Critter Alert! And Why I'm in love with Red! Outdoor Wednesday/Rednesday!

If you have visited my blog before you probably have noticed that we have a lot of critters around here.  Early this morning, I took a drive to some nearby marshes.  I was hoping to get photos of some lovely autumn color and was super excited when I came upon these Sandhill Cranes.

There were a pair of these fellows, or maybe a guy and gal out enjoying the early morning sun.  Aren't they majestic!  The early morning sun, was just starting to peek through the fog. 

Now I love this pic!  He was flapping his wings as if to say, "don't get too close to us" .   See his beautiful patch of red!   Today is   also Outdoor Wednesday with out hostess Susan and my first ever Rednesday with our hostess Sue.  Please click on these links to visit their lovely blogs!
I thought I would share some of the reasons I'm in love with Red!

My bushel basket filled with Red Mums!

My cute little red watering can lights next to the stone of our cottage.

The old bench I recently painted red !

The little piece of wrought iron  we placed on the peak of our cottage.  My husband Dan added the red paint to make it look like little apples!  Isn't he clever!

The trees that are starting to turn a brilliant shade of red!  It's in the 80's here today and about 10 degrees warmer than normal.  I am soaking it all up and loving this gorgeous weather.

And now you know why I'm in love with Red!! Are you a red lover too?   Cindy


  1. Yes! I am a red lover too. I just sat down to work on my Rednedsday post but the first thing I saw on my dashboard was your post so I got sidetracked!

    Those are fabulous photos of the cranes. You sure live in a beautiful place!

    Your little red bench would fit right in with my new red tables. I better get on to posting them.

  2. I love red! Always have. I believe I have red in every single room in my house.
    Great pics Cindy.
    Hey, what are the dates that you are visiting your son in October? I sure would love it if we could get together even if for an hour or so.
    Let me know if that would work... no pressure though.

  3. The cranes are so majestic! Beautiful photos! Our trees in central NY haven't begun changing yet, but I love this season with all it's splendor! Went to the orchard today and bought some Cortlands. I had a sample and they were so crisp and good...10 pounds came home with me, along with fresh apple cider.

  4. Wow! When I saw all the trees that are turning already, I had to go back to see where you were from - you are in the cold country. :-) Great pictures - thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow! Those cranes are amazing!!! I love all your red too! You definitely have lots of critter visitors!!! :D Jewel

  6. Love your reds. Those birds are gorgeous!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. I love cranes to. Those are great photos. I love your outdoor decorations and yep--Your hubby did good!

  8. Love how you have used red--especially this time of year to bring in the gorgeous fall colors as the leaves change. The cranes are amazing--great photo images!

    Have a lovely week~
    Debbykay @ Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

  9. Watering can lights! How cute is that?! And I love your little red bench, and the beautiful red trees. And how lucky you are to live where there is so much wildlife to see!
    Happy Rednesday!

  10. Cindy, this is an amazing post. The photos of the Sandhill cranes with red tuff of feathers were delightful. The foggy morning made them even more amazing. Yes, I'm a fan of red. Lots of it around my house! ~ Sarah

  11. I have never seen birds like that!
    We have no color on our trees yet, still very summery..good for the beach!
    Great reds, Cindy! Red as an APPLE!

  12. Oh Girl! They are GORGEOUS! We'll have an occasional crane fly in and out again, but nothing with that coloring. Although we do have peacocks - they re LOUD and MESSY!!!! UGH!
    Oh the trees are just to die for. Geez, Fall must just be gorgeous around your house! Oh I am so JEALOUS. it's going to be over 100 for the next 5 days here! Sound fun? NOT!
    You have to write me right away when you see the first snowflake! Promise!
    Hugs. Karen

  13. I do love red. It looks like you had a fun morning taking pictures. They are lovely!!!

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  14. Wow! Our trees haven't started to turn yet.
    I can hardly wait!!!
    The cranes in the foggy marsh are beautiful!

  15. Im amazed that you have that kind of color already... hmmm we always seem to do things behind everyone else.

    Great shots!

    If you get a chance please stop by and say hi!

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

  16. Hi Cindy, I truly enjoyed your wonderful post. Love the trees and the colors of the leaves. I haven't seen autumn yet. I might be in the US sometime this November but It will be winter already.
    Great outdoor post. Have a lovely day.

  17. Wow!!! Those Sandhill cranes are much beefier than any variety of cranes we have here in the Ozarks. I love those little watering can lights...just adoriable. Your 'reds' are lovely and the pics are fantastic, as usual. Cindy, have a beautifully blessed day!!!

  18. Love your crane shots--fabulous. Thank you for sharing. I like your red theme too. Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  19. Your touches of red are just exquisite! The cranes are just beautiful as is the fall tree. I so miss good fall color. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Hi Cindy --Oh I love those sandhill crane pictures -- aren't they simply stunning birds? Our last house was right on a river, and an enormous Great Blue Heron lived two houses upriver under a small dock -- and he would go "stalking" along the opposite riverbank just before dusk; I'd sit out in the backyard and watch this amazing creature stalk along the river's edge. Then he would take off flying and with a HUGE swoosh of his wings he'd pass our house, and go home. These big aquatic birds are fascinating!
    Love your red, too. :-)

  21. This post is beautiful... love all the red. Your wild critters are amazing... a true gift from God.

  22. Cindy, your photos are just amazing. Those of the crane look like they were taken by a naturalist. This was a wonderful post. I love your reds and hope you are having a wonderful day.

  23. you have to love red...great photos...

  24. Those cranes are majestic and beautiful! What I would give to get to photograph those creatures. I love your element on the garage. Gives it character. And red, I can't ever resist red!

  25. Those cranes are amazing! It must be wonderful being able see wildlife up close right on your property!

    I love your fall decorations, and I can't believe the foliage is already that colorful there!


  26. Hi Cindy,
    Love your reds! Your photos are spectacular and I love the wrought iron you added to your eve. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful REDnesday.


  27. red is a color that's grown on me :) Love those cranes!! nice photos

  28. Hi Cindy
    How did I know you were going to be all decked out for Rednesday. Welcome...it's a lot of fun.
    We also have 2 cranes on our river that float by a couple times a day.
    Have a great one
    Love Claudie

  29. OMG Cindy Neighbor!! You live in a wildlife kingdom!! Do you thing these cranes are related to mine?? They may have flown from the port at Ludington!! LOL!!

    I adore your little red bench and the bushel basket of mums. Did you plant them directly in or are they individual plants?? Love it. And love the apple swag. Tell hubs he is thoughtful and maybe a closet blogger!!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Cindy!!

    Oh, left a comment on your Blue Monday!!


  30. I LOVE sand hill cranes, and your pictures of these are GREAT!!

    Oh wow - - - your leaves are WAY ahead of ours in turning to autumn colors.

  31. Cindy, what gorgeous photos! I love the red mums. I miss hearing from you! Come by sometime!

  32. The cranes are beautiful, and I love all your red!

  33. Oh, such beautiful creatures! I love all kinds of critters (except the deer and woodchucks that dare enter my flower beds!). The bench looks great in red. I hope my Fall trees look that pretty when they turn!

  34. Cindy, You really captured the birds in a beautiful moment! Also, I do love red, too! Such a bright, energetic and cheerful color! Linda

  35. Cindy, I've been to this post, and I left a comment, but apparently it didn't post?? I just had trouble posting a comment on today's post too. Grrrr! Your photographs in this post are beautiful, and I cannot believe how pretty everything in your area is starting to look! Those bird pictures are incredible. laurie

  36. I don't think I have ever visited your blog before. Love the name!! Great pictures of the cranes for REDnesday! All of your pictures are awesome. I am late visiting the REDnesday folks. Hope you had a great one! Oh and your tablescape in the next post is awesome. Noticed the spinning wheel in the background. Do you use it at all?

  37. Hello Girlfriend...

    Ohh yes...you know that I love all of that fabulous red! Hehe! I sure enjoyed seeing all of your beautiful reds...ohhh, and those sandhill cranes are so beautiful! When I lived in south Texas...they have a special sanctuary area set apart for them...they come there every year and stay for the winter! They were becoming extinct but I think that they are growing in numbers now!

    Girl, I just love your big ol' bushel of red mums...absolutely gorgeous and so autumny!!! Ohhh, and those darling little red watering can lights...I have never seen those before and just love them! Wherever did you find those? I love all of the red that you have displayed outside at your place...your pretty red bench...and the fabulous wrought iron piece that you added under the eaves! Yes...I do believe that Dan had a great eye...to add that touch of red!!! Sooo very pretty, my friend!!! Thanks for sharing your reds with us and I really enjoyed all of your photos...especially loving those pretty autumn red trees!!!

    Love ya,

  38. Hello Cindy ~I've just strolled into your blog...I've enjoyed taking a peek around...what beauty!
    The Sandhill cranes are amazing. They're so graceful...as if they're performers in a ballet. I can't imagine what it'd be like to have them close enough to phtograph.

    The one thing that can cheer me up as I watch summer come to a close is... the anticipation of fall and all the autumnal colors that come with it. You're off to a great start with your autumn flowers.

    I've bookmarked you in my favs.
    I look forward to coming by your charming blog again.
    Come by for a visit. Your company would be nice.

    Sweet wishes,


I would love to hear from you. Come back and visit anytime. Warmest Wishes, Cindy