Porch Club.

Hi all,
I am joining Jill @ Gypsy Brocante for her first ever Porch club.  This came along at a good time for me.
With the snow piling up ever deeper and deeper, I need a little Springtime dreaming.

Our front porch is small but it's also colorful and cozy!
We dine out here....

We spend many cozy evenings on our front porch.   Hubby and I chat and enjoy the views....

Summertime view from our front porch...
Lily likes to sunbathe and hunt for mice!  Or meezer's as my hubby likes to call them.
She is an amazing hunter and generally needs to bring me her catch of the day.  I would prefer she didn't, but I try to ooh and aahh just enough to get her to run the other way.

I plant lot's of flowers on our porch!  I especially like petunias which really thrive!  Our front porch faces  the East so we get some wonderful morning sun.

And in the early morning we usually see several of these fellows!

We have some comfy wicker chairs to sit on.

And since an Apple Cottage really should have red, we painted our front door and shutters a shade called Apple Red. Thanks for letting me take a little summertime trip!
And have a lovely week everyone!
I am also joining the very talented Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday.


Sunday Favorites/ Deer Frolicking in the snow!


I am joining my friend Chari, for Sunday Favorites.  Check out her lovely blog, you won't be wanting to leave.  I love this deer video my hubby shot last winter and I hope you will too!
This short little video clip (very short)  was taken with our digital camera and through our living room picture window.  (If you want to make it bigger, press ctrl and scroll mouse away from you)   Had we had stepped outside, they would have scattered. For a $5.00 bag of corn, we have cheap and fun enertainment. Hey it's winter in Wisconsin, we have to get creative!!!  You can hear us in the background counting deer.....like I said,  it's winter in Wisconsin.  Just trying to keep our sanity during these long winter months!  Do you have anything special you use to combat cabin fever?  Just don't tell me a week in Mexico, although that would work.  


A Cardinal table for my Moms b-day!


Hi All,
When I was in Phoenix I found this tea-pot that matches my cardinal china.  Since last Thursday was my Mom's B-Day, I thought I would set a wintry cardinal table to celebrate the occasion.

The teapot is from the GW.  The salt and pepper birdies were from a local gift shop.

I found the red chargers at Wal-Mart marked down to .75 a piece.  They will work for Valentines and Christmas and of course I like them here too.
My cardinal plates and mugs were on close-out at a local shop.  There were only 4 salad plates and 4 mugs but I hope to eventually find more.
Who knows, I will probably see them when I go back to Arizona.

It turned out to be a sunny day but brr, very cold.
I tried to get better pics but the sun angle was not quite right.

A snowy scene right outside my window.
We have actually warmed up to about 22 above zero instead of below zero.
It's still cold but tolerable if your dressed right.
I have had a lot of bloggers ask how we put up with the cold and snow.
For one thing, we learn to dress in layers and make sure we have our hat, mittens, boots etc.
I have 3 down vests that I bought from Lands End and they are lightweight and very warm.
I wear them under my coat for an extra layer.
And we also get used to driving in the snow and I think that makes a world of difference.
You just learn to handle your car differently under these conditions.  It's kind of like driving through a big city during rush hour.  I absolutely hate that and would much rather be driving on rural roads with snow.
And last but not least, I think we tend to go to movies etc. more in the winter and a lot of folks around here find a winter sport to love. 
For my daughter, it was figure skating and that took up a lot of my time as well.
I also used to skate a little myself and I should again because it's really a lot of fun.
Well my friends, I am babysitting full time this week so I may be a little slow at getting around to visit.
Gees, taking care of a 3 month old baby is a full time job!
Take Care,
I am joining Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.


Tabletop Tuesday, stuck in snowbanks and Packer Heaven!

Hi All,
Have you ever gotten just one little new thing and felt like re-arranging your whole home?
I found this pretty blue bottle at TJ Maxx and decided that it would look nice in my living room.
It was marked down to $7 so it was a bargain as well.

My bird house lamp, a plate, birdies and my new glass bottle!

I love my little stacked birdies!  They were a B-Day gift from the hubby!

Another view.  It's really white outside these windows!

And speaking of white.  I managed to back my car into a snow drift in our driveway this morning.
The snow has gotten so deep there is hardly anywhere left to put it.

Well I was on my way to an appointment and had to scratch that.  At least I was able to shovel my way out of it.
And since I was already bundled up, I though I might as well fill up my bird feeders.

But first I managed to spill about half the feed all over my dining room table.

And then I trudged through this.  Which was up to my knees.  I sure wish I had some snowshoes!

Because when I was done, my boots looked like this.

But on a brighter note, my hubby is in Packer heaven after the big win last night!
And Jane, (Blondie's Journal) being the great sport that she is e-mailed congrats right away.
My favorite part was when the big guy (Raji) ran for the touchdown.  Now that was quite the sight!
So how has your Monday been?
Been stuck in any snowbanks lately?
Take Care and have a wonderful week!
I am joining Marty @ A stroll thru life for Tabletop Tuesday.  Check out her lovely blog!


The cutest little Packer Fan and our extreme weather!!

Hi All!
Addison is wearing her I love Packers Football shirt!  The whole state of Wisconsin is revved up for the big game tomorrow!  And let me tell you ,with temperatures like this......

Can you blame us?
Now that's air temperature, not wind chill yesterday morning about 8:00 a.m.
It totally stinks!
If you have never experienced it, let me tell you it literally takes your breath away!
The weather people keep telling us that we could have frostbite set in on exposed skin within minutes of being outside.
My hubby's school even canceled yesterday morning because of the extreme cold.
So we are all excited about the big game tomorrow.  The winner goes to the super bowl!
And what a game it will be....  a border battle with our neighbors to the south!
My hubby informs me that the last time the Bears and Packers were in a playoff game together it was 1941.
He is just full of information like that!
Jane (Blondie's Journal)  and I have been e-mailing back and forth about our hubby's reaction.
It would fun to be together tomorrow although maybe a little too tense with two die hard fans!
( Al and Dan)
Jane and I would be just fine!  hehe.
And if the Packers lose, I am afraid the whole state of Wisconsin will go into a state of depression.
Being a cheese-head is serious business around here!
Now I need to go back and get under my blanket.  Just kidding....  but it still is very cold, although a bit better than yesterday.
Addison and I are just snuggling on the couch while her Mommy is back at work.
It's hard for my daughter but I am so glad that I am able to watch her.
Take Care and enjoy your weekend!

I am joining the Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays!  Go check out her neat blog and the wonderful entries!


Back to the Frozen Tundra!

My trip to Phoenix was short but sweet!  I arrived at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Tuesday night.  My son and dil were there to greet me.  I actually started feeling warm even before I exited the plane.  It was 58 degrees at 8:00 p.m. and it felt like it was 80.  When you've had such cold weather, it doesn't take much to feel warm.  I have seen college kids in Wisconsin wearing shorts when it hits 40 degrees!  Anyhoo, it was so much fun getting together with all my bloggy buddies.
Phoenix has become my home away from home.  And it's always bittersweet when I have to go back home.
I miss my hubby, my grand-baby and daughter etc. but I start missing my son and dil as soon as I get back on that plane.
It was so much fun catching up with all these gals!  Jamie, (Mimi's Corner) Ceekay, (Thinking of Home)  Karen, (Some Days are Diamonds) Marty, ( A Stroll thru Life)  Liz ( Rose Vignettes) and Laura (Decor to Adore)  and Laura's daughter the fashionista!

Look at these happy faces!  Jamie and Ceekay looking lovely for the camera.

This is one of the adorable dresses that Jamie got for my grand-baby!  Isn't she sweet?  And isn't Addison adorable in it!  Well to top it off, she brought these adorable dresses that had belonged to her grand-baby for Addison to use.

I can hardly wait for summer!

Before the luncheon we got in a little shopping.  Ceekay, Karen and I.  This shop was so delightful but it was a bit pricey!

Marty, Karen and I mugging for the camera!  Love these gals!

On Saturday, I got to visit my friend Linda who lives in Tempe.  I have known Linda since high school, when we were both in 4-H together.  Linda and I were both seamstresses, but it seems that Linda was a better one than I was.  She was always taking top honors and I was always the alternate.
Linda, who is also a blogger, Reminisce... And This- n- That, actually found me again through blogging!  What a small world it is.  And then when I found out she was in Tempe, which is where my Son was living at the time, I could hardly believe it! 
This picture of Linda and I would have probably been kind of cute if my eyes weren't so squinty.  I actually do have eyeballs! he-he.
 Well Linda and I spent the morning garage- sailing, thrifting and just visiting and having a ball!  She made me a wonderful lunch and I got to meet her very nice husband.  And here's a treat for all of you!
Linda has the most fabulous crafting room ever!!!!   And what is even more amazing, is that she has put it all together with thrift store and budget finds! 
I absolutely adore this room!

Is this not cute or what!  Everything has a place, and it is a feast for the eyes!

Look at that adorable little dress form.  She made the curtains and I just love her attention to detail!

This phone works and it has the long rings from way back.  Linda called the number and boy did that ring bring back memories!  So cool!

And here's the lovely Linda standing in front of her collection of  vintage aprons!
All of these were purchased thrifting and she only paid a buck or two for each one.  Go say hi to Linda and tell her Cindy sent you!  And another cool thing....  Linda and my hubby went to the same small high school and were only a grade apart!   

More cute Linda stuff!

One of the things I found while thrifting is this adorable cardinal teapot!  It matches the plates and cups that hubby got for my birthday a couple of years ago.  For $4.00 it was mine!

Pictured are one of the plates and mugs that match.  I feel a cardinal-scape coming on!

Sadly, Sunday morning came all too soon.  I had to say goodbye to Phoenix's number one Packer fan, aka my son Joshua.   We are still so excited about Saturday nights playoff game.  Sorry Atlanta fans, but the Packers Rock!
But I'll be back to my second home soon.  My son and dil are having a baby in July!  And although I have never wanted to be in Phoenix in July, I will certainly make an exception for my grand-baby!
Take Care everyone and have a wonderful week!


Baby love, Meeting Keetha and off I go!!!

I am totally in love with this little 3 month baby girl!
Last week little Addison's eyes were dark blue and now their turning brown!
It kind of shocked me because I  thought they were going to be blue like her Mommy's.
But instead their going to be brown like her Daddy's.

My sister Susie loaned us this fun jumper.  Addison is already jumping with the aid of a pillow!
Babies have it made nowadays, so many fun things for them to do.
She is also babbling, laughing out loud and last weekend she rolled over!
Yah Addison!

Tomorrow I am leaving this......
(I've been totally into making ice luminaries for some reason)

And heading to this!

I think my body may go into shock!
It's been so cold here and 65-70 is going to feel so good!

I will visit with my son and dil.

And some lovely bloggy friends!
Speaking of which, last Friday evening my hubby Dan and I met up with Keetha and her hubby!
What a great evening we had!

And here's the lovely couple!  Keetha ( The Eclectic Company) and I met through blogging and now she only lives a hop, skip and jump away from me!  Ok, well more like 50 miles but still a lot closer than her previous home in
Well my friends, please don't forget me!
I will be back to visit with you all soon.