Sunday Favorite's/ Michigan's Upper Peninsula/The Edmund Fitzgerald

Welcome to another Sunday Favorites ! Our hostess with the mostest, is the darling Chari. Make sure you head on over to her blog by clicking the link above. Chari has the most beautiful blog and you will find links to other great Sunday Favorites! I've added a few pics to this previous Outdoor Wednesday post.( turn up music here) One of the interesting places we toured last summer, while visiting Michigan's Upper Peninsula was the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum. This museum, is located on Lake Superior's Whitefish Point, also known as the Graveyard of the Great Lakes. More vessels have been lost here than anywhere else along the Great Lakes, including the Edmund Fitzgerald.

An inside pic, doesn't he appear real!

On November 10th, 1975 the Edmund Fitzgerald struggled towards Whitefish Bay. The Captain radioed that it was the worse seas he had ever seen, when suddenly the light and radio beacon at Whitefish Point went off. The captain and his crew were left to navigate this horrible storm alone without any homing equipment

An outdoor view of the museum, lighthouse and more at Whitefish Point.

The Edmund Fitzgerald story.

More Pics along Lake Superior's rugged shore.

Pictured Rock along the UP. Scroll on down for my original post.

Welcome to my first Outdoor Wednesday, sponsored by our lovely hostess Susan at http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/ Please visit her site for more lovely postings. This is a pic I took last summer along Lake Michigan. I don't have the greatest digital camera, but it was just starting to get light out, and I thought I would give it a try!

This pretty waterfall is Tahquamenon Falls. Located along Michigan's Upper Peninsula, it's a big one, and it gets it's color from the iron ore that was mined in this area. The color made it look like a big root beer float, and I kept thinking I could reach out and drink it!

Pictured Rocks lake shore located along Michigan's Upper Peninsula goes for almost 20 miles and is a colorful expanse of forest -topped rocks. This was truly a breathtaking tour, and one I would truly like to take again. It was so peaceful and the water was a stunning turquoise color. Thanks for stopping by, Cindy


Tablescape Thursday/apple blossoms

Hi all and welcome to Tablescape Thursday. Our hostess is Susan , the tablescape diva, you can follow the link above for more lovely tables. My theme to day is apple blossoms. I collected some for my centerpiece and used my Blue Hill china.
Blue Hill is by Noritake and I've had it like a billion years. I have used lace table cloth fabric. You can purchase table cloth fabric at most fabric stores and all the ends are finished except where they cut. I think this was about 12.00 for 2 yards.

I used a piece of blue pottery that I have owned for years as my centerpiece, along with freshly picked apple blossoms.

The napkins are from GW and were new. I tied some scrap silver fabric for my napkin holder's and used my recently found 1847 Rogers Bros. flatware. If you remember I got the whole 51 piece set for $5.00 at a garage sale. It was a fabulous deal!

This china is still pretty to me after all these years. Barbie and Bill target birdies were put back to work.

I borrowed the little blue fabric candle holder from my daughters room. The other little votives are from ikea.

The stand on a chair view. Thanks for coming to my humble little blog I love visiting and checking out other's creative ideas. Cindy


Outdoor Wednesday/Applestone Cottage Springtime

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday with our hostess Susan. Be sure to check out some amazing pics when your finished here. These are probably not that amazing, but maybe kind of pretty. A word to the wise, don't post when your very tired! My previous post's title makes it sound like I have a new hubby. Actually, I have a new table built by the same talented hubby. So please excuse my slip. I love spring! I think when you live in a cold climate spring is even more sweet. This past week was a wonderful one here at our little abode. Things were just a blooming like crazy...

The ivy is even creeping around my front porch. ( click on any pic, to enlarge)

It's filling out nicely over here.

Fat little duckie found a spot amongst my little perennial garden.

The hostas are bursting.

The bleeding heart's are a blooming, please ignore the weeds, I sure have been. Lol.

Lilac's were in full bloom.

In all shades of purple.

Lilacs are some of my faves!

The apple trees were flowering.

And everything is green, green, green. This is the view from my front porch.

And a lovely flowering crab. Thanks for stopping at our little cottage, I always love to hear from all of you. Cindy


My new Hubby built table!

Hi to all my wonderful blogger friends. I hope you all had a lovely Memorial Week-end. We were fortunate to have great weather with lot's of sunshine and highs in the 70's. TA DA!! The lovely little table that hubby recently built for me. I was so thrilled with how it turned out. I wanted something to fit in a lonely little hall corner. I found a pic on the Internet and he went to work. The table is built out of pine and he used cherry for the top. I love cherry when it's not stained too dark, it has such a rich look to it.

Here is the top view with my recent yard sale lamp purchase.

And here, fitting so perfectly in my lonely little corner. The walls here are painted a sage green and he used a hunter green for a nice contrast on the table. We just bought some simple little white knobs for more contrast and a cottagy feel.

And last I wish that our computers had a scratch and sniff button. The lilacs are blooming heavily and I have every vase in my house filled with them. We have the dark purple and light purple varieties and I love to mix them together. It's too bad they couldn't last all summer long. Thanks for coming to see my cute little table built with love by hubby. Cindy


Tablescape Thursday/Thanks CC!

It's that time again, when grown up ladies get to play with their dishes! Recently, I was one of the lucky winners of CC's (Catherine's) give-away! You can visit her beautiful blog @ http://catherinesteacups.blogspot.com/

I was the lucky winner of this teapot. I was so thrilled when it arrived the other day! It was beautifully packed and there was a lovely note inside from CC. Blue and white is something I never tire of and it has a beautifully printed psalm. (click for a better view)

I used my recent garage sale finds to set this tea table for two. The lacy table cloth is actually tablecloth fabric purchased at a local fabric store.

I also won this lovely cup/saucer. Don't you just love the blue and white and the scalloped edges.

Another view! Our lilacs are heavily in bloom, so I used ones from our yard for the centerpiece. The little candle chair I found years ago and I still love it. The blue napkins are from GW. I want to thank CC again for this lovely give-away and for the time she put into it.

I just had to share some of our apple trees which our flowering like crazy. The last 2 days have been very warm (90) and everything that was still springing just sprung! We have lots of apple trees at Applestone Cottage and come August, I will be wishing you could all come and fetch some. We will be in overflow and I won't be able to keep up. The deer just love us. Now go visit our lovely hostess Susan @ http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/ for many wonderful tablescapes. Cindy


Outdoor Wednesday/ Wisconsin Dells

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday! A day we get to share pics of the great outdoors. Be sure to visit Susan, our wonderful hostess, for more Outdoor Posts! Wisconsin Dells is a well know tourist attraction in Wisconsin. It only has 3000 year round residents but you would never know it. They call it the Water Capital of the World because of the seemingly unending water parks. Think of Pigeon Forge, TN. And just like Tennessee there is another side. The beautiful side along the Wisconsin river.

You will see lot's of these.

And roller coasters galore!

But the best part is here, along the Wisconsin river.
(click to enlarge)

And down into Witches gulch.

We'll take a little tour.

To the best part of the Dells.

Hey! I see a Packer fan and building teacher extraordinaire! AKA Hubby.

Through the gorges!

And down by the tour boat.

To an early morning mist...

Blanketing the river.

And a little lone duck, swimming all alone. So if you ever go, don't forget to see this! Cindy
p.s. my blog roll/dashboard is not updating, does anyone no why? Cindy