I'm a Lucky Dog !!!!!

I'm a Lucky Dog Woman!  My lovely friend Karen recently had a give-away to celebrate her 100th post!  I couldn't believe it when she e-mailed and let me know I had won!  I was super excited and couldn't wait for my goodies to arrive, but first a little bit about Karen.

She has a lovely and fun blog called Some Days are Diamonds !  I love her sense of humor and her great outlook on life!  She is so much fun and I always look forward to hearing from her and reading her posts!  She also loves snow!!  Which is a bit of a problem when you live in Southern  California but I am always happy to provide her with pictures of mine. Heehe.  Karen would love to  live  in the Rockies of Colorado surrounded by fluffy layers of the white stuff!  Knowing my friend, she will have a home or cabin there someday and I will find a way to visit! 

She is also having a blog party on October 15th called Doors of Welcome.  Actually, it's a series and there will be 3 of them. Please follow the links to find out more and how to sign up~  I can't wait to see all the beautifully decorated doors!  Don't worry, Karen won't care if your door is fancy. Mine sure isn't. Just be as creative as you can and decorate some doors or entryways!  Now back to my lucky win! 

After a long day with middle school students, I came home and found this!! These cute little doggie cards had been given to Karen from our friend and fellow blogger CC.  Such a sweet little card and..........

Look at all this Loot!!  It felt like Christmas!  My hubby kind of shakes his head like why do these women send each other gifts!  He always is so supportive though and thought it was the nicest gesture!

Now look at all the pretties!  Two darling pumpkin dish towels, a pumpkin pot holder, the wonderful bronze pumpkin shaped votive holder and the fabulous Autumn Pitcher/Vase! 

Even Lily wanted to know what all the commotion was about!!

I promptly filled my lovely vase with some Autumn decor and it became my new centerpiece! 

I love it with my new placemats that look like rag rugs. 

I feel a tablescape calling my name!  heehe.  Thank-you so much Karen, I love it all !  Please stop by and say hi to my lovely friend Karen and check out her upcoming Blog Parties!  Have a Wonderful Week-End every one and I so appreciate your sweet comments about my parents 50th Anniversary.  I am working my way around to everyone's blog to say hi!   Cindy


  1. Oh Cindy!
    Such eye candy beautimous. I love it. I love the pitcher with the Fall bouquet in it. Just looks so wonderful on the table, and ofcourse the placemats just accent it beautifully. What a wonderful package. Your friend knows you doesn't she?

    Thanks for sharing. Congrats again on the win. How fun is that? Love it. Country hugs sweetie, counting down days until you come. I will be leaving on this Wednesday and won't be back until the 26th of October. Love, Sherry

  2. Cindy, what wonderful gifts and how lovely!!

  3. Congratulations Cindy. Looks like ya hit the jackpot there. It's amazing how excited we can get over our prizes, huh? Enjoy your loot and have a fab weekend. God Bless

  4. You are a lucky...person! What a sweet give away Karen had! Every thing looks so pretty at your house! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Good Golly Miss Molly...for someone who never wins a thing girl your on a row...I just love all your fallness that you got...I'm sure ging to check out Karen's blog also as I love meeting new bloggers...Congrats on winning my dear friend...May you have a great weekend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. Hey Cindy - it all looks great! I loved the pitcher. And you can always use dish towels and pot holders. The little punkin guy was just too cute to pass up.
    I'm so glad you won!!!! (sorry - I probably shouldn't say that.)
    But my next giveaway in January I will be sure to REMEMBER. What a doofus to miss my own 100th post. Oh well! We made do, didn't we?
    Happy Autumn! Tell hubby I really am not out of my mind - as much as he thinks so.
    BTW Justin keeps waiting for me to buy him an airline ticket! HA! But he says you need an ocean closer!! LOL
    Have a great weekend!
    Big hugs! Karen
    ps _ I won a giveaway today! Manuella from The Pleasures of Homemaking gave away a Susan Branch Autumn Book! I need to go post! WHOO HOO!!!!!

  7. Wow, conratulations on winning! Great giveaway to! Happy Fall!


  8. ohhh you are so lucky! what great gifts.

  9. Congratulations on winning the giveaway :-) Your flower arrangement in the pitcher looks great -- perfect for autumn :-)

    I'm so happy you enjoyed looking at my pictures of Nova Scotia :-) I have lots more, including pictures I took in Halifax. I might have to write another NS post one day soon :-)


  10. Such a nice friend...you are blessed! I loved the doggy print, did she do that? Just beautiful! (Your cat Lilly is so sweet too) Enjoy all your new Fall gifts, I'm sure they'll bring you a happy heart! (come say hi :D)

  11. what a beautiful Fall post! I love it. The little pitcher vase is so sweet! You've made a lovely centerpiece!
    What a beautiful Kitty in the screen door! I miss mine so much sometimes.
    What wonderful Fall treasures! How nice of your friends to make you such gifts! :)
    Well, of course your husband doesn't understand...maybe they aren't supposed to.. :)

  12. Congratulations on the winning !! I am very Happy !!Unseen Rajasthan

  13. Oh Cindy, I would love to get together with you and the other Phx bloggers when you're here in October. Let me know for sure!
    And they have great airfare deals out there. I flew roundtrip Phx to Minn. on Frontier with an hour layover in Denver... $180.00 total including tax & fees! I usually go Northwest nonstop... but I saved a lot by going Frontier. And I was very pleased.

  14. Hi Cindy
    You have one of my good friends CC's card. We were on the phone when she saw your post.
    Congratulations on winning.
    Happy PS
    Love Claudie

  15. Congratulations, Cindy. What a wonderful package of gifts. The doggie cards are so cute! Enjoy your new gifts and thank for sharing the fall inspiration. ~ Sarah

  16. You sure are a lucky woman, Cindy! Those are lovely items, just in time for fall. Your fall flower arrangement is very pretty!...Christine

  17. You lucky girl. :) The picture of your table with the outdoors in the window looks like a beautiful still life painting.

  18. Hello Dearheart...

    Just wanted to stop by to say hello and see how you're doing, Girlfriend! Hope that you're having a fabulous weekend! It's pretty quiet here...Russ is out working in the shop and I've been playing with dishes...hopefully to get a tablescape done for Thursday!

    Girl, you are a "lucky dog"! I mean lucky girl! hehe! What a cute card...love it! Karen is such a sweet gal...I follow her blog too! What sweet gifts...I bet it did feel like Christmas! My favorite...that beautiful autumn pitcher!!! Ohhh...and I love your arrangement!!! Yep, I think I see a tablescape coming too! Pleaseeeee!!! Hehe! Love your new "rag" placemats...those are beautiful and so autumny! Just perfect for Applestone cottage decor!!!

    Well Darlin'...just thinking about you and wanted to come by!
    Love ya,

  19. Cindy, you lucky girl. Your fall gifts are beautiful. Your arrangement with the flowers, vase and placemats certainly calls for a tablescape! Karen is a doll, isn't she.

  20. Cindy, what a wonderful batch of goodies! I just adore your cottage!


  21. Congratulations Cindy. What great prizes you won, and how beautifully you put them to use. laurie


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