Blogger and Baby Love!

Isn't this little cherry bowl just the cutest thing?   Sweet Laurie @ Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie sent it as birthday gift.  I was so touched when I opened the pretty package she sent.   I just love my cute little bowl!  And Laurie didn't know that I had just purchased this vintage cherry plaque.

Now don't they look cute together!  Blogger friends are some of the nicest and most thoughtful friends you could ever hope to have!

And take a look at this beauty!  The wonderful Gloria of Happy to Be sent it.    It's a little holder for cookies and such.  Gloria uses hers in her bathroom for soaps and other pretties.  And it also folds up and looks pretty that way too.   I am going to have so much fun decorating this ! Thank-you Gloria, I just love it!

And for the baby love?   Daughter Katie is 36 weeks pregnant now and looks pretty ripe to me.
We are both getting so excited and a bit nervous too.  Katie let me know that she wants her Mommy there for the delivery.  The baby's Dad will be there but she thinks he is going to be too squeamish to be a good labor coach.  So I may be it!  If anyone else has done this give me some tips please!  I am feeling like a nervous Nelly right now. 
Take Care,


  1. I love the new things! And the daughter looks so beautiful! I was just it..there by my daughters side. The first daughter..her husband went down to the floor for breathing! She was having complications and it really got to him! This last time, my youngest daughter, all went fine, so I was just there to (with her husband) hold her legs, remind her to breath and count (and pray)..all went very well and he cut the cord. It is such an awesome thing to be part of..the two of you, mom and daughter will forever more look at each other in a different light! God bless all of you :D

  2. You'll just know what to say and do because your Mom and those instincts will just kick in. Now Coach Cindy....Gooooooo team!

    You'll be marvelous. I know these things!

    God bless and have a splendid day!

  3. Goodness Cindy it looks like Katie could be having a baby just about any time! What an exciting time it's gonna be for you! Hating it that your baby is hurting but looking forward to a new grandbaby coming into the world. It'll be so exciting to see pictures of the newest member of your family!

    Hugs XX
    Moore Whimsies

  4. What sweet gifts!! Laurie and Gloria are the best!!

    Katie looks beautiful {and ripe!!} and I bet you are a bag of nerves. I would be, too and I know Em and Abby would want me there, too. I'd jump at the chance!

    Keep us posted and what is this about you having problems with your hands?? Are you okay?

    Checking with Al on December dates, it's like pulling teeth. He thinks Christmas is a year away! Men!! ;-D


  5. HI Cindy! Oh, what a pretty little bowl and how nice of Laurie to send it. I like your sweet little plaque too.
    Oh, my, Katie looks as if she's gonna pop! :) I know you can't wait!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Katie is beautiful. I was with my daughter during both her labors and it was so hard for me to see her in pain. I would have given birth again, for her, so that she didn't have to be in pain. Just have patience, lots and lots of patience. My daughter was the most cranky with me - I guess that's because mothers have unconditional love. I wouldn't have missed those labors for the world.

  7. Very sweet gifts from such sweet gals! I love the little fold up server! Good luck with coaching Katie! Just follow her lead I guess!

  8. It won't be long now..just follow your instincts..you will both do great...

  9. I was with my daughter when she had Sydney and Samantha and I can remember telling her to listen to what the doctor is saying to her, I was also praying with all I had in me. It was wonderful though to be there when they were born, I'll never forget it.I must of did good because I overheard my daughter tell someone that she couldn't have done it without me being there, her husband was there too♥

  10. Laurie and Gloria are great blog friends. I have met Laurie in person and she is a wonderful person. Your daughter definitely looks ready. Mine goes to Dr. tomorrow, so will see what the "plan" is . :D One of those hurry up and wait situations. :D

  11. Cindy, girl you'll be fine..I did it 2 times with grand babies cut the cord the whole bit..Was something my daughter and I have always shared together and now she is going to be there with her daughter Candace But Candace's hubs will do the cord cutting and Dawna will just stand by with the video camera...Not much longer now girl..36 weeks for Katie and 37 for Candace...You'll love being a Grandma my friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  12. Your cherry items sure pop against the green wall! I love that color.

    My sis wants my mom to be there with her husband too. Mom's a little nervous. She says she had 4 but hasn't WATCHed any!

    I'm off to check on Gloria and the weather...could be snow at the higher elevations tonight...in Sept.! That's crazy!


  13. That is a sweet bowl!
    Can't help with the Labor Coach. Our Son did it for all 4 of his little ones. We went in after, still amazing to hold the baby at 20 min old!

  14. Aww, how special to be with your daughter when her time comes. I love the bowl and the cookie holder, a friend had a red one. Lezlee

  15. What sweet gifts. My kitchen has cherries so I'm a bit partial to them. I haven't been a coach before, but I have had a little experience in the birthing process myself :-) My hubby would be better at the coaching questions. I think he'd say "just give her what she wants!"
    I'm sure you'll both do fine.

  16. I can feel your excitement, in this post, Cindy! All the best!

  17. Hi Cindy, Your little dishes are so cute. And your daughter still looks amazingly beautiful at 36 weeks! You are very lucky to be chosen to be there when your first grandchild arrives. I'll be thinking of all of you. Linda

  18. Your daughter is so cute! I wish I could have looked that pretty while being pregnant! I was thinking just the other day how blessed I was that my daughter in law asked me to be in the delivery room when our grandson was born 7 months ago. I was surprised and wasn't expecting it; it happened at the last minute, literally.... as she started pushing, she sent for me in the waiting room. I was the one taking pictures and I'll NEVER forget that wonderful day. You will be great in the delivery room and what a special bond you and that baby will always have for it! Best wishes!

  19. Hi Cindy,
    What beautiful pieces! I bought one of the fold up holders and it had a warning not to use it for any type of food. It might have lead in the paint and with that sweet little grandaughter coming soon you don't want to take any chances. Katie looks ready! Isn't it funny how we can have our own babies no problem but when it comes to our kids having them we get all nervous. I'll be praying for a quick and safe delivery! Blessings my friend!

  20. Not only was I my daughter's coach when my granddaughter was born in 1991, I wrote an essay about it for a college composition class I took in 2004. Here's part of what I wrote; I hope it will inspire you:

    "As events unfolded, I discovered that my apprehensions were unfounded; my daughter was clearly ready for this experience. Throughout her labor I helped her to focus, held her hand, and cried silently as I shared her pain. She was so fearless and so steadfast as she approached motherhood. “Who is this child,” I asked myself repeatedly. She was my child, a child who had grown to become a woman who accepted life’s offerings with enthusiasm and vigor. At that moment, I became satisfied that despite all of the challenges we had faced during her childhood, she had matured into a perceptive, sagacious woman. My fears began to dissipate, and I felt contentment knowing that Nikki and I would come out of this shared experience with our lives forever changed and enriched by the presence of a new generation."

    Cindy, it was and still is the best experience of my life. Cutting the cord created a bond between the three of us that can never be broken. Was it a piece of cake? Heavens, no, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Sometimes seeing her in such pain wasn't easy and I would become overwhelmed, but on the advice of the birthing nurse, I did take several breaks. I walked outside, took a few deep breaths and reminded myself how I felt at the end of my own labor — overjoyed and the pain momentarily forgotten.

    You can do this, your instincts will kick in and I can't wait to read all about it!

    I know I've gone on, but I have to tell you about a cartoon I cut out and saved all these years. There is a doctor talking with someone outside of the maternity ward and in the background someone is screaming. The doctor is saying something like, "Oh, that's just another baby boomer becoming a grandmother."


  21. What cute gifts! Relax, I am sure that you will make a great coach. How exciting to be in the delivery room at the birth of your first grandchild. Your request just proves that girls are never too old to still need their mothers!!

    Susan and Bentley

  22. Katie is a very cute mommy. I have been there a lot, Cindy, and I think the best way to handle is is staying calm. I just stroke her hair and give my love during contractions. Gloria and Laurie sure are the best. They couldn't have picked better presents....Christine

  23. Why didn't we get to wear cute jeans like that when we were pregnant. She looks darling. I had my mom with me most of the time, switching off with my husband (she did better). She didn't go into the delivery room, but she stood just outside the door listening!

    The bowl is darling...so perfect with your plaque and what a sweet gift from Gloria. Love bloggers.

  24. That red and white bowl looks like one Lidy had over at French Garden House. Love it! Yep, she looks about ready to bust, mom.

  25. Cindy, I'm so glad you like your little bowl, and the plaque hanging over it is perfect. Love your serving dish. Oh My! It doesn't look like it will be long befoe you have a new little one to hold!! So exciting! I'm saying a prayer for all of you and little one too! Can't wait to see pictures of the new bundle of joy. laurie

  26. Love the stained glass pig and congrats on your almost grandchild. My oldest daughter is a labor-delivery RN and says that generally Moms are so helpful. Julie's advice, rub her back, help her breathe is the best and Marla's be patient.

    Happy baby!


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