Homemade Pin Cushions, Robin's and Naughty Kitty.

I've been on a roll the past few days.  I got it in my head that I wanted to try making some of the pin cushions that are popping up all over bloggy land.  So, after a quick trip to GW to find some suitably cheap containers I went to work.  I've finished 3 of them so far.  The one above is using a tea-cup I already owned.  All the fabric, trim and ribbons were left overs from previous projects. 

This little teacup was a mere .49 cents. 

I paid a whole 1.50 for this little pitcher

So there you have it.  I will giving them as little gifts and plan on making one soon for a little give-away.
Total cost for all 3 was about $4.50. Their not hard to make, they just take a little time. 

We've had beautiful weather this week with highs in the mid-sixties and sunshine!  The snow has melted and I saw my first robins!

And Lily, my naughty kitty, saw her first robins as well!   I guess she is just doing what comes naturally!

And every morning the deer are making their trek down from our woods.  I think they are so hungry and just looking for whatever they can find.  The weather guy just came on and reported we could expect highs in the low 40's and possibly a little snow this week-end.  WAAAA!  Not want I want to hear. 
 I am joining Leigh for Thrifty Thursday.  Go by and say hi and check out all the thrifty ideas!  Thank's Leigh!
And thanks everyone for stopping by!


  1. Not what you wanted to hear...today was mid 40's and we too have snow predicted for the weekend. Golly days, it's spring and I live in Southern Missouri. I'm about to rename the great Show-Me-State...Misery!!!!

    The little teacup/pitcher pincushions are just too sweet. Your pins are prettier than mine. Heeeheehe!

    Yep, my Mambo tends to be naughty every now and then. I'll find feathers 'round the yard.

    That's quite the herd of deer! What did you do about the bear and your bird feeders???

    Have a wonderful day, sweetie!!!

  2. Oh I love your pin cushions. They really aren't hard to make are they. How pretty with the lace on them. You did such a great job. I love seeing the deer, but too bad you're going to have some more bad weather. Take care and stay warm. Hugs, Marty

  3. Cindy,
    I love those pin cushions! That is a clever idea, and so sweet! They would make a perfect gift. Thanks for sharing your pics and thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. Today has been one of those days for me and comments like yours make life much more bearable! Hope you are able to dodge the snow (ew, that's a four letter word!)this weekend.

  4. Hello sweet girl...

    I just read your sweet note and came right over! Shoot, I didn't realize that I had missed your St. Patrick's Day post! I left you a long ol' note there! Hehe!

    Cindy, I have been seeing these fabulous little teacup pin cushions around Blogland too...they are sooo pretty! I'm so glad that you decided to try your hand at it...they all turned out just gorgeous!!! Hmmm...I don't know which one I like best...but I'm leaning toward that pretty pink and green one! I love that cup! And..aren't you the clever one! I wouldn't have thought about using a creamer/pitcher but it's perfect! Guess you could use a sugar bowl as well! Hmmm...you have my wheels turning, Girl! Hehe! What did you use for the cushion part? They're just sooo pretty with all the ribbons and trim! You did GOOD, Girlfriend! Thank you for showing us your pretties! I'm going to have to get busy! Hehe!

    Oh yes, our weather is supposed to be doing the same thing! It's been just beautiful...in the 60's! I actually have my windows and doors open! Hehe! But then we are getting a cold front in Friday with snow! Yep...looks like were in the same ol' boat! I'm beginning to wonder if we're ever going to be able to get out of it...and stay out! I want to go and pick some flowers! Hehe! Loved your beautiful photos! I hate to say it but since there have been more birds around, my siamese kitty has been hunting too! What can you do? Like you said, it's just natural for them! YUK! It was funny seeing a few apples on those bare branches! Too bad the deer can't reach them!

    Well Darlin', sure looks like you've been having lots of fun crafting! Sounds like fun!!! Have a great evening, Sweetie!

    Love ya,

  5. Hi Cindy, Your pin cushions are just adorable...I just love them! I hope that you have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!

  6. Adorable cushions! They look so fancy that I want to sew :) It's like wearing nice clothes. Makes you feel better. Sewing with a nice pin cushion makes sewing fun.

  7. You did a great job on the pin cushions. I want to try my hand at it soon also...one of these days!

  8. Love the pictures- so cool that there are deer where you live! My area is too suburbanized to have any :(

  9. Those pin cushions are very cute. You sure are crafty and creative, Cindy. The deer and bird are so cute and your cat is ready and alert, lol. I showed a few of what I unpacked when I got home on my post today. You were asking what packages I got and it is too much to mention, lol. I went on an on line shopping spree when I was in Florida...Christine

  10. Love those little pin cushions - so sweet!

  11. The pin cushions are so very cute! We are ti get snow this weekend too but we have had 3 nice warm days, so I won't complain. Love the deer there with their fluffy tails! :D

  12. Cindy! those pincushions are adorable. What do you put in them? Polyfill? They are sweet. Hmm... I recently broke a beautiful Limoges double handled soup bowl -- small one -- and I think I can glue it together. It would make a nice pincushion. You are creating a monster! it will be pin cushions-a-popping in blogland!

  13. What an awesome job you did on these girl...I love them...how cute and I loved seeing the deers haven't seen one in an hour ha ha!! Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  14. Cindy,
    Lovely pincushions. I am a "pink and white" person, but I simply love the blue cup/pincushion. They are all lovely, but the blue one just spoke to me. You are so talented and the price is just amazing for such lovely gifts made with time and your heart. Blessings,

  15. Hey Cindy,

    I finally found you on here...and I'm very impressed! If you are not doing anything this Sunday please join us at Mom and Dad's cabin for Sam's 8th birthday. We are having a small group, but would love to see you. I'll be checking back to see more of your projects. You have got me thinking about decorating the new house when we move in. Take Care!


  16. Thanks Jamie~
    I am glad you found me. If you scroll down on the side bar, there are labels that link to previous posts. Thanks for the invite too!

  17. Those are too cute!!

    Come back to see me.

  18. Oh Cindy, those are just so pretty! Of course I love the one in the blue and white cup, but all of them are really pretty. You are so smart! You have coordinated the fabrics and the containers beautifully! Can you tell I like your pin cushions? laurie

  19. Great job on the pin cushions - pretty. Enjoyed seeing pictures of your wild life - including kitty. :) Lots of robins here. I think some of them stayed around all Winter, as I saw a couple of them when we had our last snow. Our temps are suppose to drop over the weekend with storms on Sat. :(

  20. Cindy-Your pin cushions are beautiful! I especially love the blue and white one! They will be perfect to keep on hand when you need a quick gift! My husband would go crazy with your view! He is a hunter and it would be like being a kid in a candy shop---whose mother said "LOOK BUT DON'T TOUCH :) Love the pictures!

  21. These are just too flippin' cute! What fun little happies to give away. I know the recipients will be thrilled.:)

  22. These tea cup pin cushions are very pretty, and I am sure the recipients will adore them.
    Your kitty looks so intent on stalking the robin. I saw a video clip once about a cat stalking a deer!

  23. Oh I just love your blue and white cup pin cushion. So pretty. Looks like the deers would get your apples left on the trees.

  24. Hi Cindy,
    Cute pin cushions and I love the two part picture with birdie and kitty. Very cute.

  25. Cindy, the pin cushions are soooo sweet. I just love them. Think I will try my hand at this too. Another project....don't you love it?!

    Barb ♥

  26. I love your pin cushions, you creative one. Will you make me one if I learn to sew? ;-) Still trying to find time for those lessons!! I really like them a lot and there are all sorts of teacups at my Goodwill.

    The deer are so cool. Do they eat your apples? Will they eat your cat? lol!

    I am looking for the right size box for your plates. So far everything is too narrow or too high. A pizza box?? You may just get that, girlfriend. Maybe Dan would prefer a Chicago Style Pizza instead of the Blue Willow! ;-)

    Happy Thursday, Cindy!


  27. Hi Cindy,
    They're all charming. I love that you used thrifted items to make something with so much appeal (and they're functional!). I'm sure your giveaway will attract LOTS of entries!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Warmest regards,

  28. Cindy
    Your Pin Cushions are ADORABLE! I've been so busy in my kitchen I haven't made the rounds in blogville lately. I've just caught up on some of your projects! Great work. Thanks for visiting today.

  29. Love the pin cushions! I can picture that on a lady's dresser. Great pictures of the deer.

  30. I love your sweet pin cushions!

  31. Those are darling..good way to use chipped cups or mugs!
    I won't comment on the deer...why don't they eat the green weeds instead of my shrubs?? :(

  32. Hi Sweetie...
    I so adore these precious little pincushions that you made with such love. I really love the blue one. Blue is one of my favorite colors, even though I love cherries. You know me I love color.

    You did an awesome job, and look at you shopping away. I love to look for teacups and saucers when I go to GW. It is one of my favorites. When are you coming back for a visit next? We will have to plan to leave much earlier this next time so we can enjoy the stores for shopping.

    We will miss you at the tea next Saturday. We are checking out a new place in Mesa. I will post pictures.

    Have a beautiful Sunday sweetie. Country hugs and much love...Sherry

  33. Those little pincushions turned out wonderful, they'll make great gifts. I love that photo of your kitty on the hunt too. I love feeding the birds, but sometimes I wonder if I'm setting them up for my kitty too.

  34. Hi Cindy !
    I love your pin cushions and the outdoor pictures are great !

  35. Cindy your pin cushions came out so adorable!! It is so fun to to a bit of crafting here and there- I have so little time for it but sure do enjoy the time when I do!!

    Yesterday the sun came out and most of the snow is gone- more expected Tuesday! Yikes!

  36. Your pin cushions are adorable! I've been thinking about doing some myself... you may have inspired me to actually do it :)


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