Top posts of 2013 and our wild and crazy New Years Eve..

Oh baby it's cold outside!  A windchill of minus 45 is truly downright scary. Who knew about the polar vortex and now that I do, I wish it would stay in the North Pole where it belongs.
I thought I would share a few of my most popular posts of 2013.
Hands down, the cabinet re-do won by a landslide.
I think I have had close to 10,000 views which is an amazing amount for my little blog.
You can see more of that here.

Patio decorating on a budget came in 2nd.  It is so hard to believe it can ever look like this again.  I look out at the piles of snow and the wind that is wickedly blowing, and I have a hard time picturing it.
See more of it here.

Another popular post was all about Alma, Wisconsin and our neck of the woods.
I was a little surprised about the amount of folks reading this one.  Maybe I should do more of this kind in 2014.
See it here.

A recent one, my Christmas Mantle.
I have it all taken down now, but it's sitting there looking all naked and blank while I try to find some inspiration for 2014.
See more here.

Flower arranging for beginners was also popular.  Another surprise.
You can see more of that here.

I had a bumper crop of lilacs this past year. I actually really enjoyed this post too.
Cold winters seem to have one benefit.
See more here.

My husband Dan and I had a great New Years Eve and day!

We partied with the likes of Dora, Bob and a very special little girl.

 The Mall of America is just a hop, skip and jump from us!
It seems we have come to the age of being the designated babysitters on New Years eve.
And that suits us just fine!
Because I have never seen a little girl more excited than this one about meeting up with some of her favorite characters.

OH my goodness, she just squealed with delight!

And grandma and grandpa enjoyed it just as much as she did.

We went on a lot of fun rides with her.

I feel a little big for the Blues Clues ride but she loved having me along!
And there were so many to try out.
There was also a New Years eve party for families.
A trip to Lego-land.

 More fun rides, this was her favorite.
Just look at her smile!

Dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe and then we went back to our room and crashed.
The next morning we got up ,went back and spent a few more hours there before heading home.
With one very happy 3 year old and two very tired grand-parents in tow.
Thanks for stopping by to visit me.
I love hearing from you.


  1. I love all of your posts, Cindy, but my favorites are the family ones. This is just adorable. I think it is wonderful that they do this for families. I would rather do that than go out and drink and have a hangover the next day which I will not do and do not need. LOL But that baby girl is precious in her excitement. What a gift to her and to you and Dan.

    Stay warm. We even got hold here last night, and my team lost. BOO. I went to both schools, it I was yelling for Auburn.

    Love to you, my sweet friend...



  2. Got COLD. The IPAD spells for me. Don't you love it? Not!

  3. Cindy, I loved all of your posts and your New Year's looks like such a fun time. Hope your weather warms up soon, it really is scary with such cold temps. Hugs, marty

  4. Oh those photos of your little Addison just melted me. I can only imagine how excited she was to meet them. What a fun way to ring in the new year. Hope to see you at the end of the month. It will depend on my schedule.

  5. Dawn of Creative Cain Cabin just taught me about the Polar Vortex which is just beyond imagination. I can't believe they were out in it, but they were helping people in need.

    I love your 4th of July table setting, the pretty yellow and white tablecloth under the beautiful spatter war jug full of gorgeous flowers and all the family photos.

    I am most jealous of your precious granddaughter.

  6. A good year for you. Addison is so cute. Grandchildren are the best aren't they.

  7. Enjoyed seeing the recap of posts. Looks and sounds like you all had a fun New Years.
    No way could I handle the temps up your way - it is bad enough here.
    Stay warm!

  8. Your post lets us dream of warm weather and sunshine! Although, it is not too chilly here, I still enjoy seeing your flowers and outdoor pictures. We can all be children again as we look through the eyes of our grandchildren.

    Stay cozy and warm, Cindy!

  9. Your granddaughter is adorable, what a cutie. Looks like all of you had a wonderful time.
    Happy New Year.

  10. All of those photos of flowers and your patio, etc. made me really wish even more for warmer weather. Your kitchen makeover deserved a lot of views. It is an amazing makeover, and the kitchen is just filled with charm. Apparently, Addison has no fear of anything! That looks like an exciting new year's celebration. What wonderful memories you are creating for her. laurie

  11. Cindy, what a great New Year's celebration, the best by far! I just love your posts, your photographs are just awesome! Applestone Cottage looks like such a place to live, it's perfect and such a beautiful place to call home.
    I'm back in blogland and I'm happy I dropped in to see you, your blog is wonderful.

  12. It sure is c-o-l-d in your neck of the woods. Here too but not as severe. Such fun times with your little sweetie :) Sending happy and warm New Years wishes!
    Kindly, Lorraine

  13. Your kitchen project was a great post, and 10,000 is a lot of pageviews for me too!

  14. Thanks for the heads up on this post on FB. I get around so rarely these day and I might have missed this. I just LOVE your kitchen. Was the wallpaper border already there? And the tiles under the cabinets? I know Dan worked hard and that makes it all the more special to me (and you, of course!!).

    What a great year for you. And most of the highlights in your life were spent with that sweet little precious light in your eyes girl!! I remember when you were astounded that Katie was expecting. Things have a way of changing our lives drastically and when it's this good...oh Lord!!!

    Talk soon. Hang in there with the cold. It's just one lousy season out out of 3 other good ones! :)


  15. Love the mantle! House always looks a little bare when Christmas decor comes down. Can't wait until it's exploding with color again for Easter/spring! Stevie @ ruffledfeathersandspilledmilk.com

  16. A good year! I always enjoy seeing you and Dan with Addison. I know your little grandgirls are the light of your lives! You are a blessing to Katie and Addison by caring for her; and what an influence you are in her life. I know you delight in caring for her too. Double blessings! I love your lilacs and your mantel. My mantel is still bare; need to scrounge around (shop the house) for some accents. Hope 2014 brings you joy, peace, prosperity, and good health.

  17. Cindy, I enjoyed strolling through your year in review.

    Stay warm


  18. I love all your post and enjoyed reviewing them!

  19. I think your New Year's celebration was a winner! Isn't grandparenting just the best?


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