My Niece Molly won a brand new car!!


WooHooo!  My 19 year old niece, Molly Jane, won a brand new car on Saturday.  She talked her Dad, my brother Michael into taking her down to the radio station.  She had been 1 of 50 selected by some process of elimination.  Check out the video, kind of cute!    Go Molly!   Congratulations from your favorite Aunt, Cindy.


A Tabletop Tuesday and a few Thrifty Treasures.


Hi All!  It's going to be a beautiful week of weather here in the upper Midwest.  It's sunny this morning and chilly but were supposed to reach 60 degrees today and upper 60's and into the 70's by midweek!
YAHOO!  I am doing my happy dance!   This has been the first March since they started keeping records that we haven't had any snowfall.  To me, that's amazing! 

I found this little tea-pot last week for only .98 cents.  No lid, so I made it into a pin cushion.  I kind of like how it turned out.

I found Mr. Bunny at that same thrift store.  He was only 1.98 and he was already wearing the ribbon!

And my final thrifty find is this pretty white ironstone vase.  This one came to a whopping  $2.98!
I am pretty much loving this one!

I am also joining Marty, for Tabletop Tuesday.  Tulips and my newly made pin cushion give it a bright sunny look!  I am all for the bright and sunny right now.  And how's the weather in your neck of the woods?  Have a great week everyone!


Sunday Favorites/ A chair, a wreath, a deal!

Today I'm going for the gusto!! I mean the triple post! Please visit these lovely ladies blogs for so much creativity your head will spin! Susan, Sally, Rhoda
These lovely plates were found while on vacation recently in North Carolina. They were in a backroom of 2nds and close-outs! They fit my kitchen/dining area with the colors and style and the best thing they were mega reduced! Each plate was only $2.00 and the rack was $2.00 for a grand total of $6.00 !

The blackberry plate has very blue- berries and I love the little green polka dots!

I have been looking for a wreath project! I found this one in a magazine and on some other talented bloggers sites and thought I would give it a go! All supplies were bought at the dollar tree for a grand total of $5.00! You wrap the ribbon around the wreath and add a little glue to keep it in place.

All dollar tree supplies!

Get out the handy glue gun and go to town! Place the shells in various directions and layer to give more dimension!

TA-Da! I added blue ribbon for a little more interest and it will hang in my blue bathroom!!

I have been looking for a wooden office chair and of course I wanted it cheap! This one fit the bill and with a little bit of work....by my talented hubby.  The chair only cost $10.00 !

A coat of primer!

Two coats of Cottage White paint by Behr,  new casters and paint. Grand total of $20.00!

Now here's the Pottery Barn version.  There's is $299.00 before shipping, taxes and cushions!

And here's my $20.00 chair with an inexpensive cushion from IKEA for $10 and a pillow I already owned!

Another view, thanks for coming by.  Cindy

I am joining my lovely friend Chari, for Sunday Favorites!  Please check out her gorgeous blog by following the link below!  Happy Sunday!  Cindy


Spring-i-fide Brain. Or a few of my Favorite Things....

Hi my lovely friends.  I think I have a spring-i-fide brain.  It's all I can think of right now.  I want to dig in the dirt, plant flowers, and watch things grow.   The last two week's of warmer weather has melted all of our snow.  And little Green things are popping out of the dirt.  So guess what some of my favorite things are right now....

All of these pics were taken last year during the month of May.  My apple trees in bloom! 

My crab apple tree in bloom...

Oh, and my lilacs!  I love lilacs, they are so lovely and smell so good!

My Mom's tulips!  They are coming up, and maybe they will bloom earlier this year....

Our front yard all green and spring-i-fide!

And over here too!

And the farmer's fields all Spring-i-fide and ready for planting!
My son and daughter were both born in May and my step-son was born in June.  I just love Spring!  A time for new beginnings.   And a time for new blog parties!  I am joining Laurie @  Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie for her new weekly meme.  Go check out her blog, you won't be disappointed!


Outdoor Wednesday/ The Mighty Mississippi!

This past week-end, hubby and I took a little jaunt to the Twin Cities of  Minneapolis/St.Paul.  It's an easy 2 hour drive for us and one of our all time favorite cities to visit.  Both cities are on the Mississippi and with our recent warm weather, the river is quite high and roaring. 

This area of the river in downtown Minneapolis is known as St. Anthony Falls.  Known as the Mill District during the 1800's because of all the Flour Mills along this stretch of the River.

Many of the old buildings are gone.  Above is one that is still in fairly good condition. A museum is housed inside this one. 

In 2001 they began work on a park where the old flour mills once stood .  They excavated underground to the tunnels and stone that were left largely untouched.

Here is a partial view from the walkway above. 

Hubby checking it out.

Above St. Anthony Falls is the Stone Arch Bridge.  Built around the turn of the century when Minneapolis had more flour mills than any other place in our country.

I loved this old stone bridge!

And along here, as winter gives way to spring,....

The Mighty Mississippi roars!

I am joining Susan @  A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday.

Have a great Wednesday !


My Teapot Table Lamp Vignette


Hubby and I spent the week-end away.  And while shopping at Home Goods I came upon this adorable teapot lamp!  It called my name and low and behold it hopped right into my cart.  Funny how those things happen.  Well I love blue and white!  I love teapots and we needed a new little lamp for this table.

But wait there was more!  I found the pretty blue and white vase at TJ Maxx, and it was only $5!
The cute lamb came from the dollar tree and the blue and white egg was a GW find.

Over here I have added the pretty little white pitcher that I won as part of a give-away and the candle stick had been brass and I spray painted it cottage white.

Behind my birdie nest, which I've had forever is a little watercolor painting that I found at a garage sale last summer for a mere $2.

A view with the drapes.  The sun is just starting to rise.

Hubby made this table for me many years ago.  The top is cherry and the rest is made out of pine.

I love these pieces with my drapes.  They are pretty much a perfect fit!

The picture above is of a cotswold cottage that we framed several years ago.

It's a beautiful morning.  The sun has come out, things are just starting to bud around here.

And my Mom says she has some tulips and daffodils starting to poke through the ground.  And I have my new teapot lamp! 

I am joining Sally for Blue Monday.

And a new meme for me, Cielo at the House in the roses,  for  Cottage Monday.

Marty for Tabletop Tuesday.

And Rhoda for Thrifty Treasures Monday.

Go say hi to all these gals and have fun viewing all the wonderful links.

Have a Great Monday Everyone and a  Great Week too!!



Homemade Pin Cushions, Robin's and Naughty Kitty.

I've been on a roll the past few days.  I got it in my head that I wanted to try making some of the pin cushions that are popping up all over bloggy land.  So, after a quick trip to GW to find some suitably cheap containers I went to work.  I've finished 3 of them so far.  The one above is using a tea-cup I already owned.  All the fabric, trim and ribbons were left overs from previous projects. 

This little teacup was a mere .49 cents. 

I paid a whole 1.50 for this little pitcher

So there you have it.  I will giving them as little gifts and plan on making one soon for a little give-away.
Total cost for all 3 was about $4.50. Their not hard to make, they just take a little time. 

We've had beautiful weather this week with highs in the mid-sixties and sunshine!  The snow has melted and I saw my first robins!

And Lily, my naughty kitty, saw her first robins as well!   I guess she is just doing what comes naturally!

And every morning the deer are making their trek down from our woods.  I think they are so hungry and just looking for whatever they can find.  The weather guy just came on and reported we could expect highs in the low 40's and possibly a little snow this week-end.  WAAAA!  Not want I want to hear. 
 I am joining Leigh for Thrifty Thursday.  Go by and say hi and check out all the thrifty ideas!  Thank's Leigh!
And thanks everyone for stopping by!