Beautiful Door County Wi. Homes/ Outdoor Wednesday


The winds of October are  blowing in.  We have freeze warnings tonight and that means I need to cover up plants and turn up the heat.  Last week I was wearing shorts and tonight I'm digging out the flannel sheets!   I 'm reaching back to summer, to share pics of some lovely homes and businesses taken while we were in Door County.   A cute little shop!.  Love the Red!

  I just loved the name and it was full of delightful little things!

Oh and this charming shop!  You just have to love anything called the Red Geranium!

This was one of my favorite homes! I  loved the tower!  Who wouldn't want to have a tower, especially when this is your view...........

These homes face Lake Michigan.

I just love the portholes! 

A grey charmer!  

So pretty!

Please join Susan @ A Southern Day Dreamer for more Outdoor Wednesday Posts!  I need to find some old sheets and go cover my plants!  Have a Great Wednesday!    Cindy


A Face-lift for our Cottage!


 Hello friends,

I just realized that I recently had passed my four year blog-i-versary!
I thought it would fun to re-post this since it seems to have become my most popular post.  And although some of you may have seen it, many of you have not.   Blogging has been a great adventure and so rewarding, not to mention all the wonderful friends I have made. 
Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for your continued friendship and support.

I though it might be fun to combine some of my previous posts and show you the transformation of our humble little cottage.  We did all the work ourselves and with hubbies great carpentry skills and  vision we are able to save a lot of moola!  Above is a before pic when we were looking to buy.  I wish I had more before pics but I think some may have been accidentally deleted.

A little side view.   We loved the stone, the front porch, the big windows and the 2 acres surrounded by woods but our vision was a lot more color and a little more character .

This picture was taken the first winter we lived here .   We had more snow than I can remember and it seemed like Spring would never arrive.

Finally spring is here!   It's April, and we have 2 months to get things spruced up and ready for our two graduating seniors.  This is probably the ugliest time of year, when things haven't really started to grow and bloom .   The first thing on our agenda are shutters.  I have always wanted board-n-batten shutters.  Hubby goes to work making us some and we decide to paint them an Apple Red. 

I think one of the neatest things he made was this sign.   He has a computer cad system at school with some new programs he wanted to try out.  The sign is not just painted,  the letters are also three dimensional.   Dan designed and built it in between finishing up a home his students were building.  I love the idea he had with the apples.  

A view from the road.

Our home originally started out as a cabin and was added onto at various stages.  This side has river rock hauled in by the original owner who also happened to be a mason.

Old ladders work well for climbing clematis.

The shutters are going up and things are finally starting to bloom and green up. 

All the doors receive a couple coats of Apple Red Paint.   The front and back porch railings are scraped, primed and painted a Spiced Sugar. I love the name of that!  More shutters are going up and things are starting to look a lot more like our vision.  The hardest part for hubby wasn't making the shutters but figuring a way to mount them on stone.  He finally found a good way using drywall screws.   Even the old bench from Wal-Mart gets a new coat of red paint!  In fact nearly everything that doesn't move gets a fresh coat of Apple Red paint.  Graduation comes and goes, we are exhausted but happy with the results.  There is still one little thing that just doesn't quite click........
Too brown, too boring and not very cottage. We both love the look of wooden carriage doors so we scan the Internet for ideas and prices.  We are a little taken back by the big price tag and figure something else will have to do until my talented Hubby declares he has a plan .  He will build and install them right over the steel doors.  He studies and plans his design and after a little R and R  he's off and running.

He designs and builds the frame to go right over the steel doors. 

A view of both doors framed and ready for the next step. 

This was without a doubt the most time consuming and tedious part of the project.  Dan cut, primed, painted and screwed on more than 220 separate pieces of white pine. 

The Work Zone.   He even cut and designed pieces to resemble wrought iron out of wood.   How clever is that!

 Another look at the wood he designed and cut to look like wrought iron.

He spent over 80 hours on this project!  It didn't help that most days 
were in the upper 80's to low 90's with a high amount of humidity. Total cost about $200. 

The ugly gold lights are removed and spray painted black.

A side view.  What a difference it makes!  We get a lot of comments from friends and family who love our new look.

A close-up of the gold lights spray painted black.  They look ok but I want something with a little more substance. 

We found these new lights for the amazing price of $6.00 a piece.   It was one of those lucky finds that make bargain shopping a joy!

When our phlox are in bloom...I love this time of year!

This view just makes me happy!

Our kitty Cocoa likes the new view.

A few little decorative touches.....

Thanks for coming by, I hope you enjoyed the making of our cottage.    


I'm a Lucky Dog !!!!!


I'm a Lucky Dog Woman!  My lovely friend Karen recently had a give-away to celebrate her 100th post!  I couldn't believe it when she e-mailed and let me know I had won!  I was super excited and couldn't wait for my goodies to arrive, but first a little bit about Karen.

She has a lovely and fun blog called Some Days are Diamonds !  I love her sense of humor and her great outlook on life!  She is so much fun and I always look forward to hearing from her and reading her posts!  She also loves snow!!  Which is a bit of a problem when you live in Southern  California but I am always happy to provide her with pictures of mine. Heehe.  Karen would love to  live  in the Rockies of Colorado surrounded by fluffy layers of the white stuff!  Knowing my friend, she will have a home or cabin there someday and I will find a way to visit! 

She is also having a blog party on October 15th called Doors of Welcome.  Actually, it's a series and there will be 3 of them. Please follow the links to find out more and how to sign up~  I can't wait to see all the beautifully decorated doors!  Don't worry, Karen won't care if your door is fancy. Mine sure isn't. Just be as creative as you can and decorate some doors or entryways!  Now back to my lucky win! 

After a long day with middle school students, I came home and found this!! These cute little doggie cards had been given to Karen from our friend and fellow blogger CC.  Such a sweet little card and..........

Look at all this Loot!!  It felt like Christmas!  My hubby kind of shakes his head like why do these women send each other gifts!  He always is so supportive though and thought it was the nicest gesture!

Now look at all the pretties!  Two darling pumpkin dish towels, a pumpkin pot holder, the wonderful bronze pumpkin shaped votive holder and the fabulous Autumn Pitcher/Vase! 

Even Lily wanted to know what all the commotion was about!!

I promptly filled my lovely vase with some Autumn decor and it became my new centerpiece! 

I love it with my new placemats that look like rag rugs. 

I feel a tablescape calling my name!  heehe.  Thank-you so much Karen, I love it all !  Please stop by and say hi to my lovely friend Karen and check out her upcoming Blog Parties!  Have a Wonderful Week-End every one and I so appreciate your sweet comments about my parents 50th Anniversary.  I am working my way around to everyone's blog to say hi!   Cindy


Remembering my Dad, Their 50th Anniversary, Outdoor Wednesday Pics


My brother Tom recently sent me a CD with pictures he had taken a few years back while visiting our parents in Wisconsin.   My parents were living in a house on the River and it was early October.  I thought these pics might be a good fit for Outdoor Wednesday.  Please visit our hostess Susan for more great pics! 

My brother Tom, who lives in Flagstaff, AZ has a better camera and is also a much better photographer.

My parents cocker spaniel doing what she likes to do best!!!

My brother was home for my parents 50th Anniversary party.  When I look at these pics I feel a bit sad, because my Father passed away just a little over a year later.

This was such a neat place!  But sadly, my Mom felt  she couldn't stay here without my Dad. 

I love this pic, with the reflection of the tree.

Here is a view of the back side of my parents home.  The kids and adults would go down these steps to fish, throw rocks and take out the canoe. 

A typical foggy Autumn morn. in Wisconsin.

Those are some interesting looking mushrooms there Tom!

Another view from the River. We had many fun cook-outs and family get-togethers out here.

My sweet SIL Kathy, Tom's wife, made this quilt to celebrate my parent's anniversary.

My Mom and Dad on their 50th Anniversary.  To celebrate, we rented a paddle boat called the Julia Belle Swain.  We cruised down the Mississippi with 75 family and friends while enjoying a Champagne Brunch. 

This will be the last picture of all of us together.  As you can see, my Sis and I are outnumbered!  I have six brothers. 

My Mom, with some of her granddaughters.  My daughter Katie upper left.  I think my Mom looks pretty good for having 8 kids and pushing 70 in this photo.  My Mom now has 25 grandchildren!!

A few more pretty outdoor October views. 

Tomorrow is my brother Tom's birthday.  Happy Birthday Tom !!  We are only 13 months apart in age.  I'll see you in about a month Tom.  Friday would have been my Dad's 82nd birthday.  I know my Mom will be feeling sad and I will probably be spending  time with her.  Thanks for letting me share this with all of you.  Cindy