Retro Glamor Shots Party!!

Hi Everyone.  Lori @ Family Trees May Contain Nuts is having a glamor shots party today.
Remember those?  I actually never had any done but I do have some that I think will qualify.
While in college I did a wee bit of modeling.  I was living in Madison, Wisconsin the year was 1977 and I had a few shots taken by photographers who needed to work on their portfolios.
Now don't giggle too much.  I actually like some of the pics.  They were all taken when I was 20 years old and it seems like a lifetime ago.  But their kind of fun to have and show to my kids and my future soon to be grandchild.

The first photographer went for the girl next door look.  How about that hat?  Now that was his idea.

I was wearing a coat in this pic although I don't remember why.

This pic is in kind of rough shape but I just had to show you my going out with John Travolta dress.
Right out of Saturday Night Fever, oh I loved that movie!   Very retro 70's !

Strutting in a granny gown!
Oh my gosh! 

And I actually thought I looked fat in this pic.  I am 5 ft. 5 1/2 inches and weighed a 115 lbs. 
Geez, what was I thinking!
The next pics were taken by a different photographer.  My hair was shorter and he was more into the sultry look.

I had my Dorothy Hammill haircut going in these pics.

This photographer liked the heavily lined eyes and lips and lots of powder for contrast.

Last one.  I have more but I am sure that you have seen enough.
It was fun to pull them out and look at them although it kind of made me wince to see how young I was.
Now go say hi to Lori and check out the other glamor shot links.



  1. Oh you were so Mary Quant in those first shots. I love them and can hear the music of the times playing in the background.
    These are really quite a treasure aren't they. Look at the one that lines up next to your daughter's photo and see the similarities. We see where her beauty came from.
    These are really great shots Cindy and thanks so much for joining in. We were pretty hawt, oh hell we still are. Lol

  2. I don't think your face has changed much in any of these pictures...still the pretty eyes and long eyelashes! You are just stunning in these. My favorite is in the coat...you look so serene and confident. And you look fab in the bathing suit, girl!! To think we thought we were fat. I was always muttering about my fat tummy and I was also 115 pounds.

    Wasn't this a daring party? {thanks, Lori!} It has been hard to check the comments. lol!

    Just have to say one more time...you look mahhhhvelous, darling!


  3. CINDY!! You look like a professional model!!
    I know what you mean... how could I think I was fat, when I would give anything to look like that again! HA!
    Love em all Cindy! How fun!

  4. I knew it! I knew it! I knew there had to be some modeling in your past! You were gorgeous then and you are still the stunner! What a fantastic thing to be able to show your grandaughter someday! Oh and the Dorothy Hamill haircut.....I wore it too! hehe

  5. Okay, so the clothes are dated and stuff but you were srsly gorgeous!!!

  6. Cindy, beautiful!! Love all those photos. You were/are stunning.

    I know I have glamour girl shots around somewhere. Those were the days,lol, when I THOUGHT I was too big. Jeeze, if I only knew then what a few decades would do.

  7. Young, glamorous and you were quite the "hotty"!!! I sure enjoyed your walk down memory lane!!!

  8. Oh Cindy Sweetie...
    You haven't changed a bit. You look just as beautiful today as you did then. I love the last one most of all. They are all great, but the last one captures your true soul. So beautiful.

    I remember those John Travolta dresses, and yes I too had a granny gown. Boy we thought we were really stylin then didn't we?

    Thanks for sharing with me sweetie. What a beautiful collection. Your little grand daughter will be smiling away someday when you share them with her.

    Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  9. Cindy, those pics are fabulous. What a beautiful lady you are. Thin, but beautiful. How exciting that your daughter is getting close to delivery time. We have till the end of Oct. We will have wee little ones very close in time to each other.

  10. Ooh girl, you were sizzlin hot! The funny thing about your photos is that I think I wore everyone of your outfits in one form or another.
    Especially the gogo dress....Night Fever baby! LOL.

    You were and still are beautiful.


  11. WOW! Girl, what a looker you are!! I wish I had something like that done when I was 20! Thank you for sharing... how fun!

  12. I remember when I worried that I might look fat too...5'7" and 120 pounds. Well, I'm still 5'7"!!!

    You look so cute and so young...I remember all those clothing styles, owned them and wore them. Those were the days! We even took disco lessons.

  13. That was a fun jaunt back through time! I actually like your granny dress.

  14. Cindy you are killer in these pictures! WOW you are so beautiful...I looked at them twice they are so nice! You still look the same actually your face has not changed. Loved the Dorothy cut:) I had one of those too, I was just a kid though.

  15. Oh Wow! Cindy, you are one hot mama (soon to be grandmama)! No wonder the photographers wanted to take your photo for their portfolios. I'm sure it's much easier to take a great photo when you have a beautiful subject. I love how sophisticated you look in the coat. Oh, I remember having those granny dresses, and I NEVAH looked that good in a swimsuit! This was such fun. laurie

  16. WOWZA girl..you sure were a beauty! I loved the granny gowns, they are sort of back in. I love how we thought we were fat...I would love to have that body back! ;D

  17. You look great then and also now! Makes me think of doing some diggin of me to.

  18. Hi Mz Hotty Cindy! OH, my what gorgeous photos! You look like a professional model in these shots! And there are those hot legs, you still got 'em, honey! You really haven't changed at all - beautiful then - beautiful now! Look at that gorgeous figure. I'm going to hide in the closet now! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. Cindy, You are gorgeous! I was in college in 1977 too and I think I had the same outfits! I know for sure that I had the Dorothy Hamill camel haircut! I'll bet that quite a few of us did because it was very popular. Your daughter looks just like you. Your granddaughter will have so much fun with these! Oh to go back to those bikini bodies. Linda

  20. wow Cindy I am so impressed....beautiful photos...you were a glamour girl...

  21. Wow, Cindy! Great pics! Thanks for sharing and thanks for telling us about the party. I'm heading over there right now.

  22. Cindy, what a glamorous lady you are. Thanks for sharing these fun shots. You are a beautiful lady!

  23. Well, you were cuter than cute back then..but you are downright beautiful now! I think you have improved with age.
    What fun to look at who you were... you were definitly a hottie!! :)

  24. Oh Cindy, what fabulous and stunning photographs! I especially love the one with you in that coat, it's awesome! You are such a pretty lady!

    Enjoy your day~

  25. Hello, Gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by my blog and the nice comment. Enjoyed seeing your pix, and I think I like the Granny Gown one the best! I remember those, and I think we should bring them back.

  26. Isn't it funny to learn that "fat" is relative! I'd give anything to weigh what I weighed the night BEFORE my first child was born!
    You look great!

  27. OMG, you look so pretty, Cindy! I know I have said that before but these pictures speak for themselves too....Christine

  28. Cindy these are fabulous!! Gorgeous!

    I've moved the Back Porch to Typepad...long story. Would love to see you there!


    The old Back Porch disappeared without notice or fanfare, yesterday around noonish to 1.

  29. Oh Cindy this was SO fun. You are such a beauty.
    I look at photos from days of yore and think "Why ever did I think I was fat?" So now I just enjoy the me that I am.

  30. oh yes...glamor shots...I remember those, never had one but ....have a couple that might qualify due to big 80's hair! I love your drama in your photos.. how fun. great post.

  31. You made a great model for the photographers.
    Are you ready to tell your daughter to take a deep breath in and short puffs out? :-D


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