I'm a Thief Too! ( Or why I love Laurie's Stuff)

I'm a thief and (I hope Laurie doesn't have me arrested)!  But then again, she's been know to do a little thieving of her own.  So today I decided to turn the tables and share with you some of my favorite Laurie stuff!
Let me just say, when I saw this picture of Laurie's Living Room last Christmas I literally gasped!
Two trees in all their glory!  Two Christmas trees flanking this gorgeous fireplace!  Oh  how good can it get!

Well it gets better!  Just look at all the lovely Christmas decor. There must be hundreds of Santa's.  I felt like a kid in Macy's toy department during the holidays.

One day last summer I opened up her blog and saw this beauty.  I couldn't believe my eyes!  How did she do this table.
 Oh I was fascinated and kept reading for directions.   Although I still have never tried one myself, I sure do love Laurie's floating table. I think it's a masterpiece!

And her beautiful home!  I could do many posts on all the things I love about Laurie's home. 
Laurie is the best treasure hunter I know.  

 And just take a  look at this bathroom!  Oh my, it's a beauty!

But then one day I just knew what I had to do.   It started with this table and when I saw it I almost cried.  But I finally knew the answer to my dilemma.  I would need to become one of Laurie's grandkids!  And since I am almost a grandma myself, this would be no easy feat.

 But can you blame me for trying?  Just look what I have to look forward to!
Now if you have never been to Laurie's blog you need to hop on over by clicking the link below.  But watch out, I have dibs on the Grandma thing!

Thanks Laurie for not having me arrested on labor day weekend.




  1. This is great and I'm in awe of that floatin' tablescape! I can see why you want her to adopt ya as an honorary grandkiddo! I think we all need some Laurie lessons. WOW!!!

    You have a wonderful Labor Day weekend sweetie. I was goin' to post but made hot rolls instead...what can I say. When I smelled the pot roast cookin'.....well let's just say...I had to to it! :o)

    God Bless :o)

  2. Wow! Now that's some decoratin'! I would love to live in that fantasy at Christmas!

    Now that being said, your Birthday Bash would send any kid to the moon. Love it! You're no decoratin' slouch yourself!

  3. Cute post and I am so looking forward to fall and the holidays in beautiful Blogland!

  4. Hi Cindy! I love this! Oh, you're so right, Laura's home is gorgeous and she has everything. Between you and me I don't think she needs all that she has and she's probably thinking about downsizing. So...we could hop on over and take some things off her tiny hands or at least put our names on the bottoms of the pretties we need.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. My word, I've never seen that many Santas grouped together in a store! It is all really beautiful.

  6. Oh I totally agree with you. Her home and all of her decorations are totally fabulous. Maybe she can adopt me too. lol Great post. I love all of the pics. Hope you have a super weekend. Hugs, Marty

  7. Okay...I guess I can shut my mouth now, it has been hanging open since I saw the 2 trees!

  8. Oh Cindy, I too am pretty much speechless with seeing Laurie's creative Christmas decor. Wow. And the floating tablescape is lovely. Thank you for showing it to me. Hmm, getting adopted by her might be the way to go.

  9. Oh, I'm gasping!! I've never seen so many Christmas things outside of Macy's!! She must be starting to decorate for Christmas right about now!! Gorgeous and magical!

    How about our weather?! I'm in heaven. Off we go to the lake and no company. Great nights for bonfires. Hope I didn't eat all the Smores chocolate!! ;-D


  10. Cindy, I so agree. What a clever idea to post about favorites of Laurie's posts. Thanks for spotlighting these. I have many more favorites of her posts as well. Aren't we blessed! ~ Sarah
    I'm guest blogger at the QCI blog this month. Come visit.

  11. Thank you so much for showing us this! I hope Laurie does'nt arrest you! I am just thrilled to be able to look upon those Christmas photos. That shelf is like looking at a dept store but the two Christmas trees! OH MY! I love Christmas so these photos are a treat!

  12. Oh good for you.....get her back!;-)
    She indeed has some beautiful things!

  13. I'd never been to her blog before, but I loved it. Thanks so much for introducing me to it :-)

  14. Oh thanks for sharing...some of these posts and pictures I've not seen! Wow those Santas in the living room are amazing as she is an awesome lady!

    Miss Bloomers

  15. Well shut my mouth (which has been wide open since I clicked on your blog!) Cindy, I have never been so shocked! A whole post just about me! What a sneaky little sweetheart you are! Such sweet words! Oh, I'm so honored - to receive this kind of praise with someone whose home and decorating talents are as wonderful as yours! I would love to adopt you as one of my grandchildren! You could even bring your husband with you, because I could sure put him to work! Honestly Cindy, I almost don't even know what to say (I've already said quite a bit for someone who doesn't know what to say!). I am so blessed that I have "met" you in Blogville. Thank you for this post, which I will carry in my heart forever. laurie

  16. Wow... she is truly talented! Will check out her blog asap ♥

  17. Great balls of fire...I've never seen so many Santas..wow...and the twin Christmas trees just put it all over the top. Beautiful.
    And, you are a sweetie for making this post so special.
    xo bj

  18. HI!!
    THANK THANK THANK YOU for stealing and sharing these treasures!!YOU KNOW i am hopping right over there and take a look around, it's late, but so wired from all the great food at my BUnco party tonight --I could Never sleep, to much chocolate!!!!
    SO I will spend an hour or so visiting her!!
    thanks for sharing this!!
    have a GREAT 3 day weekend

  19. What a great take on Laurie's Favourite things, very clever!

  20. Hey girl, your a thief and I shot the sheriff, what a pair we'd make.

    Yep, that little Honor, I just call her Mini Me, she has not only the physical features but carries many of my traits and gestures. I'ts a little spooky at times.

    My Hubby once opened my sweet DIL's blog and there was a very close-up blown up pic on the computer. I looked across the room wondering why my pic was up....got closer and it wasn't me after all, it was Princess Honor. Heeehehehe!

    Have a great weekend Hon! :o)

  21. Hi Cindy, I can absolutely see why you love Laurie's home.. from the first time I saw her post her fabulous bookcases on RMS I fell in love with them and her. Her style is so unique and cozy.. I hope this finds you doing well your way... hugs ~lynne~

  22. Don't you just love seeing her pretty home and collections.
    Have fun and safe weekend.

  23. That is so amazing!!! I can't imagine the time it takes to do this sort of thing..awesome! :D

  24. Howdy Cindy
    Oh my goodness I love to look at Lauries fabulous home and all those amazing creative talented displays she seems to summon out of thin air :)
    Thank you for sharing this with us today.
    May God bless you and yours with a very happy Labor Day Weekend from start to finish !
    Until Next Time
    Happy Trails

  25. Hi Girlfriend...

    Ohhh...I just love your favorite things post, Cindy...and...I totally agree with you!!! I remember when I first seen Laurie's gorgeous home on Rate My Space! I really was in awe!!! She has one of the most fabulous homes that I've ever seen...and she has done it all in the style I sooo love!!! It's beautiful, warm and inviting, and when I see it...well, I just want to spend time there! Our dear friend certainly is a very gifted and talented lady...not only with interior design and decorating...but she also is just the sweetest lady ever!!! Ohhh...isn't her Christmas living room just fabulous? You know, I didn't even get one tree decorated this last Christmas and here she decorated those two large trees...I'm amazed!!! And...I love her Santa collection! I'm with you, Cindy...I would love to be Laurie's grandchild!!! She sure is a special lady!!!

    Well sweet friend, I hope that you're having a fabulous Labor Day weekend! Do you and Dan have any special plans? The kids will be here in just a couple of hours. So we'll have some fun barbequing and catching up with them. It's been several weeks since we've seen them! Anyway, Sweetie...you have a safe and fun holiday weekend!!! I'll talk with you later!

    Love ya,

    PS...just to let you know...I think you are a pretty special lady too! And...I also love your beautiful home!!! You are one of my "favorite things"! Hehe...just thought about how that might sound...but you know what I mean!

  26. Hi Cindy
    Happy Labour Day
    YOu aren't stealing the pics you are just helping to share them around. I love looking at Laurie's pictures too and its nice to see some of them again....she has soooo many collections and treasures. She sounds like fun!
    thank you for sharing
    have a lovely day

  27. Yes, Laurie must be dragging out all the Cmas decos by now. I have to finish writing my Cmas Cards by tomorrow! LOL
    Great post, Laurie is one of the best!

  28. I love her home..I just about cried when i saw that bathroom because that is one of my dreams to have a bigger bathroom with a tub that I can soak into.

  29. I am so glad you did a bit of snooping around-those Christmas pictures are fabulous! Thanks for being such a dedicated blogger and risking bloggy detention for thieving these pictures!

    Best wishes,

    There I've said it. I feel better.
    I have some phlox left too Cindy. Are those purple Hydrangea's? I haven't seen purple. They look like Lilacs (which I know duh are spring flowers) lol
    Since I posted, the temp's have dropped a lot. I just can't put my bathing suit away, I just can't.
    Let both pray for just a little more ok?
    Love Ya
    Love Me
    P.S. Your table looks very very pretty, & XMAS????????? OH NOT YET PLEEEEEEASE?

  31. OH, for heavens sakes, Cindy, don't be selfish! Let all of us be her grandchildren. Though...now that I really THINK about it, I am not so sure she would cotten to a 74 (almost) year old being one of her Grandchildren? LOL

    I saw those photo's and my first thought was...do people REALLY LIVE LIKE THAT?? Well, of course they do! There is proof positive..and it's the visual candy of our bloggy lives! As much as I would like to stay and catch up, (and God KNOWS I have a lot of catching up to do!) I really must..hop over and wallow around in all that loveliness!! :) Thank you for sharing this beautiful blog with us!
    (Goodness, how I love this blog world!!!)
    Love and hugs,

  32. WOW,WOW,WOW,WOW,WOW! That's all I can think to say (so I'm thinkin' I agree with ya lol!) I just happened on your blog~I will definitely be bak! Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll take your suggestion & visit Lauri too. (Is there really a blogger's prison? (; )

  33. I really enjoyed you hopping over and giving us a view of Laurie's blog. The Christmas was fantastic. Thanks for the treat.

  34. This was such a sweet post for such a sweet person. L. does have the best collections. Thanks for sharing her blog with others.

  35. Wow, she really has a wonderful style. So imaginative!

  36. Hi Cindy! How are you?
    What a beautiful post. I enjoyed every bit of it. Love the first picture. Two Christmas trees. :)


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