Valentine Party at Laurie's


I am joining Laurie for her Valentine party!  And of course I am late, but I have a good excuse.
My Mom and I arrived back from Phoenix around midnight on Saturday.  When we left Phoenix it was 68 degrees.  When we arrived in Minneapolis it was minus 1.  My Mom has Parkinson's and getting her through the airport wasn't an easy task.  She tires easily and walking long distances is very hard for her.  

After getting someone to help us through the airport and up to the parking garage to find our car it was probably about 1:00 a.m.  Oh and I forgot to mention I left my winter coat in son's car back in Phoenix.  So I borrowed my Mom's coat and headed out to start the car and brush off any snow  Well the car battery was as dead as a door nail.  It seems in my haste to get my Mom and I off to our flight I had left the GPS plugged in.  I called airport security and told them my dilemma. They said I would have to call a towing company.

Long story short.  After getting my car battery jumped and my Mom loaded in we drove to our motel.  By then we could have just drove home because we were both so wide awake.  I got my Mom and her luggage settled in our room and then I collapsed in bed.  I woke up the next morning to find my poor Mom was stuck in the bathtub. After all that had happened, helping my Mom out of the bathtub was no big deal.

We finally made it home and I have babysat my little grand-daughter the past 4 days.  So my energy level has hit an all time low.  So I hope you don't mind Laurie, but I am sharing some previous valentine photos.

Because it is taking me a few days to get caught up on my energy.

Other than my trip home, my trip to Phoenix was wonderful!  I got to spend some quality time with my little grand-daughter Calista and my son and his wife.  I also got to have lunch with some of my wonderful blogger buddies/ friends.
More on that later..I need to visit some you!
Have a lovely weekend,