Homemade Cloche's!!

It's finally here!  Our wonderful Marty's Autumn  Cloche Party!  But first, a disclaimer.  Marty may want to kick me out of the cloche party.  You see my cloche's are imposters!  Yap, not a real one in the bunch.  Now here's the beef.  I really wanted to be part of the party but there were no cloche's in sight.  So I turned to the lovely Gloria's blog, http://happytobe.blogspot.com/  to read up on do it your self cloches!  If you haven't been there, check it out!  Not only does she have a lovely blog, but she has a great tutorial on do-it-yourself cloches.  Thanks Gloria, I hope I don't embarrass you. 
My first little cloche is also a tribute to my recent guest.  If you don't know about him read the post directly below.  I used a cheesekeeper from GW, a decoupauge plate, an ice cream dish, and my cute little porcupine.  Photographing cloches are a real art and one I haven't figured out.  It's even more of a challenge when your using a fake! LOL.

Same cheesekeeper, only I added a little halloween pumpkin and a vintage looking halloween thingy ma jiggy.  Hmmm, this cloche business is tough.

Next I headed to the bedroom for a little blue and white.  Here I've added a little blue plate, a wreath and a little set of minature dishes.  I set it on our dresser next to a wedding pic of your's truly.  Getting better, but still how do you photograph these fake cloches with all their cheesy shapes!

Next, I decided to use a vase.  I found one in the basement that was large enough to use and then I borrowed a topper from a little bathroom jar.  I glued the topper to the vase and added a silver platter that I found at GW for $1.99.  In went some autumn decor, a ceramic pear and some fallish ribbon.   I actually kind of like this one and think she's a keeper.  Now go visit Marty for some real cloches and hopefully she will let me join in.  Thanks Marty for hostessing this!    Cindy


  1. Hi Cindy, discovered you through Marty's. I loved your cloches! I thought they were all very creative and lovely. Hugs Traci

  2. Hi Cindy! Oh, I love your sweet cloches!
    Be a sweetie,

    Shelia ;)

  3. I like the one with the porcupine the best. All are lovely though.

  4. Cindy, I love your fake cloches....I know you saw my "wanna be" cloche. Great minds think alike : ) Linda (p.s. Love the wedding picture!)

  5. I think they are all REAL lovely! Very creative...Love the porcupine...wherever did you find him...good for Groundhog day too!

    Lovely cloches!

  6. Oh I love your cloches. I think the ones you made are just perfect. Your decorations inside are too cute too. The little minature dishes are so petty and the jar is such a fantastic idea. I think you take lst place for being creative and your vignettes are fabulous. I love them all. Thanks so much for joining the party. I really appreciate it. Hugs, Marty

  7. Your arrangements are so pretty. I love what you have done for the cloche party! The hedgehog is so cute!

  8. Love the miniature tea set cloche...so cute!

  9. Very good girl...I love the one with the vase...aren't they fun to make and so much less in $$$...Cindy I looked for a year before I found my first cloche's everyone on RMS had them and I wanted one so bad...right like I need another thing to dust in this house ha ha!!
    I hope all is well on your side of the mountain my dear friend...May you have a wonderful weekend..we have Second Sunday swap meet to go to...If I'm up to it ha ha!! love ya sis...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  10. How clever. I love the blue dish and how you made it. Just beautiful.


  11. They certainly don't look like imposters.
    They are all just lovely!

  12. All of your arrangements are very pretty. I especially like the one with all the blue!

  13. Wow, you did a fantastic job!

    Love your acorn ribbon.

  14. Okay Cindy!
    For someone who has no cloche's you sure have some cloches. You did a beautiful job, and I so love the porcupine. I saw that little post. I still can't believe they climb trees. I would have never believed it if you hadn't gotten the pics to prove it. He looks so cute pearing out at everyone. He won't be doing any more climbing will he? Love the blue plate cloche. You did a beautiful job. Please stop by and see what I did for my cloche. It turned out pretty good. Country hugs my friend, Sherry

  15. Hey, to not have any cloches I think you came up with some pretty examples! Your halloween one is so cute and festive! and is that a porcupine, or hedgehog or what? It sure is a cutie!!

  16. GIRL! Oh the porcupine takes the cake. You didn't even need to do any more. He is AWESOME!!! I was cracking up . . .
    But since you went to so much trouble, I must admit, you did good! Love the fall decorations. And LOVE the wedding picture - tried to enlarge it, but couldn't see it clearly! HA!
    Isn't it funny what catches our eye Porcupines and "yours truly". LOVE IT!
    Very fun.
    Hugs. Karen

  17. Cake stands, inverted vases, all of these items are ingenious substitutions for the traditional cloche, you did a superb job! Nobody could possibly "kick you out" of this party!

    Now, I might get kicked out... neglected to read the fine print... a few Christmas cloches slipped in... oops.

  18. How very clever are you? These are great! I myself am...ashamed to say...clocheless. Yours certainly made up for that! I love the little porcupine, too cute. Have fun and party on!!!

  19. How very clever are you? These are great! I myself am...ashamed to say...clocheless. Yours certainly made up for that! I love the little porcupine, too cute. Have fun and party on!!!

  20. They are all beautiful, Cindy!! Clever and creative!

  21. You are a poster cloche girl! I love the created cloches! I love your "guest" under glass--it's a good place for him :)

  22. Oh, they're all wonderful, but I especially love that last one! The ingenuity involved in creating one...I'm impressed! Are the cloche parties every week? I would love to participate, but I always forget!

  23. Hiya Cindy !!!!
    I love your cute post - yes, I walk that line sometimes too (being kicked out and all , LOL)!
    Great transformations....love that little porcupine - (pssst. I think he wants out)
    I want to thank you for visiting me during my surger/recovery - you are super sweet !
    Hugs ~ Kammy


  24. Hi Cindy, every one is so pretty and so very, very creative!!

    Barb :-)

  25. Hi Cindy! What beautiful display of cloches!

  26. Good job! I don't have a cloche either and thought I was the only one. ;-)

    I like the look of your blog, the background and all. I have been frustrated by pretty and cute backgrounds that seriously limit print and photo space. I was debating about using this background, maybe a different color just yesterday. Seeing yours really makes me want to change!

  27. Hi Cindy,
    What wonderful cloches you made!!! I love the one with the porcupine! Just adorable! The one with the little tea set is precious, and my favorite is the autumn one! I've got to try making one too! What kind of glue did you use to make yours? Hugs, Loretta

  28. Cindy!!

    You did a SMASH UP job!! You are the one who has the right idea!! How creative. I think mine were no~~ brainers!! Everything is so original and I love all the cute things inside. Yeah, glass is hard to photograph. I heard if you stand back and use your zoom, it works. Never use a flash.

    Love that hedgehog (didn't know they climbed either, then again I never knew there were flying squirrels!!). And I love your wedding picture!your dress was gorgeous!!

    Great job, my friend!! Funny post too!!


  29. Oh, they're so cute! You did an excellent job. I only have one actual cloche and had to improvise. I think that's what's so much fun!

  30. Cindy,
    I love the one with the little blue tea set, and the last one, made with the vase was just to clever. You don't give yourself enough credit girl. Now I'm in the mood to make a cloches, watch out world.

  31. Cindy,
    I loved the blue tea set and the last one made with a vase was just to cute, now I'm in the mood to make cloches, so watch out world.
    You didn't give yourself enough credit girl.
    Great job.

  32. Thanks for visiting me! I'm so glad I visited your site ... love the last cloche best ... the one you made from a vase ... but I really love that big critter! He's beautiful ... but I had an old Beagle dog ... once ... who learned the hard way to leave them alone! Nice to meet you.

  33. Cindy, first of all your header is so pretty. Second, I cannot believe you captured that porcupine; stuffed him; and put him under a cloche! That miniature tea set is so sweet, and I clicked on the picture so I could get a better look at the beautiful bride and groom next to the cloche. If you had not told me that the last one was a vase, I would never have known it. You did a fabulous job with it, and the pretties inside with that gorgeous Fall ribbon just make it stunning. laurie

  34. Hi Cindy
    You are so creative!I love your little hedgehog. Those eyes peering through the glass make me smile. I'm heading down to read the story about the "real" one.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  35. I love the one with the blue plate, and set in the middle.

    Great post.
    barbara jean

  36. Cindy,
    You are too funny!!! I think cheese domes count as cloches. I have sent out a decree across the land declaring it so. Didn't you get the memo? lol. The vase is pretty fab too.

  37. I don't own any cloche's either, just cheese keepers I have picked up at Goodwill. I especially love the blue themed cloche vinette, very quaint and pretty.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your comments, I appreciate it so much.

  38. Mornin' Girlfriend...

    OMG!!! How did I miss your cloches? I thought I had visited everyone that participated in the cloche party! I'm ashamed, Girl! Please forgive me for being so late to visit!!!

    Oooh...you did great, my friend!!! I love your little porcupine cloche and vignette! It's just too cute!!! I love that you used a cheese dome! I have seen a few of those at the GW...and have never thought about using it this way! Next time I see one, I'm going to get it!!! I love it!!! Love the pretty autumn card too! Girl, aren't you the clever crafter!!! Using a vase and glueing a glass lid to it....I really think that's a grand idea! I love your autumn cloche decor...so pretty! That's the prettiest autumn ribbon...I love acorns! Where did you find it? Okay...saving your fabulous blue cloche for last...because it's my favorite!!! It's gorgeous, my friend! I love the pretty blue and white miniature tea set! And I just love how you decorated the cloche itself...that pretty blue gingham ribbom and ohhhh...those pretty blue berries and bluebird...they were the "icing on the cake" for me! I love the look of the blue berry garland...gorgeous!!!

    I do apologize again...don't know where I was? I'm sure glad that I scrolled down from your fall mantle post and seen this!

    Love ya Sweetie!

  39. K, this is what I'm looking for! Lovely!


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