Hi all!
I am joining the lovely Karen at Some Days are Diamonds for my first ever swap!
We were supposed to keep our partners identity a secret but somehow my partner Cheri and I got things a bit confused!  But that was just fine, as I got to know Cheri and that was the best part of the whole swap.

And here is the beautiful box that Cheri made for little ole me!
Cheri's lovely blog is called Cheri's Chatter and you can visit her and also see what I made for her by clicking here.
Anyhoo, I just love the beautiful box that the talented Cheri made for me!  She used my favorite color blue and added so many lovelies!

Even the inside is soooo pretty!

And just look at all the pretties that were inside~ An adorable rattle shaped Christmas ornament for baby Addison.  Lot's of pretty shells, hair bows, a pretty little doily and a charming little bird house!

And check out the cute little clothespins that Cheri made!  Aren't they adorable!
And some labels for scrap-booking and a charming little guardian angel bag they I took to the hospital when Katie went into labor.
Love it all!
Thank-you Cheri and Thank-you Karen for hostessing this fun swap.  Now that I've done my first, I won't be as nervous about trying another.
Lately, I have been so very busy with my part- time job and helping my daughter, the new Mom with baby Addison.
I work as a parent educator/outreach worker  and I added 3 new families about the same time that Katie had Addison.
 So if I haven't visited for awhile please be patient with me.   I just need to regroup and get a bit caught up.
Have a great weekend everyone!
I am posting this a bit early because Hubby and I have plans for the weekend.  YooHoo!


A Bedroom Re-do for under $110 !

Hello my friends.
I hope you all are having a lovely weekend.  Today I would like to share with you the bedroom hubby and I recently re-did!  I wanted a room for Katie and Addison to stay in when they came to visit.  But since we had quite limited funds, we would have to be creative!
But first I would like to show you a before pic.  The dark color is one that Katie had picked out while still in high school.  I actually liked it but since Addison was going to be staying overnight sometimes, I wanted it more light and airy. When Katie moved out she took her bed with her, so I needed something quickly!  I found the old headboard at a garage sale and painted it a Colonial yellow.   I knew that I would have to work around that color as a new headboard was not in the budget.

 And here's that same room now after our $106 makeover!

We painted the walls a color called Spa.  It's a slightly aqua blue.
Then we purchased the wallpaper that looks like wainscoting.  It's the first time we tried it and I am happy with the results! 
Hubby put the wallpaper up and I cheered him on!  hehe.
I did paint though.
The paint was $20 for one gallon and we just made it with that!
The wallpaper was $26 for 2 double rolls and again we just made it!
My talented hubby made the chair rail from scrap wood that he had so there was no cost to that.

I bought the quilt at Wal-Mart on clearance for only $20.   I found the sham at Kohl's for only $12 and the bolster pillow was only $7 at TJ Maxx.

This is Katie's 20 year old crib.  Not only did Katie sleep in it, but 4 of my sisters kids slept in it as well.  Needless to say, it was in kind of rough shape.  Dan did some repairs and we used 4 cans of glossy white spray paint to give it a new look!  Total cost $16 for the paint.
The bedding is Pottery Barn that my sister found at a garage sale and gave to me to use.

The colors worked perfectly in here and best of all the bedding was free!

Katie bought me this little sign to hang above the crib!  Sorry the pic is a bit blurry but I think you get the drift!

Over on this side of the room is Katie's old high school desk.  It's kind of a catch all but I wanted to show you the shelf above it.
I found that large seashell platter marked down at Kohl's for only 3.50!  Originally, it was $45.00! 
And the apothecary jar was purchased at TJ Maxx for only $7.

A close look at the shelf.

A little nightstand that I bought years ago at a garage sale.  The cute little tray stand was a gift from the lovely Gloria at Happy to Be!

So there you have it!  Our room redo for under $110!
And here is the breakdown.
1 gallon of paint = $20
The color is Spa.
Wainscoting look wallpaper = 2 double rolls= $26.00
Paint for the crib.  4 cans of spray paint= $16.00
Quilt = $20 on sale at Wally World.
Sham, rolled pillow, plate and apothecary jar. = $30
For a grand total of $106.00!!

And the best part of all of this is the little girl that gets to visit her Grandma!

I am adding on the following blog parties.
Met. Monday

Blue Monday

Tabletop Tuesday.
Thrifty Thursday
Please follow the links to visit our lovely and gracious hostesses!
Have a great week everyone!


Blondie (Aka Jane) spoiling little Addison!

One of the great joys of blogging has been getting to make and meet new friends!  I have been so lucky in that department.  I have met Karen, Marty, Jamie, Ceekay, Linda, Sherry and more while visiting my son in Arizona. I met the fun Keetha and her sister Pam this past spring while they were visiting Eau Claire.  And  this summer I got to meet Chari @ Happy to Design and her hubby Russ.  And last December, hubby and I got to spend a whole weekend in Galena, Illinois with Jane ( Blondie's Journal) and her husband Al. 

It was a picture postcard perfect weekend in this historic little town.  If you would like to read more about our get together click here.
And we have tentative plans to get together again in December!  Oh I can't wait!

I almost cried when this beautiful package was waiting at my door last weekend.   And inside?  Three absolutely gorgeous outfits for little Addison!  See the one above!  It is the softest pink with a matching blanket!  I love, love, love it!

And look at this sassy number!  Don't you just love it!  My daughter Katie was in awe!  She doesn't totally get this blogging thing, she is a face book gal.   But she is amazed at the generosity of my friends!

And my personal favorite!  Just look at this beautiful little dress with matching satin panties!  It is the most beautiful shade of rose, and I just can't wait for Addison to wear it!  And when she does I will post the pics!
They are all 3-6 months so by Christmas I bet she will be wearing them!
I picture little lacy tights, black patent leather shoes and a hair bow with this number!
Thank-you Jane and Al!  Addison, Katie and I are all in awe of your generosity!
Now I feel like crying again. But before I do..............

I took this pic of my niece Chloe (18 months) meeting her cousin Addison this past weekend.
Isn't that just so precious!  Chloe is my sister Susie's youngest.  So actually Chloe and Addison are first cousins once removed. However, I just call them little cousins!
Take Care,


Addison and her Grandma!

Hi All.
I said I would post a pic of Addison and her Grandma and here it is!
I am totally smitten by this little girl!

And I took this pic today.  She is 12 days old and has already gained over a pound and grown an inch!
I hope you all have a lovely weekend.
We are supposed to be upper 60's tomorrow and sunny! Brisk and beautiful autumn weather.  The leaves are falling off the trees like crazy and hubby plans on doing some major raking!
I am going to be rocking a baby and helping hubby clean up the mess!
Take Care,


Heart of the Home Party!!


Hi All!
I am joining the lovely Sheila for her Heart of the Home Party.
I've already toured so many of your wonderful kitchens!
What a great idea for a party!  Thanks Sheila!
Below is how our kitchen looked when we moved in three years ago.
The counters, flooring and appliances were only a year old.  The oak cupboards are older but still in good condition. 

The walls were painted a really drab beige and in need of some color!
So with a wee budget we tried to add a little pizazz to this kitchen!

Another dark view.  BB, meaning before blogging! There are great windows in here and it's probably my favorite feature.

Hubby added new pulls and knobs and the faux tin back splash!
I love the look and have been very pleased with it!

We painted, added a new faucet and light fixtures.

My antique hutch had previously sat at the end of this long kitchen.  I like it so much better here.

And this is how our table looked when we moved in.

And when we moved the hutch we needed something really awesome to put in this space.
Hubby to the rescue!  I found a pic of what I wanted and he built me this beautiful armoire!
It holds a ton of stuff and I got the cottage look I was seeking!

And with the armoire painted Cottage white I thought the table would look good that way as well.
Hubby to the rescue again!
He painted our 30 year old table and it looks just how I want! 

And for just the cost of paint!

Then I got busy and painted the old deacon bench!

A little Autumn tablescaping!

A few more views.

I've been so busy helping my daughter with the baby that this post is kind of a mish-mash of things.
I hope you understand. 
Take Care Everyone,


Autumn and Baby Addison, oh my!!!

Hi All!
Sorry I have been missing in action this past week.  But a little lady named Addison and her Mommy have been taking all of my attention.  If I haven't gotten to visit you lately I surely will soon.  I forgot how much time a new baby demands of your attention even if your just the Grandma.
This morning I looked out my window and saw these guys staring in at me.  I kind of forget they're around and then all of a sudden I am taken in by their beauty!

Our days have been warm and sunny this week with highs in the mid-seventies.  Our colors are nearing peak, probably by this week-end or early next week for sure.  If I could bottle up these days and hang onto them I surely would.

Dan's niece is getting married this weekend and it sounds like our weather is going to last at least until early next week.   The happy couple are exchanging vows at a quaint little bed n breakfast near the twin cities.
Should be fun! 

And here's hubby in his new role as Grandpa Dan.  I have yet to get a good pic of me holding Addison but I will by next week.  It seems I am always taking pics of everyone else!

Little Addison all strapped in and ready to leave the hospital.  She's been such a good baby so far and such a joy!

  Love that face!  Newborns smell so heavenly!

And a very tired daughter and Addison asleep on the chair. 
Katie is really taking to motherhood well and that makes me so happy!
She is only 20 but all of sudden she has become so mature.
I guess babies have a way of doing that.

And she found her thumb yesterday and of course I think it's the cutest thing ever!  And although she looks a lot like Katie did she definitely has.............

Her Daddy's eyes!
Now I am going to try to restrain myself and not become a Grandma who will bore you all to death.
But it's so new right now and I hope you will bear with me!
I am joining my friend Laurie, @ Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie for Favorite Things Saturday!
Because Autumn and Addison are some of my faves, especially little Addison, she is my new fave and will be for a long, long time!

Thanks everyone!
And have a wonderful week-end too!