One of my all time favorite places, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan


I love the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!
I have been to 45 of our states and this area is one of the most beautiful.
The water along Lake Superior is truly magnificent and such a lovely turquoise shade of blue.

This little map shows the UP.  We can either drive over from Wisconsin or in the warmer months take a ferry.
I actually kind of think the UP should have been part of Wisconsin because in some-ways it is more connected to us.  I am sure Michigan folks would beg to differ. 

Pictured Rock National Lake Shore. 
There are more moose than people in a lot of these parts.  The folks around here have two mailboxes....
one way up high for winter and a regular height for summer.  They do get a lot of lake effect snow.

At the very tip of Whitefish point is the shipwreck museum.  Famously known as the area where the Edmond Fitzgerald and numerous other vessels went down.  Just knowing that gave me the chills.  There is something about the water here and it's a definite phenomena although I can't remember exactly what they called it.

There are loads and loads of waterfalls along the UP.  The biggest and most famous is Tahquammeon Falls which is the color of a root-beer float.

The sunrise and sunsets are amazing!  In June it stays light until well past 10:00 p.m. and it's really nice to take advantage of that much evening light.

My next favorite spot is just a wee bit south.  Head on down and take a Ferry to Mackinac Island.
Possibly one of the most beautiful places in all of North America.

And famously known for the Grand Hotel.  Rooms start at $400/night so hubby and I just roamed the outskirts!

There are no motor vehicles allowed on the Island.  But take a horse ride, rent a bike or just cruise around on your own hoofer's!

Well that's about it for my little tour today.  I have spring on the brain so very bad but Mother Nature is not cooperating around here.
So I have to invent my own! 
Happy Week-end to all of you!

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Lucky winner me!

Hi All!
See that cute little banner? It was part of a give-away that I recently won from Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage.
Actually I got to pick the banner out myself from Maryjane @ The Beehive Cottage.  I really liked this vintage baby one and thought it would look adorable  in what we call Katie and Addison's room.

I am just starting to fill up this wall and I think it makes the perfect addition!

And look at all my other loot!  Maura sure picked out some charming stuff~ 
I even got a pretty set of earrings and a necklace to match. 
Thanks Maura!
And be sure to check out her blog.   You just know if it's called Lilac Lane Cottage it's going to be good!



Addison and Tabletop Tuesday

Hi All!
I have been trying so hard to get a post out.  But with part- time work and full-time babysitting duties I just seem to be getting farther and farther behind.
My little drooly grand-daughter!  She is teething like crazy now and I feel so bad for her.  But somehow she still keeps a smile on her face!  She is such a good little baby!

See what I mean? 
Her little face just lights up when she smiles!

So my blogging has fallen behind and I have missed a whole bunch of fun blog parties.
I had wanted to join my friend Marty's cloche party.  I just never got to it. 

So I made a little counter arrangement in belated honor.

And I added a little Chicky and wooden apples to my homemade cloche.  This consists of a cheese dome, a plate I had decoupaged and  little stand I found at GW for $2.
So that's my itty bitty entry to Marty's party.  Please join her at A Stroll thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday.
We are back to winter here for the first week of spring.  Last week was beautiful and I saw hope on the horizon.  Now there predicting a snow storm for us on Wednesday.  Oh I do hope they are wrong.
Now don't forget me!  I will be around to visit as much as I can!



Building an Ottoman!

Hi All.
Sometimes life seems to get in the way of blogging!  However, I am excited to show you the ottoman that hubby built for me!
We had been looking for awhile and nothing ever seemed to fit or if it did, it was just more than we wanted to pay.
Hubby would always tell me that he could build me one but he wasn't sure about the upholstery part.
Then the talented Marty, @ A Stroll thru Life did a tutorial on the lovely one she made and I knew  hubby could whip me one up in no time!
I've included a few pics of the steps he took.

He built the ottoman out of scrap wood so there was no cost to that.  He even built the legs so we wouldn't have to go searching for any.   And what's really wonderful, is that he was able to build it to our exact specifications and get the kind of material that we wanted!

I was so excited to find this high quality upholstery material on sale for only $4.50/yard!
Now how's that for a deal!


Cutting.  We bought 2 yards and I have enough left over to make a pillow!

Measuring and cutting the batting.

He used a heavy duty stapler to apply the batting.

And then the material.

Looking pretty good already!

And then I got a little sidetracked by our little helper.
To the top portion (lid) he added a 4" wide piece of foam cut to specifications.

Then I did an itty bit of sewing.  I cut a strip of material to cover some cording and sewed that baby up!
And tada!
Our brand new ottoman and I love it!
Thanks to Marty for her great tutorial!

And thanks to my talented hubby for building our new ottoman!
Total cost was $58.00.  This included the material, batting, foam, thread and cording.
By far, the foam was the most expensive part of the project.  However, you wouldn't want to skimp on that part.  Having it so thick makes it oh so nice and comfy.
So how is it going for all the rest of you?
We've have had a rough two weeks but I think that were finally going to get some spring like weather this week.
Sunshine, warmer temps and rapidly melting snow will surely lift my spirits!
Have a great week everyone!
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Addison Lou is 5 months old today and some good news!

My little grand-daughter Addison Lou, is 5 months old today!  She has brought so much joy into our lives.
Here she is looking like a little doll baby.  Her Mommy gave me this sweater to use at my house.  She thought it was too old fashioned looking.  I think it is so sweet!

She is so cooperative for pictures!  I take out my camera and she just starts smiling!

But I love her little pensive look....

And her big happy smiley look!

And how her pretty brown eyes just twinkle!

And how much fun she has with her Grandpa Dan!
She is a joy!
Today I found out that my son and dil are expecting a baby girl in July!  I am thrilled to pieces!
When she is born, I am hoping to grab my daughter and baby Addison and hop on a plane to go welcome her!  Oh hubby too! 
Thanks for letting me share these pics today! 
Happy Week-end everyone and please Spring we need you here!

I am joining my friend Laurie @ Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie, for some of  my favorite things Saturday!
Becoming a Grandma is one of my favorite things!


Some Thrifty finds, sewing some pillows and my love for blue and yellow!

Hi All!
I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my recent thrifty finds!  See this cute little moon?
I found this while shopping at a local gift shop.  It was calling my name and saying I know right where you can put me!

Right here!  Above this Pottery Barn crib bedding I got from my sister.  She found it garage saling and only paid a couple of bucks for it.  So you see why I needed that moon?

It fit's so perfectly right up here!
And it's shimmery too!
And Addison loves looking at it !

While I was in Phoenix, Marty @ A Stroll thru Life took some of us gals to her favorite fabric store.
It was wonderful!  I wish I would have had a list of projects . There was so much to choose from and at such great prices!  I did purchase a yard of this fabric for only $2.99!  I was drawn to it and couldn't figure out why!

Well I finally found the time to make some pillows with it.  I found the fringe on clearance and the pillow forms were also on sale. 

See my new pillows?  My drapes are the same pattern only in blue and white!  Now I know why I was drawn to it!

You can see the drapes a little better here.  And you can also see all the snow we have left.  My goodness I want that stuff gone!!

My pillows cost me $8.00 a piece to make.  Not super cheap however the fringe even on sale brings up the cost.
I do think I would pay a lot more for them in a store.  And this way, I get the fabric I want .

I started a little vignette arranging.  I want to add spring since it's not cooperating outdoors I will have to make my own inside!

Changing the mantel a bit.  I need to find something to replace the winter scene soon!

Adding some yellow flowers brings some sunshine and spring inside!

Still kind of wintry here but I will be changing this soon.

And my last thrifty find.  I found this frame at TJ Maxx for only $7.00!  I am using it for Addison pics!
It's a good size frame that holds 3-5 X 7 pics.  And it has that off white cottage look that I love!

So how's your week going?  This is the time of year when I get so envious of my fellow bloggers who live in the south.  I want spring sooo bad I can actually taste it! 
Have a lovely week!
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