Autumn is coming, the Cranberry Fest and Mums!

Autumn is coming and there is nothing I can do to stop it.
When you live in Wisconsin you can count on the leaves starting to turn by mid-September.
And after a tough weekend, involving an extended family member I thought a little solitude would be nice.

So early this morning I took a drive out near the cranberry marshes.  There is something so peaceful and serene with the mist floating off this early morning scene.

We are surrounded by cranberry marches in Western Wisconsin.  Wisconsin is the largest producer of cranberries in the nation!

There is a little town about 20 miles from us.  This town of about 300 people hosts the largest Cranberry Festival in the nation.   During the last weekend in September it goes from a population of 300 to about 200,000!  It is an amazing festival and I attend nearly every year.  There are 3 miles of booths and about 1300 vendors.  Cranberry tours, cranberry princesses, entertainment, food and a huge parade.  If you want something made out of cranberries from soap to candy they will have it.

They have bus loads of people from all over the Midwest.  (Pictured above a Marsh during harvest.)
Our motels and shops and restaurants are overflowing!  I used to work at an area motel and most of our reservations for the Cranberry Festival were made a year in advance.
I will be sure to take pics this year.

After my head clearing drive I went home and started a little Fall decorating.  My first Mum of the season!
More to come.
And my daughter keeps telling me she has little cramps but then nothing.  I think she is having Braxton- Hicks but boy I hope the real thing is coming soon!
Take Care,
I am joining the Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays.  Check it out!


  1. What a beautiful serene place Cindy. The images are wonderful!

  2. Your photos are beautiful, Cindy. Pretty mums. And how exciting! Katy's probably going to have a baby anytime soon...Christine

  3. Okay! Changed my mind! After Mexico, I want to be in West Wisconsin by the cranberry marshes. Oh my goodness... they are so beautiful! And I love cranberries. What beautiful pictures, Cindy.
    Thanks for your visit.
    Ladybug Creek

  4. I did not know you were the cranberry queen!
    What a pretty place to think and pray!
    You pot of mums is beautiful!
    Keeping good thoughts for your dd and new baby!

  5. Beautiful! Love the photos. I love cranberry anything.

  6. how cool Cindy...love cranberries...glad you got to clear your head...count down to grand baby....

  7. I do love anything cranberry!! What interesting scenery.We don't have marshes here.

    If you walk and the pain stops it is Braxton Hicks..if they get stronger..it is considered labor! lol

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  8. I was tempted to buy mums a couple of days ago, but did not. I don't have a lot of luck with them - lack of sun.
    Daughter has had the Braxton Hicks and back labor off and on for a while, but tomorrow is the day!
    Have a great week.

  9. Oh I love fall, and cranberries. Your mums in the bushel basket are really pretty. Now I want to make some cranberry scones!


  10. Love your post today! It reminds me of our trips to Warrens, where I always bought lots of cranberries to freeze. We also visited the festival one year...what a crowd!

  11. Beautiful photos. I love seeing how the cranberries are harvested.Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.HOpe your newest little cranberry is there before you know it!

    - The Tablescaper

  12. Hi Cindy. What glorious photos of the marshes! I've never seen the cranberry marshes but I know I'd love it.
    Your mums are so pretty. If I got some now they would be crispy by the end of the week! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Cindy, I have never seen cranberry marshes, your pictures are just wonderful. So interesting. Your mums are gorgeous. I love them in the apple bucket. So pretty. Hope your daughter goes into labor soon. Hugs, Marty

  14. Love your photo's here...I drink cranberry juice everyday..in my Pepsi! LOL It's so good! I cannot wait for you to get this new grand baby! God bless your sweet daughter that it will all go so well! :D

  15. Great pictures! I love fall too...just still hanging on to the end of summer for a few days longer, although the weather isn't cooperative. lol

    Have a great week! :)


  16. Hi Cindy! Wow I always thought that MA was the cranberry capital of the country! How wrong I was! What beautiful pictures of the marshes and what a lovely place to go to gather your thoughts. Fall is definitely on its way and I'm loving these cooler temps. I wish fall were the longest season!
    I hope Katie delivers soon so you will have lots of time to spend outside with your grandaughter before the cold weather comes.
    Your mums are so beautiful! Blessings my friend.

  17. How exciting to see a cranberry marsh! The only one I have every seen is on TV with the cranberry juice commercial and I'm not sure that it is real. But this sure is! I love it! This sight would certainly help me to clear my thoughts any day of the week, it's beautiful! Hope you are feeling a little better now! The leaves are even starting to turn here in SC already too!

  18. Those marsh pictures are beautiful! The festival sounds like a blast.

  19. Mornin' sweet friend...

    Ohhh Cindy, I have never seen a cranberry marsh personally but have always wanted to! I just think that all that cranberry floating in the water would be sooo pretty! Thank you for sharing your photos with us...I love how you caught the mist rising off the water in the marsh...simply gorgeous! Yes, I think this would be a wonderful place to just go and relax...and recollect your thoughts! I love ya, sweet friend...I'm praying!!!

    Girlfriend, those mums are gorgeous!!! I really do love that wooden bushel basket! Have fun with you autumn decorating!!! I think mine is mostly finished...now I need to take photos. Just wanted to let you know that I'm leaving this wonderful post on the Sunday Favorites party...it's sooo pretty!!! No worries! So sorry that you had problems posting though. I think that Blogger is sometimes fickle! Hehe! Take care, dear friend...I will talk to you later!!!

    Love ya,

  20. Oh my girl, it's like the cranberry commercial on television. I've never actually seen cranberries harvested.

    I was just pointin' my mum garden out to hubby this morn' out my back door. The green mounds are just loaded with buds awaitin' their brilliant comin' out party. None are open yet but when they do...baby oh baby!

    Speakin' of babes...I was hopin' to see a newsflash from you this weekend. I just had a feelin....oh well. Soon I hope!!!

    God bless and have a beautiful day!!! :o)

  21. I did not know that about cranberries and your home state. Thanks for an interesting read and great photos.

    Good luck to your daughter!

  22. Cindy this was a fabulous post! I love your photo of the mist over the marsh. Gosh I would love to see that. You are so lucky to be able to just hop in your car and within minutes be somewhere so special! I love cranberries . . . we eat them a lot during the fall and winter.
    Braxton Hicks - whoo hoooo! It must be getting close! Keep us posted!!!!
    Hugs! Karen

  23. Such beautiful photos! I did not know this about the cranberries and your region. Hope she has that baby soon!

  24. And very soon I shall be LIVING in the midst of that famous Cranberry Marsh area!

    Which little town are your referring to? Babcock?

    One of our close family friends who is now retired from the cranberry marsh, DEVELOPED one of those machines they use to harvest the berries.

  25. Wow, Cindy! That's unusual landscape to this southerner - but beautiful. Oh, I love cranberries, especially dried! I'm so happy for you...sounds like the wee one is practicing for the big arrival! Linda

  26. I've always thought it would be fun to see the cranberry harvest. How lucky for you. We are having a huge Corvette festival here this weekend.

    I hope things are better for you or your family member. I love the basket with the mum. I just brought home an old basket like that from my inlaws and I wasn't sure what to put in it. Now I know!

  27. What beautiful scenery you had on your drive! I miss the color changes from when I lived in Michigan. Here where I live in TX, we have Summer, Summer, Summer & a bit of autumn/winter!

  28. Beautiful pix and it looks like a wonderful place to clear your head. I'm sorry to hear you had a trial with a family member. That's just no fun, is it?

    Oooooooohhhhhh... I hope the baby comes soon.. How very exciting.

    Warm huggies,

  29. I've been to Warrens Cranberry Fest and its beautiful. Cranberry bogs are so pretty. Your pictures rock.

  30. Cindy, your photos are beautiful! I've never seen cranberries being harvested. They look so pretty. I'm saying a prayer for your daughter and your new little bundle of joy. I know you can't wait to hold that little grand baby. laurie


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