Addison Lou, Pretty in Pink!


Addison Lou at 18 months!

Oh my, how this little girl has grown!
In such a short time, she has captured our hearts and brought us so much joy!

To celebrate her 18 month old mark and because Grandma or (Namma) as she calls me, found her this cute dress!

And as a gift to her Mommy, my daughter Katie, to celebrate her 22nd birthday on May 1st we had these pictures taken.

Her mom likes to dress her a little more trendy and funky!
Namma likes more traditional.
Either way I think she wears it well!

Two peas in a pod!
Honestly, Addison is a mini-me of my daughter in so many ways!
They look so much alike (although Adi got her Dad's brown eyes)
And their personalities are so very similar!
As I've told my daughter, "I've had a lot of practice raising a little one like Addison"
In other words, she is as lively and active as her Mommy was.
Because look at her here!
Minus her frilly dress, in her overalls chasing the domestic bunnies that have taken up residence in our yard.
And boy oh boy is this little gal quick!
Just not quite quick enough to catch those crazy rabbits! 




A Whimsical Cottage Farm Tour.

I have to say, I was not expecting this as we drove home from my niece's graduation party on Sunday.  We had traveled East to Green Bay and on the way home we took a slightly different route.
When lo and behold, I saw all these wonderful outbuildings that were covered with whimsical garden decor.

 Everything you could think of and everywhere you looked!

And while I was racing around like one of these handsome fellows with their heads lopped off, hubby was being a very patient fellow!
Although I think he enjoyed it too!

But he was in charge of watching this little gal while I shopped, and she was raring to go!
Just look at her eyes .. she was as enthralled by everything as her Grandma was!   And there was no way I was going to get her to look at the camera, too much fun stuff to take in all around her!   How about the cute little out-house I had them pose in front of!

There were paths of goodies just everywhere.

How about those colorful hanging bottles?

All leading up to this cute cottage gift shop.
That was filled to the brim with  room after room of good stuff!

And this barn covered with metal art.

Don't ya just love this?

And inside room after room of more goodies.....

But then I kind of gave up on the picture taking for awhile!

And headed back outside for a quick little look because the troops were getting restless and ready to hit the road.

However I had no doubt that I could have probably spent all day here wandering around!

And I am going to  have to head back one day soon!

Today is my son Joshua's Birthday!  It seems not very long ago when he was my baby, now he has a baby of his own!
Have a great week everyone!


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High School Kids build some amazing projects!

As many of you may know, my husband Dan teaches Building Construction and Woodworking classes at our local high school.
Dan's students use a lot of tools!  In fact he spends a great deal of time ordering new tools, machines, building materials etc.
So when Harbor Freight Tools 
 contacted me to sponsor a post, I knew this would be right up his alley!

All of his students design and complete working drawings of their projects. This provides the students the freedom to use their creativity to design each product to their own preferences.

Students use all types of woodworking tools and equipment during the construction of their project.

This girl, who is also an avid hunter, found some interesting deer antler door pulls to put on her gun cabinet.

This student designed and built a pool table, utilizing his own unique method of leveling the playing surface without the use of slate. This allowed him to keep the cost of the beautiful table to under $400. 
Dan's students use air compressors and nail guns daily while working on their projects and especially at the home his students are building.
If your in the market for one, check out the great deals at

This student designed and fabricated a rustic table that he and his identical twin brother eat breakfast at every morning. 

In 31 years of teaching, this is the first porch swing that anyone has ever built in one of my husbands classes. The girl who is building this project, has yet to stain and varnish it and she is also sewing the seat cushions that will make it oh so comfy.

One of the many excellent values available at Harbor Freight are the tape measures that we buy each year and sell to students for $.99 each. They are 12' tapes that have fractions printed on them that help students learn to measure if they struggle with fractions. Many, many students buy these and use them daily in class. 

Thanks for coming by everyone!
We are expecting a very warm week-end here in Wisconsin, with highs close to 90 on Saturday.
We have a graduation party on Saturday and several more in the next few weeks!
Tis the season!


Sweet Garage Sale finds and Rustic Vignette!

I hope all you Mom's out there had a lovely day!  We had an early evening dinner with my Mom and her beau, my daughter, grand-daughter and my daughter's boyfriend.
It was very nice, a beautiful spring evening, although little Addison isn't too keen about sitting in her high chair for long, waiting for the food to arrive.
I did manage to snag a few sweet deals at a garage sale this past week.  

This may be my favorite find!  Four dinner plates, four salad plates and four bowls, in this cute blue and white tea-pot pattern!  They were made by Pier I and only paid $5 for the set!  I see a tablescape coming!

I wasn't really looking for a potty chair yet but this one was brand new looking and maybe the cutest one I have ever seen!  There is a little sensor that sings, "good job" when it gets wet and the little handle makes a real life flushing sound, hehehe!  My daughter says they are $40.00 new in the store and I snagged it for only $6!

 I also found this adorable little red table!  It will fit perfectly in my guest room or maybe outside on the porch!
Only $5..yippee!

This chair, with the flowers planted inside was a Mother's Day gift from my daughter!  I love it!

I got to see little Calista via skype!  Only two more weeks and I will get to see her in person!
She is crawling now and her Grandma thinks she is pretty special!

My window ledge vignette with the morning sun shining through.  My $1 vintage box, my .50 milk jug, the rooster, a gift from Marty and the plates on clearance from Wally world.  Oh and the book in back was a give-away gift!
Wish I had bought more of these boxes.  When I went to this   Estate sale they must have had 30 of them all priced at a buck a piece.
We are climbing into the mid-eighties today and I love it!
Time for some warm growing weather around these parts!
What do you have planned for the week ahead?

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My Mother, like her daughter, has always loved blue and white!  And my Mom also loves tea!  So what could be better than a tea-pot bouquet inside a blue and white tea-pot.  I made this for her using a mixed bouquet that I bought at Wal-Mart for about $7.00.  The tea-pot was one I had on hand.
I sure hope she likes it!
I am keeping it wrapped in the the fridge until Sunday.

 I set this table for my Mom last summer.   Again, her love of blue and white with a touch of yellow!  I found the yellow lace tablecloth at GW for about $2... everything else was already on hand.
When I think about it, nearly all my Mom's china has been in some shade of blue!

I purchased this soup tureen for my Mom last Christmas.  I thought it fit her well.  She loves blue and she also loves folk art!

My Mom Jane Anne is the mother to eight children, grand-mother to 25 and great-grandmother to 2!  Pictured here with my Dad and her 8 children (six sons and two daughters) at my parent's golden wedding anniversary.  My Dad passed away in 2007, a year and a half after this was taken in 2005.  My Mom misses him (as we all do) everyday.

Another picture of my Mom and Dad at my son Joshua's wedding in June 2006.  Looking pretty good for a 70 year old!

A more recent picture of my Mom taken this past Christmas.  She is pictured with her boyfriend Roger.  I think she is looking pretty good for a lady who gave birth to 8 children and is a month shy of her 76th birthday! My Mom is also battling Parkinson's Disease and     she is fighting it with all her will.
Oh did I mention that Roger is 8 years her junior!  Yap...my Mom is a cougar!
Happy Mothers Day to an amazing woman!

Your daughter,

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