Autumn pics and thrifty finds!

We have these large oak trees in our front yard.   They have been busy dropping acorns like crazy and I've been out in our yard picking them up like crazy.  The key seems to get to them before the caps fall off or the squirrels partake.

I have filled this little bowl to the brim.  I seem to have developed a strange obsession with acorns.

 I love old barns too!   Some have more character than others but I really like this one that is just down the road from us.

There is this wonderful pumpkin patch down the road from us too.  They are only open on the weekends but I just love their wagon display.  If this doesn't say Autumn, then I don't know what does.

I found two large pine-cone candle sticks at GW the other day.  They were marked .99 a piece!
Oh Yeah!

I need to get busy and make some kind of vignette.

And another awesome GW find.  I had been wanting a picnic basket but I didn't want to pay retail.  Only $6.00 for this baby and in great condition.  I am going to use it in our guest room to hold towels, soap, lotions etc.
So there you have it!  I am trying to keep busy but this baby wait is driving me crazy! 
Take Care,
I am joining Leigh for Thrifty Thursday, be sure to check out her fun blog!


  1. I want you to picture something if you will. Four dogs. Potty time. "go potty"... "hurry up"... thump... woof woof woof wwoouuffff... nevermind now "go potty".... thump thump... wooooooowwooooofff... yep... I loves me some acorns. It lets me know all my dogs are protective. Hehe. Tammy

  2. Oh Cindy, your acorns are wonderful, pick them all up, they are so fun to decorate with. Love that wagon with all the pumpkins, what a wonderful display. The pinecone candlesticks are just fabulous. How fun are they. The picnic basket is fabulous too. What a great idea to use it for guests necessities. I can't wait to see it all done up. Hope the baby comes soon. Waiting is so hard. Hugs, Marty

  3. Oooh! Great finds! What a great display on that wagon! Love it! Ok, I need to look for some acorns. :)

  4. A pumpkin patch down the road would be fun! Hang in there, you'll be hugging cuteness soon:@)

  5. Our acorns are dropping like crazy too, but they are always a very tiny version. Not much good for display. Not much fall decorating is going on around here yet as it is still in the 90's! STILL, still still!

  6. I would love to have access to acorns. They are so pretty in the bowl. I think they would be pretty spray painted too!! I love your pine cone candle holders too.

  7. OK Cindy, take a deep breath, have a glass of wine, and relax. The baby will get here, soon and you will be the happiest grandma on earth. I know, been there, still am. Grandkids are so much easier than the real deal kids.

  8. Great pumpkin display. Nice find on the picnic basket, and like your idea of using it in a guest room.

  9. Cindy honey..your little Fall pumpkin will be coming soon. Your house Fall is looking great!

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  10. Cindy, The acorns (my favorites) and the fall pinecone candle holder find at the GW & the picnic basket are awesome! The pic of the pumpkin display down the road is so awesome! I can't believe you are still waiting for this precious first grandchild to get here! :) I thought for sure I'd come on here and find out that she's arrived! ;) You take care., and get your rest! I know you're going to be helping your daughter, like every great Mimi/Nanna does! :) Enjoy! It's a TRUE blessing to be a Grandmother! Hugs! ~CC Catherine

  11. It just blows me away what all you girls find at GW. There is one about 30 miles away and they never have anything! For some crazy reason I like acorns too! Love that red barn and the autumn wagon display is wonderful. Hang in there, grandma, she'll come when she's ready. Are you sure you are going to have time to do this cigar box swap????

  12. We don't have any acorns around here, we have to go up in the mountains to find them. I love your photos, especially the fall wagon scene. You got some great thrifty finds there too my friend!

  13. Hey Girl friend...Hang in there with Katie any time now...and Cindy I didn't know I was going to be in the birthing room with Candace...But girl I cut her cord when she was born and now to see her also give birth was just the most beautiful thing in the world to me..History repeating it's self...My Dawna cried..Her Son Jacob just had a baby also today at Fort Hood..so that's makes 8 great grands for me now ha ha!! and 2 in less than a week...Just toss them my check book come Christmas...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  14. Our Oak tree in the backyard that overhangs on our back porch is dropping like crazy too. One dropped on my head the other day...It was a wake up call. You have so many that are whole...I love them.

  15. "baby wait". Perfect! I feel for ya Girl!" You have to let me know the second anything HAPPENS! In the meantime- give her a hug and tell her we r all thinking about her. Sayin' lots of prayers!
    Hugs to Gramma" too!
    ;) Karen

  16. Hang in there girl, baby will have loads of years to drive ya crazy. My thirteen year old is quite crafty at sneekin' up behind me and scarin' the begeebers out of me. The ten year old climber/jokester hides my shoes so I can't leave. Oh, ya have soooooo much fun ahead!

    Your pics almost put even me (lover of summer) in the mood for fall. I'm coveting that little picnic basket, what a find!!! It's gonna look so cute in your guest! Hubby reminds me often, "ya don't want to make the guest room too comfortable." Heeehehehe!

    Ya'll have a colorful blessed day!!!

  17. That is great that you have an endless supply of free acorns. We don't have any on our property, but there are tons at the park I walk at. I need to pick them up, but I am afraid people walking there will find me quite strange. Love the candle sticks you bought.

  18. I think acorns are just plain cute. It must be the little cap. Makes me want to paint little faces on them! Little Frenchmen with berets!

    Great find on the picnic basket, it's a great idea and the colors look so good in the guestroom.

  19. G'morn Cindy ~ What a beautiful stroll down that lane to visit the awesome barn (I love barns) & that wonderfully decorated wagon. Each season I love for its individual beauty & joys.

    Your acorns you could intersperse by painting some with colors for the season ...

    Have a great day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, MArydon

  20. Fabulous pictures, Cindy!
    LOVE the pumpkin wagon.
    Those pinecone candleholders? Yes, you need to do a vignette. Unless, of course, you are holding a baby girl by then! (My sister is expecting her first grandkids ANY MINUTE -- twin boys! I jump every time the phone rings.)

    Love the acorns too but I never gather them to bring inside -- my Mom did that once and little insects came out of them -- freaked me out. If I were going to bring them in, I'd roast them in the oven first just to make sure!


  21. What wonderful autumn pics!

    Susan and Bentley

  22. I love the pumpkin wagon and the acorns. Never seen acorns that big around here.

  23. HI CINDY!!
    OH Baby watch is so fun and so exciting!!I Pray that Katie has an easy and speedy delivery. Oh I am so excited for you!!!
    I spotted just a touch of color at the top of that wonderful tree!!
    I love those acorns!!That is so awesome!!I have a southern Live Oak out front, and I see something on the ground from it so I am going to gather me up some!!Great idea!!!
    Love that picnic basket, what a great find!!And the OLD BARN.....oh oh oh as a NEW On Site photographer, I am always looking for fun and different places to do photo shoots, and old type abandoned buildings is all the rage right now!!I also did a picnic photo shoot for a maternity shoot the other day, I have had a web designer do my photography blog and it is almost done...finally, she has been working on it for a month!!
    OH MY!!!
    hugs my dear can't wait to see you,

  24. I love your pics and you got some great deals there. Those candlesticks are so cute.


  25. Great finds. I must say your property looks fabulous, the front yard with those trees is just beautiful. The pumpkin patch wagon is great, hop on over and look at my post today. I have some fall pumpkins too.

  26. These are all wonderful Fall images Cindy. I love the red barn. What a beauty!

  27. Hello Cindy,
    I love acorns but alas we don't have any oak trees here on the farm. Well..one scrub oak has been saved in a pasture. Our old Victorian had lots of them and now I wished I had saved a bunch to keep for fall decorating. Oh well I'll have to go into town and see what I can find in the park. Love your finds from GW. Enjoy your day.
    Maura :)

  28. I love your beautiful Fall pictures!! Wish our temps were fall like!


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