back and tweak as we get closer to Autumn!
Have a great week everyone!

I am joining Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch.
Sally for Blue Monday.
And Marty for Tabletop Tuesday.
Thanks Ladies!



Some Favorite things for Saturday and Summer Sundays!

I love this meme that Laurie @ Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie started.  It can change all the time, as you discover new favorite things!  This charming pitcher, filled with flowers is a new favorite thing!
My hubby brought it home for our Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday.  I had forgot it was our anniversary and yet he had remembered..... what a guy, love you honey!
Another favorite thing are my Rooster Place-mats!  I was one of the lucky winners of Barb's, Bella Vista
 Rooster Party give-away! Aren't they cute?  I just love them Barb!

I have them on my table as I write this and need to get busy and do a complete tablescape!
Can I borrow your cute new napkin rings Marty?

Another favorite thing are my phlox!  They re-bloomed and look so pretty right out my dining room window!

And yesterday while shopping at Hobby Lobby, I found this cute little bird house marked down.  I love it and snatched it up quickly. 

And the last of my gladiolas!  I wish I had planted more.  This white one is the last of them and so it's one of my favorite things right now!

And last but not least, adorable baby clothes!  I have an overflow at my house that I am helping my daughter get washed and ready.   They are so cute and this little ducky one just makes me smile, so it's one of my favorite things right now!
And I am also joining the Tablescaper for Summer Sunday's!
We don't have a lot of them left so I want to enjoy each and everyone of them.
Thanks for coming by and I hope your enjoying your weekend!