A Pumpkin Patching we will go and a little Autumn decorating!


Hi all! 
After all the rain, flooding and gloom we had this past week, this week-end was a welcome reprieve.
With crisp, cool temps in the mid sixties and beautiful sunshine the trees are really starting to change!

And I thought Sunday afternoon would be a perfect time to take a little cruise to my favorite pumpkin patch!
It's a short cruise, only about 3 miles down the road from us.  I hope this will help get you in the Autumn spirit!

It's such a charming place with pumpkins galore! 

They grow so many different varieties!  And they have everything laid out and decorated it so perfectly!

Ahhh, gorgeous Mums everywhere we look!

It's such a spooky good time!

 I love these pumpkins!  Aren't they unique!


  I got to have gourds!

Don't you just love these turban pumpkins!

Go inside and there are wonderful autumn displays!

I just love a little frenchy!

A frenchy topiary!

How about some yummy squash for supper!

When I got home I started doing a little more fall decorating to our front porch.

My pumpkin display!  I will probably rearrange it many times.

Thanks for coming by everyone!

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Thanks Ladies!


The Levee is holding, scenes from the Raging Black River.

Thank-you everyone for sending good thoughts and prayers our way. 
Today is looking oh so much better.  The river crested yesterday at 61.2 feet and it may have set a new record. (our flood stage is 47 ft.)  It was a scary scene yesterday morning.  I thought oh my gosh, it's not going to hold. But it did and they are predicting the water will start to recede today.
Everything was rebuilt after the big Flood of 1993.

This is the view of the Black River yesterday morning around 8:00 a.m. 

It was a scary scene.
It looked higher than the big flood of 93 and they were keeping the residents they had evacuated out.
My daughter is doing fine, no baby yet.  That little girl seems to have her own time table.

This is right off of main street, near our local utility plant.  Water is not supposed to be here.

And early last evening they allowed residents they had evacuated back into their homes.
My daughter was able to get back to her apartment.
We are very lucky here.
They are still monitoring the river but they think we have seen the worst of it.
Just down the road from us, in the little town where my sister resides things have been devastated.
The school she teaches at is surrounded by water.
Her home, just outside of town is fine but many others have not been that lucky.
Thank-you again for your thoughts and prayers.  You are all the best!
I am so lucky to have my wonderful blogging friends.


We may have to build an Ark!!!


This is seriously scary everyone!  The picture above is how the river in the little town Dan and I live near looked yesterday. The Black River is a good size river that flows into the Mississippi.    Wednesday was a beautiful and sunny Autumn day but by late Wednesday evening we were being hit with a torrential downpour of rain.   
As of late Thursday evening we had  received over 7 inches of rain with 4.5 inches just overnight.
Area schools were being canceled and closed.  Roads are out everywhere.  Then last evening around 7:00 p.m. my very pregnant daughter called and said that she and her boyfriend were being told to evacuate their apartment.  The whole area around where they live were being told to pack up and be out by 10:00 p.m.
OK, at that point I felt like hyperventilating.  I seriously freaked out.  She is due to deliver any time and now they are being evacuated.  They decided to spend the night with her Boyfriend's brother and wife who live just outside of town.  They are safe but things look bad for today. 
The Black River rose from 38 ft. on Wednesday to 52 ft on Thursday at noon. 
They are forecasting the river will crest at over 60 ft. today, the second highest level on record.
We had a terrible flood in 1993.  We were on the National News for days.  The whole downtown and 90 homes nearby were under water. 
The little town my sister and husband live near ( Arcadia, Wis)  is about 40 miles from us and they had major flooding yesterday.
People's homes are underwater.  The National guard was called in.  Our Governor has declared a State of Emergency for the county we live in and the one my sister lives in.  Her home is outside of town and up high so they are safe.
Watch for us on the National news today.
It is really a scary situation.  
I will try to keep you updated.  I may not get around to visit everyone for awhile.


Autumn pics and thrifty finds!

We have these large oak trees in our front yard.   They have been busy dropping acorns like crazy and I've been out in our yard picking them up like crazy.  The key seems to get to them before the caps fall off or the squirrels partake.

I have filled this little bowl to the brim.  I seem to have developed a strange obsession with acorns.

 I love old barns too!   Some have more character than others but I really like this one that is just down the road from us.

There is this wonderful pumpkin patch down the road from us too.  They are only open on the weekends but I just love their wagon display.  If this doesn't say Autumn, then I don't know what does.

I found two large pine-cone candle sticks at GW the other day.  They were marked .99 a piece!
Oh Yeah!

I need to get busy and make some kind of vignette.

And another awesome GW find.  I had been wanting a picnic basket but I didn't want to pay retail.  Only $6.00 for this baby and in great condition.  I am going to use it in our guest room to hold towels, soap, lotions etc.
So there you have it!  I am trying to keep busy but this baby wait is driving me crazy! 
Take Care,
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I'm Nesting!

Hi all!
It's been a bit crazy around here lately.  For one thing, no one told me that Grandma's to be also get a strange urge to nest.  I was reading to my daughter the other night about some unusual signs of impending labor.  Well after she got exasperated with me, having learned it all in birthing class, I decided to continue to reading to myself.  Often the Mom to be will get an overwhelming urge to nest.
Well this Grandma to be is having that same urge.

So I got busy and made a little Autumn centerpiece for the dining room table.

And an arrangement for the front porch.  I got this sweet little basket for only a buck at a garage sale this summer.  I picked the cattails and the foliage I had on hand.

And my biggest dose of nesting is coming from this room.  This is my daughter's old room and hubby and I are giving it a complete make-over.  We are even re-doing her 20 year old crib.  We have just a wee bit more to go.....

I used the cute little basket that Gloria sent me for my table vignette.

On the bottom shelf I added this cute little bird box.  I am hoping to show the room soon, just a few more projects to go.
I am joining the lovely Marty for Tabletop Tuesday, be sure to check it out!
My daughter is 15 days away from her due date.  The wait is driving me crazy!  She calls me several times a day with strange pains, usually little cramps but then they go away.
I think I'm starting to have some labor pains myself!  lol.
Have a great week !


An Autumn Cloche Party!


It's that time of year again.  Time to dust off the cloches, jars and autumize them for Marty's cloche party.
Please join my friend Marty,@ A Stroll thru Life.  She is so talented and she also has such a cute Texan accent!
Oh, I want that accent!

I found the little ghost in a bucket for only a buck.  I like him under this little wire cloche ( a give-away win)

My only new one is this 1.99 apothecary jar from GW.  I filled it with little acorns and added a ribbon.
I like how the ribbon has little acorns too.

Ribbon and autumn leaves are simple and inexpensive.

I like them here on my window ledge where the morning sun spills in.

A fifty cent GW jar filled with candy corn.

A ceramic gourd, also a GW find sits under my taller wire cloche. 

A little wooden pumpkin found a home under my cheese dome.  I used a little plate I had decoupaged as a base.

Well that's about it for me gals!
We are on baby count down around here.  The Dr. said my daughter has dropped and baby girl is in the proper position. Just 20 more days and I hope it's sooner, since she is getting pretty cranky.

Take Care,