A festival in the pines and an awesome buck!


Hi All!
I for one am not ready to let go of summer!
We've been very fortunate in August with sunny days and highs in the low 80's!

This past week-end hubby and I took little Addison to a local festival.
The weather again was perfect.....low 80's, low humidity and lot's of sunshine too!
I love these kind of festivals because they are more geared for families and everything was quite inexpensive. Little 10 month old Addison just loved the petting zoo!
She seemed to have no fear what-so-ever and toddled right on over to get in on the action!

Feeding the goats with Grandpa's help!

And then her very first pony ride!

She looked a little bit like she wasn't so sure about things but she waved every-time they went by!

But the highlight of the day was the ventriloquist!
We just happened to catch him shortly before his show began.
Addison was a little unsure at first....I could see the hesitation in her eyes.

But curiosity won out and soon she was toddling over for a closer look!
I have to tell you it was the cutest thing!  To her that big bird was just as real as could be!
It was a fun day and the best part is seeing it through the eyes of a very small little girl!

This is the big buck I saw outside my window early this morning.
We see a lot of deer especially now with our apple trees overflowing.

But I don't often see bucks (with antlers anyway).
Now I don't know why that is but he was pretty majestic looking.
Since bucks grow a new rack every year I am pretty sure his is still in the growing process.
I have a feeling there will be some happy hunters around us this year.
Well that's about it for me.

Take care everyone and let me know what you've been up to!!




Cheerleader Addison and why I'm so pooped!


She's adorable, precocious and at 10 months she is walking everywhere!

Outside toward the apples that are falling off our trees!

Checking out the flowering shrubs.

A tree.

An old weed.

Inside she's the EverReady bunny!  Closing doors...

Opening doors...

Climbing stairs...

And making her Grandma a wee bit tired.
So now you know why I am a little bit behind on my blogging.
Happy Weekend to all of you!
And if you are in the path of the storm, please be careful!



Visiting Phoenix, my second home!

Hi friends,
Now who in their right mind visits Phoenix, AZ. in the middle of the summer when temps reach as high as 115 degrees?
Well you do if you have a brand new grand-daughter to meet!
Phoenix really has become my second home and I love going there no matter the temps!
Little Miss Calista is a real joy and I feel so very blessed!
She has my son Joshua's eyes and her Mommy Dawn's mouth.

Only 10 days old in this picture and look how alert she is !
I had a lot of kisses to squeeze into one short week.

Real happiness indeed... Addison and Calista!  Who knew being a Grandma would be so joyous?
I had heard it before but I guess I didn't really believe it until it happened to me.

Little cousins chilling out on the couch together!  One is 10 days, the other is 10 months!

I also had the pleasure of having lunch with my Arizona blogging buddies!  They are the most wonderful group of gals and I so look forward to seeing them when I come to town!
My friend Linda grew up in my neck of the woods and we found each other again through blogging.
We were 4-H buddies way back in the day and she went to high school with my hubby!
Check out her lovely blog... Reminisce....and this and that.

We also celebrated the birthday of the oh so sweet and very talented Marty, ( A Stroll thru Life).
Marty has more energy than most women half her age!

Marty and Ceekay.
Ceekay (Thinkin of Home) planned the luncheon and she did a great job!
Thanks Ceekay!

 Going counterclockwise
Liz, (Rose Vignettes)  Linda, Laura's daughter.. the fashionista, Laura, (Decor to Adore)  Me, Marty and Ceekay.
Such an amazing group of women and bloggers!

And then sweet Jamie ( Mimi's Corner) who was unable to meet up with us because her little grandson was having surgery that morning.
I am happy to report he is doing fine!
Jamie drove over to my son Joshua's home on Monday and took pictures of little
Jamie does photography and I am so excited to see the pics!
Now how is that for a great friend, met thru blogging!

The world of blogging is truly an amazing place!

I hope to get caught up with all of you in the next week!



Brightening our living room with paint and Rooster Party!


Hello Friends!
Have you ever been inspired to make a change with one little inspirational piece?
Well this is my inspiration!  A $20.00 pillow, I  recently purchased at IKEA.
I love the colorful embroidery and the Swedish appeal.
Without a lot a moo-la I sweet talked hubby into doing a little painting for me!

This is our little side table that hubby built many moons ago!
I saw something similar in Yield House and hubby whipped it together in no time.
It's been a colonial blue for quite sometime and I felt the need to add some red and off whites to our living room. (think inspirational pillow)

And here's the table now after a few coats of apple red paint!  I love it and it adds the punch of color I was looking for.  Best of all we already had the paint so this re-do was free!

Then there's the coffee table situation.   I had grown tired of the oak finish and was ready for a change!

Well presto/chango!   After two coats of cottage white paint and a swipe of dark colored stain...we have a brand new cottage look!

 A new vignette using things I already had!

A closer look at the finish.
I am loving my new /old coffee table!

 This old table was purchased at Ashley furniture many moons ago.
I am pretty sure we paid less than $100 for the table.
And since I am going to be very busy the next few days getting ready to visit my new grand-daughter
I thought I would combine this with Sheila's Rooster Party.
Now all of the roosters pictured below were attending our local county fair.
Most of them came away with shiny ribbons!
Well I just love county fairs and I only wish I could have written down all the names of our rooster friends.

Now how was that for a Rooster Fest!!
Isn't it amazing to see all the different breeds. 
Little Addison was with us and she was in awe!
I just knew she would love our County Fair just like her Grandma!

I am joining the following blog parties.

And then I am packing and heading out so see that new Grand-baby!
Have a great week friends,


My New Grand-daughter is finally here!!!!


Calista Casimira arrived late yesterday afternoon!  She weighs 8lbs, 8 ounces and she is 20 inches long!
She is pictured here with her Daddy, my son Joshua
Sorry about the picture quality but he sent it via his cell phone.
Next Tuesday,  hubby, daughter Katie, baby Addison and myself fly out to Phoenix to see them!
I can't wait to get my hands on her and kiss her chubby little cheeks!
Yesterday was a long day for me.  Dawn (Mommy) had to be induced.  She was 8 days overdue and it was time for baby Calista to get born.
I waited by the phone and I was really getting anxious about everything.
All went well and I am so very thankful for this new little miracle!



A Bear, A Baby, A Toddler in the making!

Hello Friends,
Yes indeed!  This is what I met up with last Wednesday morning.  I was driving home very early in the morning when he came sauntering across the road .
Let me tell you, it was an amazing sight!
Let me also say, I am not brave at all!  But when your inside  your car you do feel a certain amount of bravery just knowing your protected. 
This makes the 4th time I've seen a bear since moving to Applestone Cottage.
Twice while driving near our home and twice in our yard. 
Black Bear's generally aren't aggressive but I wouldn't take any chances.
We moved to Wisconsin from Illinois in the early 1970's when I was in the 7th grade.
At that time, there were no bears in our part of the state.  In fact only the most Northern part of Wisconsin had bears and they were few and far between.
With protection and re-introduction we now have quite a few in Western Wisconsin.   In fact, many live right nearby me!  LOL~  Just kidding Jane!

We are also eagerly waiting to hear about the birth of our new grand-daughter!
My Dil Dawn,  is 8 days overdue and went into the hospital last night to be induced.
Hopefully she will make her arrival sometime later today.. I will keep you posted!

And little Addison has started to walk at the ripe old age of 9 months!

She is a very busy little girl to say the least!  I guess she wants to be a toddler before her time!

Take Care and hopefully I will have baby news soon!