Old Metal Lawn Chairs get a new look!

Hi Ladies.  I've always had a thing for old metal lawn chairs.  There's just something about them that makes me all nostalgic for my childhood.  Well this pic was my inspiration!  I love the different colors and of course the flowers in the background add to the charm. 

Here's the picnic table hubby re-did a few weeks ago. You can read about that by clicking here.  And in the background you can see my vintage metal lawn chairs. They were an auction find and I think I paid about $15 for the two of them.   Dan had painted them red a few years ago however they were beginning to chip and fade a bit.  Now this husband of mine  is an avid painter, and  believe me when I say, nothing stays too chipped or faded for long around here.  He just absolutely loves to paint!
Which is a good thing, since I don't mind painting but I can't say I love it.
And he also knew I wanted an array of colorful lawn chairs.

Newly painted blue chair!

And newly painted yellow chair!
I love the new look, they just say happy to me!

 So I'm really digging my old/new vintage chairs.  Dan used a good primer and then rustoleum spray paint.
He used a paintbrush on the arms and legs.  
We also ordered an umbrella off the Internet for our picnic table.  We did a bit of research and found a pretty good deal. 

So now we have a nice umbrella to sit under when we decide to picnic out here. He drilled a hole with a spade bit (whatever that is) and by doing so, the umbrella has a nice tight fit and no weight is needed.    We tend to use our front porch when it's just the two of us.   But it's nice to have this area when we have company, especially when all the kiddies in my family come to visit. So we've been working on it a little at a time.  I have more ideas and if my hubby wants to paint, I know I can keep him busy for like decades.
I've been working on the menu and decorations for my daughter's  baby shower.  I 'v gotten a lot of great ideas from fellow bloggers and just the Internet in general. 
That's one of the wonderful things about blogging.  We are able to inspire and help each other is so many ways.  I am so grateful for all  the friendships I have made.  So go out and have a great week everyone and thanks for all the inspiration!



  1. I love all of the happy colors, your table and chairs look great!

  2. I love the great colors you chose, Cindy!

    My MM is at my new blog,

    Chandy aka CAM

  3. Hi Cindy! Oh, your vintage chairs look so pretty! We have green ones when I was a little girl. I remember how comfortable they were to sit in. Your outside area is wonderful.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  4. Love the newly painted vintage chairs!! They look great.

  5. Cindy the chairs & table are wonderful! I love the blue & yellow. I always think that metal chairs like those (that you can bounce in a little) are so comfortable!

  6. The blue and the yellow are just spectacular colors for these chairs. We had this type of chair when I was young and I would love to find some now. But they command such a high price these days. Hope I find a bargain like yours one of these days. :-)
    hugs, Sue

  7. I love these Cindy. The colors are wonderful with your "new" picnic table.

  8. I love the colors you chose for the chairs! I have that same candle lantern, too!

  9. You are right Cindy==those chairs do look happy! They bring back such memories of my grandmother's chairs. And they are so comfortable and the metal feels so cool when it is hot outside! Nice job! Linda

  10. You did a great job, they are so pretty! Love the table too!
    Have a blessed week! Sharon

  11. Wow, Cindy! The whole setting is just fantastic. Love the cheerful colors, and isn't it great to have a hubby who loves to paint. Mine says he paints better than I do...and he does! Linda

  12. What a difference a little paint can make... love the colors you selected. Great job!!!!!

  13. So very bright and pretty. I love old chairs too and have refinshed several in a light pink shade to go with my cottage garden studio, but looking at your bright sun shiney colors makes me want to re-paint them.

  14. I love love your poarch!! Love the beautiful colors! You and your husband have done a wonderful job!

  15. Very pretty and happy colors Cindy. I love them! :)

  16. Love those chairs. My aunt used to have some and the old glider, too. Your hubby did a great paint job on them. Love all the bright colors on your patio.

  17. We did a similar project. I will have to get some photos up!

  18. How adorable! They look so cheerful :) ♥

  19. Cindy..the colors just had to the charm of your place. I am sure there will be lots of family menories made out there. If I come to visit..I would like to sit in the yellow chair. lol

    Have a great week..and keep that guy of yours busy..he is really good at the painting stuff!!

    Southern Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  20. Do you loan your husband out? I have a long paint list!! :-)

  21. What a smooth professional job your husband does! I love the colors. I don't think that I ever saw a chair with holes (like your blue one). That might be cooler to sit upon.

    Happy Blue Monday, Cindy.

  22. I love these metal lawn chairs too! They're hard to find at such a good price. They are definitely cheery! Jacqueline

  23. love the chairs...love your patio...hows your daughter doing?

  24. I love vintage metal lawn chairs too! Yours are so colorful, fun and happy. If your husband ever runs out of things to paint, send him to Idaho ... I'll keep him busy painting here!!

    Susan and Bentley

  25. very cute, Miss Cindy! I love the bright colors.

  26. I understand your fondness for those metal chairs. I really love them too. There's something special about the feel of them and repainting adds to that I think. Great job and I love that they are not black or white. Jane F.

  27. What a cheery deck you have to sit on, love all the bright colours.

  28. Your chairs bring back sweet summer memories! Hope you are having a colorful day.


  29. i love your chairs and the colors are fab!!!

    Take care!!!

  30. Oh Cindy, your chairs and table are perfect. I remember those chairs perfectly....I am so sorry that you missed our days in Cali...I am telling you it was fun beyond words.

  31. I am a fan of those old lawn chairs too! Well done. love both the yellow and blue.

  32. What a lucky gal with a husband who loves to paint!! It is kind of fun restoring things with a fresh coat of paint. Your patio looks so fun and cozy now.

    Happy Blue Monday!
    ~ Alex

  33. Oh wow I love those colors and it does look good in your patio or porch! Happy Monday!

    Blue Monday

  34. I love your chairs. They remind me of my grandmother's house. If I ever run into any of them that are not much $$, I'd buy them. He did a great paint job...love all your bright colors!

  35. Your porch is getting very homey and comfy, Cindy. I love the new colors!...Christine

  36. Oh I just love those colors! He did a beautiful job too! Your new umbrella is wonderful and as an outdoor umbrella user I can assure you, you will love it for many years to come! This area really is looking great! I don't think I have ever seen it before. I noticed that built in stone with apples on it. I am sure there must be a post about this and the name of your blog that I must have missed somewhere. Very cool!

  37. I love the pretty colorful colors! They make me smile just looking at them, much less sitting in them.

  38. Cindy, I love them! This area does just invite you and family and friends to come have a fun time! If you ever run out of painting projects (and building projects) for that talented husband, I'll pay premium rent for him.

    Do you have something for your door decor for the shower. I saw the cutest shower door decoration at Prior blog and saved it to my inspiration file. If you want to see it, just email me, and I'll email a copy to you. laurie

  39. Cindy,
    Thanks so much for coming by my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY with these "COOL" vintage metal chairs...love the color that your hubby painted them...your patio looks outstanding! I have one and it's painted lime green, but I'm not using it right now...I need to work it in my patio area.


  40. Hi Cindy,
    I love your chairs and your hubs did a great job on them, looks very professional. I have heard that you can take them to an autobody shop and they will sandblast them and paint. Expensive too.
    They remind me of my grandparents and how they sat in chairs like that on their porch.


  41. So fun! Just love them! We have some too...stop on by...nice to meet your blog!

    love, kelee

  42. I love those vintage Americana lawn chairs too!
    Cindy, we are so blessed to have such handy handsome husbands!
    Hey, when are you hosting your daughter's baby shower? I am hosting an afternoon High Tea shower for my dil's new little baby girl Sat., Sept. 4th. She's due 10/10/10, but they've scheduled the c-section for Oct. 5th. Emolyn came 7 weeks early, so I'm feeling anxious and praying that does not happen this time.

  43. Cindy, these look terrific. I like all the bright colors. ~ Sarah

  44. Cindy! Inspire?! Inspire?! Why of course that's what it is! When it comes to you I am a downright copycat and we both know it! :)

    I run around looking for cute ways to fix this place up...and DO I find them! It's better then buying magazines...always changing and always wonderful.
    Finding those old wonderful chairs is darn near impossible.

  45. Sigh…I so want to find a pair of vintage metal chairs. I love the colors you choice for your redo, the yellow just pops out and screams SUMMER!

    You know how I feel about our blogging friends and speaking of inspiration, I've been hooked on Pfaltzgraff dishes ever since I won that set in your giveaway. I found another set and posted it for NTT. I also have my eye on another. See what you started? Thank you, I love them!

  46. I think this style lawn chair is the most comfortable ever!!! And yours are beautiful with their new paint! Good job.

  47. They look wonderful! And I remember them from my mom's, nice and comfortable!

  48. Wow Cindy, I LOVE THEM! They're like happy punctuation marks up there.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  49. You know I love color! They look so pretty and that picnic table is just too wonderful! Love it all!


  50. the combination of the colorful vintage chairs and great table look so inviting and cheerful on the patio- love it!


  51. Your chairs look charming - vintage style is wonderful and adds warmth to any occasion!

  52. Your chairs look wonderful-great job!

    I love what you said about blogging too-I so agree with you.

    Best wishes always,

  53. Hi. Thanks for visiting. I just joined blogland in May, and it is wonderful. I love these old chairs.
    ~ Julie

  54. Hi Cindy...I love your "motel" chairs and I love the color you painted them....my color scheme in my house is all the primary colors...I think thy are so bright and cheerful...and the picnic table looks great...

  55. Hi Cindy!

    First off, thank you so much for dropping by and sending well wishes on the arrival of our new baby boy! Luke is such a blessing in our lives and we are enjoying him immensely!

    Second, I so loved this post! I remember my grandmother had those metal lawn chairs at their cottage in Michigan. I LOVED rocking in them. Of course they were just basically white and often mildewed covered as happens in the humidity, but I didn't mind...I sat in them anyway!

    Hope all is going well for you. Your patio looks so inviting!


  56. Hey Cindy...I remember those chairs!! My sister still has the pair that belonged to my parents. Hers are turquoise now. I ♥ the colors you picked!

    I pass a house that has 3 of them on their front porch...one red, one yellow & one bright blue. I smile every time I see them! Yours too!!

  57. forgot to say how much I enjoyed seeing the pretty treasured tablerunner with the roosters! What a nice keepsake! I hope my kids feel the same way about my stuff when I'm gone.

  58. HI CINDY!!!
    Ok, first off I love your gladiolas!!When my MOM owned her flower shop, they were one of my fav flowers, of course everyone out here refers to them as funeral flowers!!!But I ADORE them!!!I wish we could grow things like that out here!!But oh no, way to HOT for that!!
    I did not make the trip to Calif. After spending 5 glorious days in the MOUNTAINS and cool air and rain, I came home with a sore throat, do I stayed behind so not to spread it to anyone!!!
    I cannot believe how POPULAR old and vintage is!!I LOVE YOUR PATIO CHAIRS!!!I recall my grandparents having those same chairs!!!Of course out here in AZ, they were always so HOT, but Granny always had pillows on them!!
    A baby girl baby shower!!WOW what a fun occasion!!!!So many cute themes out there!!!look forward to seeing it!!!!
    So when is the baby girl due to arrive????
    have a fun week
    hugs to you,

  59. Just like Granny Walden's when I was a youngun.
    Great job and I love the color girl.

    God bless ya and have a magnificent day sweeite!!!

  60. I adore those colors on those chairs....so fun and vibrant. Nice job!!~:)

  61. Hi Girlfriend...

    Ohhh my goodness...I just adore how your patio looks, Girlfriend!!! Of course, you know that I love how your picnic table turned out...love that red and white...Dan did such a GRAND job restoring that table! But I have to tell ya...painting your vintage metal chairs in that beautiful blue and sunny yellow...just makes your patio!!! You're absolutely right...love the vibrant colors...so sunny and cheerful!!! Hey...if your honey runs out of things to paint...send him to my place...okay? wink! Ohhhh...seeing your pretty patio just makes me want to come over right now and have some iced tea with you! I miss you, Girlfriend!!!

    Love ya,


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