Autumn Bucket List number 1...our amazing pumpkin patch and Autumn colors.


Boy am I loving Autumn this year!  Our trees are bursting with color right now and we should peek in about 10 days.
I have seen bucket lists on Pinterest for Autumn.  Well here is one of mine because what is more perfect than a visit to a local pumpkin patch.
And how many not quite 2 year old's do you know that will kiss a skeleton?
Haha... now I did not tell her to do this!  She just has the sweetest little personality and even shares love with the skeleton!

Addison wore her pumpkin dress and boots!  An early birthday gift for our sweet little pumpkin who will be 2 in October.
Our favorite pumpkin patch is only a few miles from our home.
It's so perfect for the little ones with a blow-up haunted house and one to bounce in too.

Fun photo-ops~

And you can't forget the haunted pick-up truck!  Mr. bones has taken on a more ominous look here.  But it always helps to have Grandpa nearby.

She wasn't too crazy about this guy...me neither!

Taking it all in!

And  Grandpa gives her a ride in the wagon while we pick out our pumpkins.
They grow nearly every variety I've ever heard of and then some.

Our trees are just bursting with color!

All these pics were taken around my yard over the past few days.

My new favorite tree!

Love the maples!

Are you getting to enjoy Autumn yet?



Autumn Mantel

Autumn has certainly arrived around here!
Our nights have been down right cold but our days have been sunny and beautiful.
I lost my hydrangeas Saturday night but everything else seems to have made it.
And our trees are starting to sport their red, yellow, and browns.
My fat little squirrel is my favorite part of my fall mantel.
 However he may have had a few too many acorns.

And my wooden acorn is another fun find!
Both purchased at a local gift shop and both were quite reasonable too.

Indian corn, a grapevine pumpkin $2 at Target and my old pine-cone swag.

I would have to say it's a bit eclectic. 
Real white pumpkins, faux gourds, stacked birdies, just a little bit of what I have mixed in with a few new items.

A metal pumpkin from Target.

A fall arrangement flanked by real white pumpkins and another smaller wooden acorn. I have two mini cornucopia's flanking either side of my mantel.  Only a $1 at Target....love those dollar buys!

And old wooden box filled with sunflowers.
A $1 estate sale find.  
The Cider sign was a gift from my daughter a few years back.
Now on to the outside to decorate.  I have my pumpkins after a great visit to our local pumpkin patch.
I hope to share more on that later this week.
Is it Autumn where you are? 


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Sewing a peasant dress for little Addison!

I've been looking at all these cute little peasant dresses on Etsy and other online children's boutique type stores.  They are pricey especially if you buy one with designer like fabric.  Most of them I priced were around $40-45!  Too much for this gal!

So I did an online search and found a freebie pattern online!
Woo-hoo...got to love free!

And then I found this cute fabric (just what I had in mind) at Wally World of all places!  I already had the fabric for the sleeves and ruffle in my stash.

Total cost of dress...$3.50!  I only needed about half a yard and a small amount of 1/4 wide elastic.
And I have enough over to make little Calista a dress too!
And here's my tip:  If you can sew at all, you can make a basic little dress like this.  No zippers, or buttonholes to contend with.  And by doing an online search, you can usually find some free patterns to boot!  This one was just the directions plus a little pattern for the sleeve, easy peasy!  

I found the boots at Wally World too...I love how they look on her!  It was warm enough today to go outside without tights.  I am looking for a little brown pair for her as our weather is a changing!  We were 90 on Tuesday and today only about 70.  And the next few days we will only climb into the upper 60's.  Autumn is arriving around these parts.... how about around your neck of the woods?

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Good-bye Summer


August has been a busy month and it seems I have been unable to get my blogging act together.  But I would like to share with you some bits and pieces from our last month of summer.
The dozen roses and vase a gift from my hubby to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary on the 16th.

Addison and her Grandma celebrating Grandma's b-day on the 24th.

Yesterday we took Addison to an Art's and Music Festival along the beautiful Mississippi river.  Pictured here with her cousin Chloe.  These little girls have such fun together!  Chloe is 3 and Addison will turn 2 next month.
And the highlight of their day were the free pony rides!  

Hubby was such a trooper!  He walked with them to make sure Addison stayed put.  Around and around they went together and alone. And did I mention it was 90 degrees here yesterday but it felt cooler thanks to the river breezes.

Addison woke up this morning not quite awake and already she was saying" I want to ride the big one, I want to ride the big one".  There was a really big horse there that most of the bigger kids were riding. And she was bound and determined to ride it and she did!.
But my camera battery died out just when she got on. 

Looking ahead and reflecting as well.  Scenes from Autumn 11 at Applestone Cottage.

Thanks for stopping by..I will be around to visit you all soon!