Sunday Favorites/ Or Guess Who's Coming for Dinner!

Welcome to Sunday Favorite's with our lovely hostess Chari.  Please visit her beautiful blog, Happy to Design  for some inspiration when your finished here.   My husband Dan and I recently took a week-end jaunt to Galena, Illinois.   Please join us for a very special dinner.

We have some famous gentlemen who may join us.

Step into the sitting room while dinner is prepared!

Our host and hostess will join us shortly.

The table is set for a  very special occasion.

We will be using our monogrammed family china .

A closer view..

Our White House China was last used by President and  Laura Bush for a State Dinner.

A closer view of some of the silver. 
Maybe we can peek into the kitchen and see if the cook has a dessert ready to be served!

A little peek into some of our host's lovely bedrooms.  Maybe a little  after dinner nap?

A little farewell to our special host and hostess!   Thank-you for visiting President Grant's home with us. 


  1. What a beautiful old home. I thought you were really at someones home for dinner, ha. Then I saw the gates across the doorway and wondered what kind of dogs (or kids) they had. Duh, I finally figured it out.
    I see your comments are at the top of your post. Is that intentional? Mine moved up there on my blog when I see it but people tell me they are at the bottom where they used to be. I don't know where they are but they won't change back on my site.

  2. Cindy,

    This was very cool. I have been to Galena only once...it's about an hour from here. Never saw General Grant's home, but did find a wine tasting shop!!


  3. Lovely! What a wonderful treat for you to dine in such historical elegance! Happy Sunday!


  4. Hi Cindy,
    Thank you for taking us along!It's always exciting to have a peek into our country's history. Loved seeing the table set for dinner ... you knew I'd like the china and silver, didn't you?

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving the thoughtful comment. Hope the rest of your weekend goes well!


  5. What fun to tag along with you! Looks like a very comfortable and hospitable home. Isn't the china & silver gorgeous?

    Thanks for the view into our past! Chris

  6. Hi Cindy, We never visited the Grant's home while we were there. Instead, we shopped in all those luscious stores! Came over from Dubuque, where my husband's family is from. I hope you were able to spend some time doing that, too. Maybe next trip there we can take the tour.
    :-) Sue

  7. Cindy, what a wonderful tour. I enjoyed seeing this wonderful old house. what a fun day this had to have been .. I'm sorry I'm so late in getting back around, "major" computer problems, hopefully this one is fixed while waiting on the other one..lol... I hope you have a super Sunday my friend..
    hugs ~lynne~

  8. What a wonderful place to visit. I love all the wonderful history connected with our past presidents and other noteables. Thanks for the great tour. Hugs, Marty

  9. Thanks for the invite. It's good to travel off the Pondrosa every once in awhile even if it is just a state of mind. LOL Lovely old home, takes me back a bit. Have a fun and relaxing Labor Day. God Bless!!!

  10. Oh, thanks SO MUCH for showing these pictures!!! I LOVE all of that house.

    Once I got to tour Benjamin Harrison's home in Indy - - - very similar!

  11. I have only been to Teddy Roosevelt's house here on LI.
    It is all so interesting..
    Thanks for the tour...
    I am back in blogland..hope it lasts!

    I am low on apples...:)

  12. The house and furnishings are all so charming. Beautiful china also!...Christine

  13. Well that was cool....I loved how the table was not only set but it had food on it too....how did they make the prime rib look so real...

  14. Hello Dearheart...

    So sorry that I'm so late at getting by to see your Sunday Favorite's post...it's been a very busy holiday weekend! I was just thrilled that you joined in with Sunday Favorites this week and what a fabulous post to reshare with all of us!!! I really remember this post...you and Dan go to the most awesome places!!!

    I really enjoyed Grant's fabulous home! I spent several minutes in that beautiful sitting room...just "eyeing" all that gorgeous furniture! Ohhh...and that table...absolutely gorgeous!!! I wonder how Grant felt about the pretty pink rimmed china...hehe! I bet his wife had the most say about that!!! Ohhh...and all those beautiful pieces of silver...awesome!!! I also really enjoyed looking at all of the "period" wallpaper...I have always found that so interesting...it's definitely different than what you find today! So pretty!!!

    Thanks so much for joining in with Sunday Favorites, Darlin'...I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this post about Grant and seeing some photos of his beautiful home!!!

    Love ya,


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