Fun times with Jane (Blondie's Journal) and Al in Galena, Illinois.


Here we are,... two gals who met through blogging and now have become real life/ in person good friends!
In case you don't recognize that pretty blonde, it is Jane (Blondie's Journal) and your's truly (not a blonde)
Last weekend was the 4th get-together for Jane and I along with our hubbies Al and Dan.

We stayed at this B &B located just a few blocks from the main drag.
Although it was nice enough, I have to say I think we  all preferred the first one we had stayed at during our first get-together in Galena.

Then it was December 2009, right after Christmas and  businesses were still decorated and had such a festive feel.

Our view, December 2009, just outside our door! 
But back to the present, June 2012!

  A view of the restaurant we all met at.  This is such a nice little Italian place with the best food.

After lunch we walked, shopped and tried to get the food to settle down.  I am mugging for the camera here!  See hubbies in they're typical guy pose!
One other thing, I forgot my camera this time ( I know, bad blogger) so I am borrowing some of Jane's pics.
Later we checked into our B & B, rested a bit and then met downstairs for some refreshments and parlor games.
Although we all chatted and had a very nice time, I never really figured out  what our parlor games were to be.
That evening we all went for supper at a very nice restaurant with very nice food.
We had a lovely time visiting and such and things were going splendidly.
Until....our waitress brought us a round of beer's.
I was seated facing with my back to her when all of a sudden I felt something hard clonk me on the head.
Yes, she dropped the glass beer bottle right onto my poor little head.
And then swoosh, I was covered and I mean covered in beer.
Not to mention for the rest of the evening I had a gigantic headache.
Well the owner was very apologetic and even wanted me to go to the hospital.
I declined because I knew I was fine, just an achy head.
My meal was on the house but since I hardly could enjoy it I think that was only fair.
Well we headed back to the B&B with a forever story to tell.

One more kind of funny thing! ( Although I didn't think the beer thing was too funny at the time).
Most of the Victorian B&B's have these headless mannequins dressed in some beautiful finery.
For some reason our hosts had placed one in the hallway just a few steps away from Al and Jane's room.
Well Alan thinks these are the creepiest things.
I kind of do too!
Dan and I layed in bed that night trying to get brave enough to move that mannequin to right outside Al and Jane's room.  If the owners had not been quite so stiff, and we weren't such wimps, we would have probably done it.

The next morning Al told us how he had plotted to move it just outside our room as well!
The next morning we all met for breakfast, which was beautifully set up and then packed up and headed downtown for a bit more shopping and such.

Jane caught me here, checking out the storefronts.
I need to remember to never forget my camera again!
Jane has pics of me but I don't really have hardly any of her this time.

However here is a cute one of Jane and Alan when we visited them at their lake house last summer.
Our time together always goes too fast, but we always enjoy it and always look forward to our next get-together.
I want to have them up to our home but....

Alan say's I will never get Jane up here as long as I keep posting pictures like this!  hehe.
Just love those two, they are such a lovely couple and fun too!
If you ever get a chance, don't hesistate to meet someone you've gotten to know from blogging.
Have a lovely weekend all!


The red, white and blue!

 My inspiration for setting my patriotic table came from some material I found.

The only patriotic plates I own are these vintage Liberty Blue dinner plates.

  And when I saw this material at Jo Anne's Fabric store, I thought it would be the perfect fit!

So I purchased a yard at 50% off and made 4 napkins with it.   My cost for the 4 napkins is under $5.   
Not wanting to cover up the design I just decided to fold them and place them right on top of the dinner plate.

My centerpiece is a pitcher filled with the red/white and blue, a touch of yellow, a sparkly star pic and patriotic ribbon purchased at Jo-Anne's. Two little flags were also added.

I made the table-runner from a little left over fabric that I recently used for a pillow.  The white votive holder is a recent purchase.

A runner and napkins were my inspiration!
My tip:  If your unable to spend a lot on pretty tables, (like me) making your own napkins and runners can personalize your table and change the look for just a wee bit of moola.

Dan and I were lucky enough to spend the week-end with Jane (Blondie's Journal) and her hubby Al.
I have been on full-time babysitting duties this week but I will be back soon to share a post.
Thanks for stopping by,

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Family Time

Look who came to visit us recently?  Little 10 month old Calista and her Mommy and Daddy.
I was so excited to have them for a visit and yet it went by way too fast!  Did I mention that I have to share them with two other families when they are here.  So my time amounts to about 3-4 days.
But still it was busy and fun and the little girls got to connect as cousins again.

Addison 20 months and Calista 10 months.  A toddler and pre-toddler make for a busy place!  Poor little Calista was ill the first few days but after a quick visit to the Dr. and some antibiotics for an ear infection, she quickly perked up!

Feeling a lot more perkier here!  She is so sweet and so good natured but she is going through a Mommy/Daddy phase and not too keen on anyone else holding her right now.

Looking up to my cousin Addison who is 10 months older!  
We've also been busy with a few projects around here and hubby is still working away on the student home.
More pics to follow soon but here is a little sneak peek. 

This is the siding that is going on.  

It's very similar to an old barn board but new and low maintenance too.

Hubby and I are meeting up with a fellow blogger and her hubby today.  Can't wait.....more next week!

Enjoy your weekend!



Revamping some old and yucky patio furniture!


Boy it's been a busy two weeks!  My son, wife and grand-baby were here visiting.  We only get to see them about twice a year,  so time is precious. 
I did do a little revamping of some old patio furniture before they arrived and wanted to share it with you today!

Picture old dusty wrought iron that had been just crying for a new do!  

New and improved patio furniture painted a glossy red!

I think it was just what we needed here!  And all it took was a good scrubbing down, a few cans of primer and then a few cans of spray paint in a glossy red!

I bought some foam and outdoor material and sewed up some cushions as well!  You can have foam cut for you in a fabric store.  I used about a yard and a half for the bench and chair.
They are thin but that was all I really needed for these. And  so much cheaper than buying new at the store.  Plus you can pick out the material that best suits your taste.   My material is a outdoor Sunbrella on sale for $6.99 a yard. I used a yard and a half.  I simply measured and added an inch on all sides, then cut and sewed up the seams.  You can find tutorials for making more elaborate cushions online.  

I think it makes a cheery little spot on our patio!
Now to get caught up on my blogging and visit with all of you!
Back later with more pics of my son , wife and their darling baby girl!

Have a great week everyone and Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's in our lives!

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The Bear Whisperer


Living here in the boonies, means's we don't have a lot of excitement!  You know, like the hustle and bustle of big city living!
However we do have beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife and we're not fighting traffic and neighbors who get on your nerves sometimes!
Little did I know when we moved here just 4 short years ago, that I would become (as my hubby has named it) the bear whisperer!
I am not wanting this title by any means!  However, I have had 7 bear sightings in the past 3 years!
And my latest was yesterday morning. 

See him in pic above.  At this point he had started up the hill and was surrounded by thick brush.

I was on my way home after a short trip to town.  It was still early, about 8:00 a.m. and there he was on the side of the road about 1/4 mile from my house!
Actually he was right below the neighbor's house.  When I slowed and he saw me, he started high tailing up the hill and into the woods.
I whipped my camera out as fast as I could but these creatures are amazingly fast!  I did manage to get this shot though.  I called out to him, "hey Mr. Bear" and he turned and peeked out from behind the tree!
I do believe he is the same bear that I have seen in the past.  However, he has grown remarkably well and is easily over 300 lbs. now.
I told hubby if I see him in my yard, a for sale sign may have to go out!
But don't worry, I am cautious.  Our bird feeders are empty this time of year.  We keep our garbage in a closed garage and it is picked up weekly.  But let me tell you, seeing a bear in the wild is one amazing sight!
Have a wonderful week everyone!

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