Seasons of Change.

So I just realized how long it's been since I posted!  I started writing this post shortly after Easter ( see little Addison hugging the Easter bunny).  Well my friends,  so much has happened and I got a little off track.

Our  2 yr. old grand-daughter Calista modeling the dress I made her for Easter.
Boy time has flown.

And little Addison modeling the dress I made her for Easter.  I am still sewing as much as I have time for.
But as you can see by this picture things were still pretty bare back in April.

Tulips and daffodils have bloomed and are long gone.
And the lilacs as well.
After a long cold winter, and a cool spring it's so nice to have warm sunny days!
June is bursting out all over.

And there have been changes...oh so many changes.
My Mom's cat has 5 new baby kittens.
And one little girl is very in love.

My husband Dan is retiring from teaching after 33.5 years.
His last day with kids was this past Friday.
He is not retiring from working though.  He started a new job in March and has been working there part time until he finished up the school year.
To say it's been stressful is an understatement.

And I've been sewing.....

And sewing 

And sewing some more!  My goal is to have an Etsy shop up and running by this fall.
Any suggestions for names would be welcome too.
I will be selling handcrafted little girls clothing and maybe a few boy outfits as well.
So keep me in mind please, I will update here.

On a sad note, my dear father-in law passed away this past April.
It's been a sad time for my husband and his family, especially his dear Mom.
Like I said, so many changes in such a short time.
Take care friends and cheers to June!