A Wee Bit of the Irish! .

Top of the evening to you ladies and gents!
It's party time at Cuisine Kathleen's!
So pull out your best Irish garb and head on over for a chance at the pot of gold!

For there will be bag pipers ready to entertain us!

And pretty green lamps to light our way!

Charming green cottages to visit and admire....

And if we are lucky,a visit to the Blarney Castle so that we may.... 

Kiss the Blarney Stone!!!

There are the Cliffs of Moher to climb and they are more beautiful than we can imagine!

And we may do a little shopping for the cutest of baby shoes!

And finally, you must be hungry!  With a wee little budget for new things, $5 to be exact.  And not much green in my home I created a wee Irish table.

We need a sunny day to lift our wee little spirits!

And a wee bit of ribbon and some wee Irish hats!
 Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

Please join our hostess Kathleen for some awesome Irish tables and tales!.


  1. Aren't those the cutest wee shoes??
    I love your table and how you did it so thriftily!
    Thanks so much for joining in, Cindy!
    Bagpipes are very hard to learn! And listening to someone practice is torture!

  2. Thanks for the tour. That is a pretty little cottage. What a pretty table setting! I have one of those bird tea light holders. :-)

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  4. fun post...I've been to an Irish Festival and to and St. Patricks Day parade...so I'm in the Irish state of mind...

  5. Cindy, what a great tablescape! Those little Irish hats on the napkin rings are sooo cute. That giant green stein is the perfect centerpiece. I think I want to go to Ireland, and I want to stay in that cottage you posted-so charming. laurie

  6. Your "wee irish table", as you call it, is very pretty! A few green touches is all it takes to be festive! I like the way your wove the ribbon in the plate.

  7. I love your green table, Cindy. Is that is your green lamp, it is gorgeous.

  8. Hello Cindy!
    How fabulous your table creation is. Love it!! Great post!

  9. Your centerpiece is adorable.

  10. Hi Cindy...your table looks adorable...we are cheating and eating our corned beef on rye when we get up in the morning....daughter said.."But Mom it's not St. Patricks Day until Wednesday".....I've waited all year for this sandwich and can wait no longer....and I get to smell it cooking all night .....Happy St. Pat's Day to you!!

  11. Cindy, what a great post! Love all your "green" photos and your table setting is so pretty. Love the antique lamp and I could live in that cottage!! Have wonderful week!

  12. That was a fun tour before sitting down to dinner at your thrift-ily decorated table! I kissed the Blarney stone on the way and did some shopping too but am most impressed with what a wonderfully themed table you came up with on such a tight budget! Love the little top hats and the centerpiece!


  13. I just love your table, but what really touched my heart was the little booties.


  14. Those are the cutest little baby shoes ever. Just adorable, as is this entire post. So cheerful.


  15. Beautiful, Cindy!!

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

  16. I enjoyed seeing all of your Irish pictures, Cindy. Your tablescape looks scrumptious- love the shamrock ribbon woven through the cake plate and the little Leprechaun hats on the napkins.
    xo Sue

  17. Cindy,
    Love your Irish themed tablescape, it's so pretty.
    Have you kissed the Blarney stone yet?

  18. What a lovely post! I love the wee baby shoes and your table is gorgeous! I enjoyed all the pictures.

    Happy St. Paddy's Day!


  19. I am sooo ashamed! I should have at least tried!
    This is just a delightful post. BWAAAA..I should have TRIED~!
    This just a delightful Irish post! :) Canna I pretend it's mine and brag?? :) Gorgeous!
    If I had some shamrocks I would sprinkle them all over this blog like fairy dust and have the wee people give you GOLD!!

  20. Hi Cindy! I love all of eh Irish touches! And your tablescape is so festive! Happy St Paddy's Day!...hugs...Debbie

  21. Lovely collection of Irish-ness.

    Happy St Patrick's Day from N Ireland :)

  22. Everything is just beautiful! Happy Saint Patrick's Day ♥

  23. I blew a bagpipe one time and it took all the air I had down to the tips of my wee little toes!

    I am a sucker for baby shoes anyway and those almost (note the almost) make me beg the kids for another wee one to sniff and squeeze.

    Your table is great and so thrifty too!

    God bless and have a fun time.....party on sister!

  24. How sweet! I love that cottage...I want to curl up there with a book! St. Pat's isn't my holiday...I didn't have much green either:)

  25. So cute! I love the bagpipe player! Then your little touches on the table where adorable...the ribbon on the cake plate, so cute! Happy St. Pats day!

  26. Happy St. Patrick's Day Cindy! What a beautiful post of wonderful scenes and gorgeous tablesetting but I just LOVE those wee little shoes :)

  27. Your photos are just spectacular, Cindy! I would love to be able to see that cottage in person. Your GREEN tablescape is darling. you & I both love to thread those ribbons, huh? LOL
    Very nicely done!

    Erin Go Braugh!

  28. That tablescape is wonderful! I don't have much green either. You did a great job and for $5.00!!

  29. Oh Cindy I love the wee little shoes...how cute are those girl...Now your table is so irish looking...you outdid yourself once again girl...May the luck of the Irish be with you my friend...thanks for coming by and seeing my little old plane...many years ago Cindy...But what fun I did have with it...and with Wally also ha ha!! Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  30. Now I love your wee bit of Irish and your wee touches of green -- and how wonderful that it was easy on the pocketbook too! Now those little shoes are too sweet for a little Irish lass!

  31. Great wee post ;) and you did a great job on your wee table! I love the white table and chairs too.

  32. Cindy, You have done a wonderful job celebrating Saint Patrick's Day. I really loved your tablescape, it is so refreshing. Your centerpiece is beautiful, and the lamp I would so love to have. The booties are adorable. Great Job! Thanks for sharing.

  33. Hi Girlfriend...

    Ohhh my...I am falling behind! I can't believe that I am just now getting over to see your fabulous St. Patrick's Day post! So sorry, Darlin'! I have been enjoying this nice weather and playing hookie! Hehe!

    Cindy, those are the most gorgeous photos! Ohhh...how I would love to visit Ireland and kiss the Blarney Stone! Aren't those cliffs with all that beautiful green moss just fabulous? Ahhh!!!

    Well my dear friend, you have gone and done it again! This is a gorgeous St Pat's Day table...and you say that you don't have much green! It looks really beautiful in your home!!! My goodness, for just $5...you pulled a beautiful table out! I love those dishes...you know, I have been scoping them out! Hehe! I have the placemats and napkins that go with that set...but no dishes! Hehe! Now if we lived closer together...we could "pool" all of our goodies! Anyway, love your place settings with all those little extras! Girlfriend, I love, love, LOVE that floral bouquet...it's so pretty and just perfect for your green table! Love all of your St. Pat's Day decorations! I spy a few right in the bouquet...too cute! You know that I just adore your pretty pedestal cake plate! It's so fun to be able to change out the ribbons, isn't it! Well dear lass...I love your table! You did GOOD!!!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day, Sweetie!
    Love ya,

  34. How did I miss this post? How "almost" appropriate that I pick it up AFTER St. Patrick's Day. :( Kinda describes my day so far . . . LOL.
    I'm combining both days into one comment . . . didn't mean to but it just happened! LOL.
    Loved the naughty kitty, and especially the deer. The pictures of Ireland . . . if there is a country other than one, it'd be Ireland for me to visit. Green and beautiful with legends abounding. Sigh. I'm hoping one day I get to visit there.
    Loved your table scape . . . those cake plates are so versatile, with the ribbon running through you make it special no matter what the occasion.
    You've just been a busy bee haven't you?
    Well, I gotta work today too - have a good one!

  35. I love your designs on the pin cushions, so unique, love that sort of thing, I am not very crafty, but sure appreciate those who are, bless and thanks for sharing your talents with us.
    really enjoyed visiting you blog.
    Hugs and Prayers, Barbara


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