Tis the Season.....for apples, naughty deer and bikini babes!

Hi friends!
Tis the season indeed!  When you have a whole lot of green little apples and you live in deer country, your bound to get some naughty, naughty deer.

He is not going to be deterred!  Up on his hind legs and gulping down as many as those little green apples as he can hold or until I shoo him off!

His partner in crime!

Caught in the act!

And then just standing there trying to look all innocent and such!!

And speaking of innocent!  I love this pic of Addison!  We were visiting a park that had a kiddie wading area.  She was a bit hesitant about the water shooting up at her....especially since it came at different intervals.

Getting a bit braver, with her Grandpa nearby!

We finally are having some beautiful weather!  The humidity has dropped and so has the temps.
Today we were in the mid-eighties without that dripping wet humidity and it felt wonderful!

Have a great summer week everyone!



Happy Birthday Baby Kitty!


I'm out here Addison........ dreaming of that big handsome Baby Kitty!
And I have an idea!   Debbie, also known as Baby Kitty's Mom says anyone can come to the party if they dress up like a cat to honor Baby Kitty.
How about we both go incognito?

Now your ready Miss Addison!

Will Baby Kitty still love me if I wear glasses Miss Addison?

Happy Birthday Baby Kitty!

Lily, Addison and Cindy

Now Let's Party !

Visit Baby Kitty and wish him a Happy Birthday by clicking here!




Hi All,
Summer always seems to just fly by!  We spent last week-end with some of my extended family.  Kind of a mini-reunion although not everyone could make it. 
I don't know if you remember when I posted pics of my niece Chloe?  Well here she is, 2 years old and still as cute as ever!  Pictured with her mom, my sister Susie.

Susie has quite the brood!  Pictured here are her other 4 kids, (yes she has 5) 
Left to right, Ben, Noelle, Kristen and Justin.
They were all at the campground and ......

so was my brother Jeff and his family.  Yes, they have 5 girls!  Jeff has 3 and Becky his wife has 2 so they have a lot of estrogen running through their household.   My brother Jeff is the spitting image of my Dad at this age and sometimes it's a little unsettling to me.  I just want to yell, "hey Dad" when I see him.
He is pictured at his Coast Guard retirement party.

Earlier this week we had a baby blue-jay in our garage.  Her Mother was quite upset and spent all morning diving at our cat Lily who thought this little bird looked like a good meal.  Well Lily got the hint and she retreated but the birdie just didn't know how to find it's way out of our garage.
Finally my hubby was able to pull out the basket she was perched on and she finally made her escape!

My hydrangeas are blooming and looking pretty good!  We've had hot weather but the last few days have been in the upper 70's and just very nice.
Our forecast is for it to heat up and be in the upper 90's by Sunday!  Yikes!.....that is hot and it will be humid too.  But then I just think of the snow and our long winters and I don't dare complain one iota. 

I am still babysitting a lot and I love it but it does wear me out!
Here Lily keeps Addison amused while I hurry up and fix her breakfast!

I've done a little re-arranging and cleaning but right now my housework is calling my name!
Darn, I wish it would stop that and the cleaning fairies would just show up and take care of things.

And one more very exciting thing!  My son and daughter-in-law are having a baby girl, (my second grandchild) and is due in just 10 more days!
I am very excited and can't wait to meet her!
We will be heading to Phoenix in August to stay a week and get to know the new grandbaby!
I guess this hot weather will be a good practice for Arizona's blazing heat!
Take Care,



Addison Lou, 9 months old!


Hi All!
We got to spend part of the 4th of July week-end with our darling granddaughter and some good friends who live in SW Wisconsin.
I call this first pic Addison tutu!  I found this lilac colored tutu on clearance at TJ Maxx.  It was marked down to $5 and just her size!
Well I grabbed it quickly because my daughter loves purple and I thought the tutu would make for a cute pic.

And this cute dress was a gift from my friend Jamie who I met through blogging!  Check out her lovely blog Mimi's Corner,  when you get a chance!  I just love this pretty dress and so does my daughter!
Getting cute pics was quite the challenge for the photographer though.  Addison has been crawling for 2 months now and she is a little speed demon.  The photographer would set her down, put her headband back on since Addison was constantly pulling it off and then she would try to get a pic before Addison started crawling right back at her.  My daughter and I helped corral her and get the headband back on her sweet little head, and then off she would go again, headband flying off of her head.
She is already starting to stand by herself and pushes a little walker around all by herself.  I think she may be walking soon!
Oh my, she is such a good baby but she is as active as they get!   

Pictured here with her Mommy, my daughter Katie Rose.

We had a great weekend with our friends and little Miss Addison!  Her Mommy went to see a Brewers game with her Dad and boyfriend but she made it back in plenty of time to take Addison to her first fireworks last night.

Hubby and I also spent time glued to the Casey Anthony trial.  I have to tell you all  that it is really starting to get to me.  We were like Nancy Grace addicts when it first came to light 3 years ago.  But now that we have Addison in our lives it seems even more hard to swallow.  I had tears in my eyes last evening as I was watching the wrap up of the closing statements again. 
Have any of you felt that way?
Life is so precious indeed and there is nothing more precious than a baby!
Take Care,