Oh, look at that beautiful cardinal!  I wish I could take pics like that! 
Recently, I hung out a bird feeder that is designed to draw in cardinals as well as other birds.  It was about 6 weeks ago and I wondered if the birds would ever come.  Well, they finally did and yesterday I saw my first cardinal eating from the feeder.  But here's my dilemma.......

While hubby was taking his morning shower, the local radio announcer said we should remove our feeders for now.  You see, the bears are waking up and they are rather hungry!  Now, I can't take this too lightly!
I saw 3 of these fellows last year.   I was super excited about the first two.  One time he was in our yard (very early morning) and I saw him through our large living room window.

The next time I saw one, I was driving here.  It was summer, quite a different view than this.  It was just starting to get dark and he walked out in front of my car.  OOOH, I was so excited!  You feel brave when you have a window or car between you and the bear! 

But the last time I saw one was while I was outside in our yard.  He was about this size and I let out a scream like no tomorrow!  He looked at me, I looked at him and we both screamed!!  Well ok, maybe just me.  But he did take off in the other direction, which was a good thing.

But, back to my dilemma!  Here is a pic I took the other morning.  It's through our window, so not the best but I am so excited to see all the birds that are showing up!

 And Lily is enjoying the view as well!

And, yesterday morning, I took a pic of him.

And this cute little couple!

And this fellow......

But if I leave my bird feeder out, I may be seeing this fellow!

So friends, that is my dilemma.  Do I leave my bird feeder up and enjoy all of the beautiful birds that are coming my way?   However, I also may be getting a big black furry visitor as well.  
So what do you all think?   Let me know your thoughts on this.  And later I will let you know what I decide.
Have a Great Week-end everyone!!


  1. Hi Cindy! Oh, how scary about those bears! I would be afraid to go outside. But then, look at those beautiful birds. What a delima! Maybe you could just throw the bird seed on the ground for them. I don't know! I love seeing the morning doves. We have those and they coo coo every morning. I was just listening to one. Now I hope you have a shotgun just in case a black fuzzy gets too close! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. My aunt and uncle live in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, and they have to take down their birdfeeder every night and put it back up in the morning, otherwise the beers have pulled the feeder off the tree and carried it away!

  3. My sister has a place in Langlade County and they've removed all bird feeders because of the black bears getting so close to the house. I would hate to see Applestone Cottage on the news with a bear inside the house. Okay...maybe I'm over reacting a little. My sister has also looked out the window in the winter and seen wolves. And I have the nerve to complain about too many squirrels.

    These are all great photos.


  4. I haven't this problem here but ,i would love to see one ...from inside a house!they look huge, i know why you scream when you see one i would do the same!!!

  5. Good Morning Cindy,
    What a difficult decision, maybe just scattering some seed around would be an alternative to having the feeders hanging at least for a little while.
    But you have shared some beautiful pictures, we have black bear too here on the farm, but have been blessed so far to have them not come near the house.(knock on wood) lol I wish I could have been more helpful to you.

  6. I say take the feeder down for now...and after they say it's safe.,put it back up...the birds will return...and you sure don't want the bears tearing things up...or scaring the life out of you...

  7. Being the chicken I am...I think I would be safe and take the feeders down for now. I wouldn't want to tangle with something that BIG, knowing it could break down a door in a split second.

  8. Well, as much as I love watching the birds at our feeder...I wouldn't love seeing a bear in my back yard. I guess if they were telling me to take down the feeders, I would. I wouldn't want a bear to have Lily for a morning snack if I were you!

  9. Hard decision, but certainly would not want bears around. Great photos.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. Mornin' Girlfriend...

    Just read your sweet note and came right over! Girlfriend, this is an easy one for me! I would be taking those bird feeders down...lickety-split! Hehe! While I enjoy seeing the bears...I don't think I would like to meet one face-to-face! Hehe! Hmmm...and you have seen these creatures many times around your place so you can be sure that they will be back! I bet they really are a frightful sight when just coming out of hibernation...so hungry...hmmm, get my drift? Darlin', you can always put your feeders back out later! Do be careful, sweet friend!!! It is such a shame though...you really got some great photos of your winged visitors! I enjoyed them!!! Hehe...ohhh yes..I would love to take a photo of a cardinal! But we just don't have any cardinals around here. But I would settle for a great shot of a Blue Jay! Hehe!

    So sorry to hear that you've been feeling "worn out" lately! What's that about, Darlin'? Have you been putting more hours in at work? I hope that your family visit goes well today...saying a prayer for you, Sweetie! I'm sure you never quite know what you're walking into...even though you have the files before you! Well sweet friend, have a fabulous weekend!!! I'll talk with you later...

    Love ya,

    PS...please do be careful with those big ol' bears!!! Eeeks!!!

  11. I wood not invite bears into my yard...and Lilly had better get into the house too! Scary that they would come right into the yard like that! Come say hi :D

  12. Well, you know me! I'd leave the feeders out - and see what happens. What are you feeding the birds that a bear would want? Must be a suet or something? Cause I can't see that big ol' guy getting too excited about some seeds! LOL.
    (Is that the guy that chased you up on the roof with that cute little ladder you have out in the yard?) hehehe.
    All the bears I see are much smaller . . . I think they are just little black bears. Haven't heard one in a while . . . I don't know if they hibernate in California or not! It's not cold enough around here.
    CUTE POST! Let us know what you decide to do!
    :) Karen

  13. Cindy I to have bears here on my mountain but girl I still feed all the birds each day...I have more birds than bears ha ha!! Hope you have a GREAT weekend my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  14. Birds ... yes! But feeders way, way up! Hopefully those pesky bears won't be able to get to them.

  15. Cindy, if they are saying to take the feeders down it is for a reason. While I hate to think of you not enjoying and helping those sweet birds, I think that you need to encourage the bears to forage elsewhere. They are nothing to trifle with as we have them in Florida, too. We have the same problem with gators, but people actually feed them. Then they eat their pets!

    They will come if you invite them, but I didn't realize they would come to eat the birdseed??? But I guess they eat what they can find. Is it early this year for them to be coming out? This weather has been nuts!

    I would opt not to feed the birds till AFTER Yogi, BooBoo, and Smokey decide that your yard is not a good place to forage.


    Sheila :-)

  16. GGGRRRRRRRRRR!! Do you need to ask? Cindy if there is a chance that you can draw Bears? Forget it girlfriend, those feeders would already be down. Let those furry critters feed at someone else's house. There will be plenty of time for feeders throughout the Summer.

    Play it SAFE sweetie... Love ya girl. Country hugs and so much love, Sherry

  17. Oh, please...take down the feeders!

    I have a girlfriend that lives in Minocqua...and she is often troubled by bears. She's had damage to her home, from the bears - a broken window and claw marks in her cedar siding, just to name a bit. She almost lost her dog, when a bear took out after her, but LINDA banged on some pots she had in the yard and the bear decided NOT to chase Mindy, but decided to run away.

    LINDA never has anything in her yard that could attract bears - they just come.

    I know there are probably fewer bears where you are than where Linda lives...but why take the chance? It's NOT worth it.

    Heed the warning of the radio announcer and take down any bird feeders you have hanging...and don't throw bird seed on the ground, for it will also attract the birds. When they announce that you are "safe" to put them back out, do it then and enjoy the birds.


  18. If the bears aren't comin' to the feeders in the daytime I'd put the feeders out in the daytime and take them down at night. I've only encountered one bear in daylight here and it had be the the liquid feed tank(molasses base) and I went on mowin' and the bear went on its way.

    If they are raiding your bird feeders in daylight I'd take them down. The bears here have never bothered my bird feeders....Yet. We have other feeders out for cattle that they hit.

    Good luck and have a marvelous weekend!!!

  19. Take them down, now! Don't even finish reading my comment. Go, hurry!

  20. I agree, play it safe!! I really enjoy your blog!!

  21. How scary to see the bears. I would take the feeders down for now. I thing bears will keep coming back if they know that there is a constant feeding area.


  22. I am all for feeding the birds, but the bears!? Not so much. Altho everything needs to eat, I would do what ever is recommended for your area. Char

  23. What a fun adventure to be able to feed the birds and the bears! I'm sure if one attacked that would be a different story but considering they are probably rather scared of you I would leave them out :). Well, that's a lie. I have small children so I'd take them down. But if I didn't....

  24. Cindy, PLEASE take down your bird feeders and anything else that might attract the bears. Please do remember also, that if one takes a notion to come into your home..he will come into your home. My daughter in law who lives in Colorado had it happen to her. The bear just came right through her patio door...she ran into the bedroom and pushed the dresser in front of the door and called the police..who came immediately.
    Many other stories about bear here in California..
    I have had two encounters with bears and one was close up and personal. I had NO idea how dangerous they were. I only knew he was busy eating our food from the ice chest..which by the way they have NO problem getting into.
    Every year you hear of people being killed by bears...so please do be careful.
    NO, don't believe they are more scared of you than you are of them. Bears differ..from bear to bear, just like humans they have different personalities. BE CAREFUL. Even if you are in a car..be careful!
    Hugs and love,

  25. Ditch the feeders! Wow....scary. Laura

  26. HI!!!
    OH my BEARS!!!!!! BEARS!!!!!!!
    YOU are one Brave lady to SCREAM!!! I would have panicked!!!!!
    OH gosh how scary, now I am going to be worried sick for you every time you go out, be sure and LOOK---LOOK everywhere!!!!!
    Is that snow still on the ground!!!!
    Flagstaff still has LOTS OF SNOW!!!!!
    WHEN will spring arrive!!!! Next week--Jamie!!!!
    Be Patient, but it is cool here!!!!Really cool!!!!!
    unseasonable cool!!!!

  27. Oh Cindy, we have the same problem here in PA. I have taken down the feeders for now. I did throw some bird feed out on the ground for the birds though, Plus, it is getting nice now, so they will be able to find more food for now too. I guess it also would depend on how close your feeders are to your house, mine are pretty close. I have thought about putting one further away, but then you can't see them?

    Our bears get pretty close to the house (tooo darn close for me :) I want to be able to go out in my garden as soon as it get nice and not be afraid of seeing the bear.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  28. What a decision. You know how much I love my birds. But I seriously doubt I'm ever going to have a bear (which I have never seen except in a zoo) march into my front gate across the street from the bank. I guess you should play it safe. Google and find out what others have to say. Someone undoubtedly will have an answer, for birding is so popular. Good luck, and maybe you should carry something to protect yourself outside.

  29. Oh gosh Cindy, that is a dilemma, but you know that a bear could tear its way through a vulnerable window or door IF it was starving. So, as much as you love the birds and their visits, MAYBE for just a while take the feeders down and don't have ANYTHING nearby to attract them. They're just trying to earn their living, but our two lives clash.

    Good luck,
    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  30. I would probably put the bird feeders out and then take it down if you see a bear. I would be very careful!

  31. Well, I must say that IS quite a dilemma! I don't think I would entice the bears with any food! That is freaky scarey! I love to feed my birds and I think I have a problem...racoons and squirrels...now, after seeing what you deal with, I take the racoons and squirrels.

    Deborah in NC
    Miss Bee's Haven

  32. No feeders is my vote. Those bears scare me.
    I have enough trouble with deer!

  33. Cindy, I'd go with the flow and take down the feeders. Those bears are waking up and are ravenous. Put the feeders back out later in the season when they are gone and have found their regular food source. When my son was a deputy sheriff in a rural CA area, they went on bear calls all the time. Those animals CAN be dangerous. Why take a chance? Take care, my friend. hugs, Sue

  34. Hi Cindy, so good to see you! Years ago I had lived in West Virginia for a couple of years and we had problems with bears and various other wildlife at times. Just be cautious, I would take the feeders down at least in the evenings so they don't attract the bears. i also would make sure that you have no food near your home. Keep your garage cans closed and away from your house as much as you can. In the evening be aware of your surroundings just in case a bear is near. Also please don't forget that soon the bears are going to be having the most darling of cubs, but BEWARE of the bears at this time, they will do anything to defend their young. As gorgeous of creatures as the bear are, they can be very dangerous also!
    I do love your birds and other wildlife! It's so wonderful to be able to watch everything from your home! I'm sure that your Lily is having the time of her life!
    I hope that you have a beautiful day and lovely new week!

  35. Hi Cindy, I say you should give the birds a gift card to MacDonald's. I just would not want to risk tangling with a bear - Yikes! They'll be okay. Seriously, we had to ditch the bird feeder that we enjoyed on our deck because our deck became dirty with birdy poopy. There are some things that I just can't put up with - and those are two of them! Oh, love your previous tea party post with all the blue and white - a feast for the eyes! Linda


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