Sunday Favorites/ A chair, a wreath, a deal!

Today I'm going for the gusto!! I mean the triple post! Please visit these lovely ladies blogs for so much creativity your head will spin! Susan, Sally, Rhoda
These lovely plates were found while on vacation recently in North Carolina. They were in a backroom of 2nds and close-outs! They fit my kitchen/dining area with the colors and style and the best thing they were mega reduced! Each plate was only $2.00 and the rack was $2.00 for a grand total of $6.00 !

The blackberry plate has very blue- berries and I love the little green polka dots!

I have been looking for a wreath project! I found this one in a magazine and on some other talented bloggers sites and thought I would give it a go! All supplies were bought at the dollar tree for a grand total of $5.00! You wrap the ribbon around the wreath and add a little glue to keep it in place.

All dollar tree supplies!

Get out the handy glue gun and go to town! Place the shells in various directions and layer to give more dimension!

TA-Da! I added blue ribbon for a little more interest and it will hang in my blue bathroom!!

I have been looking for a wooden office chair and of course I wanted it cheap! This one fit the bill and with a little bit of work....by my talented hubby.  The chair only cost $10.00 !

A coat of primer!

Two coats of Cottage White paint by Behr,  new casters and paint. Grand total of $20.00!

Now here's the Pottery Barn version.  There's is $299.00 before shipping, taxes and cushions!

And here's my $20.00 chair with an inexpensive cushion from IKEA for $10 and a pillow I already owned!

Another view, thanks for coming by.  Cindy

I am joining my lovely friend Chari, for Sunday Favorites!  Please check out her gorgeous blog by following the link below!  Happy Sunday!  Cindy


  1. Oh Cindy, their all great but I'm lusting over that little seashell creation. How sweet is that? I'm smitten!!!!

    Have a terrific weekend filled with sweet blessings from above!

  2. I really like the wreath...very pretty. Great job on the office chair! What a deal on the little plates, can't wait for summer so I can have fresh berries.

  3. Wow! You have been busy. Love the wreath and the chair redo, and at great prices. I have a lot of projects to do - just need to get to them.

  4. That wreath is sensational and I really needed a dose of summertime with the cold wind blowing here! But your chair is a beauty! They can stuff those Pottery Barn chairs in their ear! Your chair is much more attractive! You are talented lady!

  5. Like your chair better than the Pottary Barn one,a lot more. Nice job! You caught a great deal on the plates and hanger. Enjoy.

  6. Love the chair! You did a wonderful job giving it new life. They made them better, sturdier, in days gone by.
    And the wreath is too cool! Great idea!

  7. What a fab deal on those plates. They are gorgeous as well. Great job on the sea shell wreath. It's very pretty. Your chair looks exactly like Pottery Barns. Awesome job.

  8. Fabulous job on that chair!

    Love the blackberry plate. Just last night I made a blackberry cobbler from last summers pickins. There's nothing better than fresh Oregon blackberries, even after being frozen for a few months.

  9. Hi Cindy. I love your fruit plates. Wow what a great find the chair was. You made it look so pretty. Much sturdier that what you would buy today. I love the redo.

  10. Hello there sweet lady,

    What a fabulous post for this week's 'Sunday Favorites'! My oh my, where to begin!..,
    I adore those dear little fruit plates! Those darling wreaths and the blue ribbon are so sweet and your chair re-do project is such an inpiration; I love what you've done!

    Thanks so much for sharing such inspirational pretties and projects!

    Cheers and hugs form Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  11. Hi sweet friend...

    Girlfriend, I remember this fabulous post! Ohh...how I love, love, LOVE those sweet raspberry and blackberry dishes!!! They are sooo pretty hanging on your wall! And...this is my very favorite wreaths of all the beautiful wreaths that you have created...I just adore it! You did a fabulous job of crafting this, Cindy! Where do you have it hanging? Just curious, Hehe! I also loved that grand transformation of your chair...Girl, Pottery Barn has nothin' on you!!! I think that I told you, when you posted this, that I have a chair identical. It's still down in the basement...I need to do something with it! I just love these old, solid oak chairs...you can't hardly wear them out! If I remember correctly, I paid just a couple of dollars for it at a yard sale...couldn't pass a deal up like that! wink!

    Well Darlin', I am so sorry about missing your last few posts! It's just been crazy busy here at my place. I loved seeing your "Favorite Things" post...you have the most beautiful yard ever!!! See, I told everyone in my Favorite Things post that you lived in the middle of a forest! Hehe! It's gorgeous...what a blessing!!!

    We are heading out the door in about an hour to go into our local Jr. College's Car Show. Russell put his 70' camaro in. We have done nothing but running...running! I decided to try and "squeeze" a bit of blogging time in...while I could...to check out everyone's SF posts! I'm just elated that you joined in this week, Cindy!!! This was a great post to reshare with everyone!!! Thank you!!!

    Have a fabulous Sunday, sweet friend!!!
    Love ya,

  12. Cindy, What a wonderful post! I love the plates that you have there and the wreath is super cute. The chair is tdf. I adore it, I have a small one that has no arms that I have at my desk, I sit on it every day. It is so comfortable. I could kick myself though, I saw one sitting on a curb for free, that was just like yours. I could have painted it so pretty and sold it! Next time, maybe I will be brave and pick something up. I'm not good at dumpster diving and curb pick-ups. Hugs, Cindy S

  13. Wow, great stuff Cindy! Love that wreath ~ may have to give that one a try myself! Hope you have a great Sunday!

  14. Cindy, I have missed you SO much! I wish you had been here for the blogging event because we truly did have a fun time. I'm whipped, but it's a good tired. Now, I have to garner strength to put the pedal to the metal with house maintenance. How is it that a house where everything was close to perfect now needs work??? LOL! It's always the same, isn't it. But it will get done. I'm on it!

    Okay, now... I love your cute plates, and you did an awesome job on your cute wreath. You know I love blue and shells and especially together. So cute!

    And that chair!!! SUPER deal on that! Aren't you just thrilled??? I know you must be. I'm proud of you, girl! :-)

    Thanks for your sweet prayers. I feel them coming my way, and I know the Lord will have the right buyers for the house. I've never doubted that one bit. I'm actually feeling good about things.

    Sending you hugs across the miles, and I'll see you when I get back!


    Sheila :-)

  15. Hi Cindy..first off..what a great wreath...love that...and the chair is wonderful too..

    and thanks for taking the time to stop by Farmhouse and leave the kind words. i think i remember you said you had toy poodles too....

    i know i have to have another one...although losing my Buddy just about did me in...

    looking forward to sharing Teddy with you...


  16. The plates are great!
    I love the wreath, I always say I am going to make one with shells from our beach..now I have to after I see how nice yours came out.
    I have my arse on a wood chair like that. I found it years ago at Caldor..do you remember that store? It was unfinished and dh stained it to match my desk. Many good years out of it for all of 8.00...It was in the clearance section!
    Enjoy yours, rock and roll!

  17. Great repost, Cindy! The plates are beautiful and the chair is such a good deal and the remake is wonderful....Christine

  18. Hi Cindy....I love the shell wreath and can't believe you bought all the supplies at the Dollar Tree....I have to go over tomorrow and see if our store carries the shells...it;s fabulous...and the chair looks jst as good as the PB version...great job!!

  19. Hey! Love the plates. Love the wreath! Love the chair! OMG! SCORE!
    :) Hugs! Karen


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