Met Monday/Thrifty Monday/An Apple a Day!

I hope you are all having a lovely labor day weekend.  Tomorrow we will celebrate  by  having a cook-out with our extended family.  On the menu will be big pans of fresh apple crisp!  It's also Met. Monday and Thrifty Monday.  Please visit our lovely hostesses Susan and Rhoda by clicking on the links.   

I have been looking for  a vintage bushel basket for some time.  I was delighted to find one at a Garage Sale recently and the $1.00 price was certainly thrifty!. Then  on Saturday, Dan and I  picked a bushel basket full.  It was a lovely day, about 80 degrees and we enjoyed just hanging out at Applestone Cottage.

.  Now for the Metamorphasis!  My Mom found us this nifty little contraption.  I am sure many of you have used or know about these little apple slicers.  They are the best things since sliced bread!  If you have a lot of apples to do they make it a breeze.

My handsome assistant will demonstrate,  Just place the apple on the end, turn the handle and it peels, slices and cores! 

They break into the nicest crisp little pieces.  I filled two big roasting pans heaping full and that bushel basket still has plenty left in it.  We still have one more tree that's not quite ripe so I have a lot more peeling to do!
Have a wonderful labor day everyone!  Cindy


  1. Is that basket of apples for ME?? :)
    Do you grow different kinds,Cindy.?

    I do have one of those..but we haven't picked apples yet...
    I brought it up from the basement so I would have it ready when we do..

    Have a great day with your family.
    Mine went home today, hated to see my four little grands go!

    Labor Day is the end of the season out here, so it gets quiet...

    We have some farms so until pumpkin picking is over , weekends are busy...

  2. No Kathleen that basket of apples can't be for you, Cindy are they for me? I so love apples, as it is one of the few things I can still have being a diabetic. They took all the sweets and such away from me. I had a Granny Smith apple tree back in Oklahoma years ago, and so loved it. I haven't eaten a good apple out here in Phoenix in years. I so miss that. They have no taste, does that make sense? Yours look devine. Have a wonderful gathering with your family tomorrow. I can hardly wait to go home and visit with mine. I will be leaving the end of the month and be home for about 2 weeks. I am so excited. I usually wait until the hottest part of the year leaves before we go home. I just do not tolerate the humidity well with my asthma. Take care my friend. Stop by soon. Country hugs, Sherry

  3. My favorite time of year....I was so excited the other day when I went to my farm store for tomatoes and they already have in the Mutsu apples....my all time favorite baking apple....it's Fall!!!! almost.

  4. Hi Cindy! :)
    How I would love to have an apple tree. My brother and his family moved to New Hampshire and bought an apple farm with a little store attached to the house. They bought about 6 wood sided wagons and lots of bags and people could go out into the orchards and pick their own apples. I went for a visit a couple of years ago and it was wonderful..but COLD. It was October. They used one of those apple peelers and baked pies and sold them in their little store. I have a peeler..a gift from my daughter..but seldom use it. NO apple tree's.
    I love the basket!

  5. wow.. a basket full of apple.. my oh my.. i smell apple cider, apple pie, apple strudels.. yummmm!!!

    Happy Labor Day & have a good week!

  6. Love the color of the apple slicer! They are so much fun and really reduce the work load!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  7. Hi Cindy,
    I've used that apple peeler when we used to make pies for Michael's school Fall Festival. It sure makes peeling a lot easier, and all the slices are the same thickness. The apple crisp sounds yummy. Hope you have a fun day with family and friends! Hugs, Loretta

  8. I remember bushel baskets like that... you don't see to many of them today! I love those little apple peeler and slicer contraptions, I have a red one and it is perfect for making apple pies.

  9. I love when apples are at their peak in the fall! Looks like you'll be baking lot's of Apple Pies soon!

  10. What a pretty neat device! Makes it so much easier to work on those many fresh, delicious and good looking apples you have there....Christine

  11. Your apple peeler is just wonderful. It really saves a ton of time. The apples look fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  12. Ahhhhh, Fall is in the air. I'm grillin' pork chops today. Last time I did this I cooked the apple crisp on the grill too....It was yummy!!! Have a fun Labor day and God bless!!!

  13. I love the basket!

    I wish apples grew here, I would love to go pick them.

  14. I have one of those apple machines, love it! Mine used to live in a kindergarten classroom, and when the teacher retired she sold it at her yard sale. Lucky me! We've become addicted to tarte tatin, which is SO easy thanks to this gadget and frozen puff pastry.

  15. Great basket and pics! I too have one of those apple peelers that a friend gave to me for my birthday a year ago. She made us an apple pie and told me how to make it and how easy it was with this peeler. I was so excited to try to make my first ever apple pie ... thanks for the pictorial ... now I just need the apples!

  16. I have one of these!!! It makes it all sooooo much easier!!!! YUM!

  17. OHHH that basket of apples looks so good! How lucky you can just go pick them. I love Apple Crisp.

  18. I wonder what you will make with all of those beautiful apples! I love apple season in Wisconsin :)


  19. All I can say is I love fresh apples and those look so good!! I knew that object peeled, but didn't know it did that nice slicing!

  20. Love that basket full of apples. We had one of those wonderful gadgets when I was growing up. You've got me wondering what happened to that. I wish I could come sample some of the wonderful treats you will make from those gorgeous apples. laurie

  21. Hello Dearheart...

    Mmmm...apple crisp! Sounds sooo yummy, Girlfriend!!! And I bet that using your very own home-grown apples made it even better!!! Loved the photo of your old wood bushel basket full of apples...so sweet! They look so pretty!!! Do you end up doing any canning or freezing since you have so many? Girl, I've only seen those apple peelers in pictures...never seen one in real life but I think that whoever came up with that contraption is genius!!! I love how it produces an apple with the slices in a "twirly twist"...hehe!

    Well Darlin'...I hope that you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Ours was good...very busy! Enjoyed the family reunion on Sunday! I'm so sorry that I'm just now getting by to see your Sunday Favorites post...I left you a note there. Just wanted to tell you since you had left me a note about publishing the wrong link on Mr. Linky...I never could figure out how to delete that for you! So sorry! I'm going to have to figure that one out! Hehe! But it was fine...no worries!!! Just so happy to have you join in this week! Well Darlin'...what do you have planned for the rest of this week? I'm going to try to get my Autumn decorating done...I'm so slow! Shoot, I may be just getting it finished in time to take it all down and start Christmas decor!!! Hehe!!! I'll talk with you later, Sweetie!!!

    Love ya,
    PS...Girlfriend, you'll never believe who posted a comment on my latest post! Angelo Surmelis from HGTV's Rate My Space show! Girl, I just about had a heart attack...I was thrilled to pieces!!! Hehe!!!

  22. Hi Cindy! I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day! I grew up near Asheville and looked forward to apple picking time. My grandmother lived across the street and had a huge old tree. She made applebutter each year...yum! My daughter has one of those apple peeling contraptions and they work great! They make an apple pie a work of art...each slice perfect!
    To answer your questions, a vaisselier is a plate rack, sometimes with a hutch attached. And I don't have to pose Baby Kitty...he is a regular HAM! lol As soon as he sees the camera, he runs to get in the picture! None of the others do. That's why he's my co-host!
    Have a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  23. Hi Cindy,
    Your post really puts me in the Fall spirit even though its still hot here. I just may start my decorating for fall.

  24. Mmm, that sounds so good! I wish it was feeling like fall here... I'm sweating up a storm in the 100 degree heat!

  25. Cindy, Hi! What a perfect time to come back to blogland. I love fall so much. It's my favorite time of the year. I can't wait to go apple picking. I do.. have one of those wonderful apple peelers. Apple pie, apple cobbler, etc.. yummy!!! Hugs, Terrie

  26. Oh how I wish we were starting to have "Fall" around here. I guess we are because it barely made it over 90 this weekend....brrrrr! Love the apple post and the next one about the porcupine was great. I don't think we have those around here....i didn't know about the booty shooting skill!


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