An Outdoor and Indoor Spring Metamorphosis!

Oh Happy Days!!  It hit a whopping 65 degrees here today!  And for the first time, in almost two weeks we saw the sun!  The snow, which gradually had been melting nearly all disappeared!   I spent the day enjoying the weather and adding a few touches of spring to my home! 

I took a picture of a cardinal yesterday.   The one side of our yard slopes, and we get all the runoff from the woods.  See all of the snow still around him.

Here is that same area today! Go snow, Go!

And over here.  Just a wee bit of snow left around the edge of the woods.

And with the snow melting and the sun shining I decided to add a little Easter and Spring to my window ledge.

A homemade Easter Tree.  I spray painted the container white, grabbed some old branches, added some eggs and ribbon and for hardly any moola, I have an Easter Tree.

Here, I used some ribbon and flowers to make a springy arrangement in the little watering can.

I added this ceramic bunny that I won last year from Gloria @ Happy to Be and topped it off with the tag that Karen from Some Days are Diamonds so lovingly made!  Thanks Ladies!!

I love that these window's have such wide ledges!  They are great for vignettes and I love to change them to match the seasons!   On this one, I used a little tray, added my apple tea-pot, a little white cup and saucer, .70 cents at TJ Maxx and the spoon that Sherry made for all of us at our recent luncheon. 

I recently found an old book of songs for a mere $2.  They seem to be all the rage right now and this book has lot's of neat old songs in it.  My Mom has always loved this one.  She has many relatives in Kentucky and one of her dreams is to go to the Kentucky Derby.  I found the frame in a free box at a garage sale and I added some lace, buttons and tea dyed the little flowers!  I have  plans for more crafts with some of the other pages.  My Mom liked it and now she is dreaming of the Kentucky Derby!

Well that's it for my little bit of Spring-i-fying!
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Thank-you Ladies! 


  1. Oh, it does look like spring there! We got more snow today! Love all your cute things..darling Easter tree! Have a good week and come say hi :D

  2. OH NO! It all melted! I'm sad. But I know you are lovin' it! And so is your Cardinal from the looks of him.
    Very cute stuff and how fun you got to use all your bloggy friends things in the vignette! Now you'll think of us even when you aren't on the computer! (are you sure you want that?) :)
    Off to finish up my 24 "meet and greet" swaps for Savannah. They'll be IN THE MAIL tomorrow! WHOO HOOOOO!
    HUGS! Me.

  3. We had a glorious day today also. I spray painted!! 65 degrees is practically bikini weather where I live...if one is inclined to wear a bikini, of course :)

  4. love the flowers and the wonderful spring look with the bumble bee, I have to know though, what did you decide about the bears and the birds....maybe the change in weather will help that situation...phyllis

  5. I like everything here but your music sheet picture is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow! The snow just disappeared! It looks wonderful, and I can just picture the tulips coming up soon! What a cute window display.

  7. Isn't this time of year wonderful? :)

    I really love that framed music sheet idea!

  8. Hey Cindy !
    Love all that Easterness..but, please let that bunny out of that cage, LOL !

  9. 65!!! WoW! You did better than us. :0 I think we made it up to 51 or 52 - dreary, gray day. Really like your little touches of Spring.
    I have a vintage book of songs that I bought some time ago - I really need to do something with it.
    Have a great week.

  10. Look at all your Easterness ! I think that bunny wants out of that cage !

  11. I put out my Spring/Easter decorations this weekend!! I love your egg tree and the flower arrangement. I just really love them all!

  12. Hi Cindy! I Showed your comment to John and he was smiling, lol. I am glad your snow is melting. I love your homemade easter tree with the striped eggs, very pretty! Nice for you to have that ledge. We love anything we can put stuff on, don't we? Your easter vignette is adorable!...Christine

  13. HI Cindy!!!
    Oh that snow will be gone by next week!!!
    OH happy day!!!
    The yard will be green as ever by Easter I bet!!!!
    Love your goodies and that song book is quite the fund, we were land owners in Kentucky for about 14 months, a few years back, but got a Great offer to sell it, we did not even have it up for sale so we took the offer!!!
    SO we no longer have an Old Kentucky home/land!!!

  14. Good evening my Dear Cindy...girl you done added so much Springness to your window seat I love it and Cindy I didn't send you that bunny wished I had...It was the bunny dish next to it ha ha!! Too funny girl and I thought I was the only one with Old Timers blogging ha ha!! Girl I love that sweet watering can you made and how funny I just watched Undercover Boss and it was about the Derby...I was there once about 30 years ago and the lawns are truly beautiful there along with all the brick homes...I would of been happy to just move there...I hope all is well in your world my friend..Love seeing your place without the snow...we also had a GREAT weather day today 52 almost sandal and sundress weather ha ha!! Love ya sis...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  15. Hi Cindy! Oh it is so good to be back in the loop with all my favorite bloggy friends! Your first picture made me feel wonderful. Such beautiful color! Our snow is just about gone too. Your Easter decor is so pretty. I loooooove what you did with the old song book page! Hugs

  16. Beautiful Spring metamorphosis, Cindy.

    When we drove across the bridge at Jefferson City, on our way home from the lake yesterday, the Missouri River was really up. Haven't seen the Mississippi, yet, but I imagine it is up too. I told J, the snow must be melting up north.:-)

  17. Isn't it grand when you can see bare ground again? You Mama will treasure your Kentucky creation, it's just stunning. I love your little Easter tree but oh darlin' that little caged up bunny is to die for. Just sweet, Cindy. I always want to pack a bag and trot right over when I visit here.

    God bless and have a Marvelous Monday!!!

  18. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog - I invite you to become a follower! We have had 3 straight days of rain in New England and snow has been long gone - eagerly awaiting the predicted 58' for tomorrow! Afterall, Spring is just about here....

  19. 65! WOW, we haven't had anything like that.. Enjoy it..
    Love your Spring decos..it is coming, but not yet!

  20. Hi there! Just found your blog and I love it!

    Your easter tree is great and FREE is my favorite kind of project!

    Stop by some time!

  21. HI Cindy! Oh, I love your pretty Springness and your window sill is fabulous. What a great place to put your pretties! I'm glad to hear your snow is finally leaving. Does that mean your naughty little dear will leave too? :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. Thanks for stopping by. The flowers in the center photo were mine, but the rest of the flowers are pictures I took around the neighborhood. All taken last Spring.

  23. Hi sweet friend...

    Ohhh...what beautiful weather ya'll are having! I hope that it keeps that warming trend going for you, Darlin'! I know that you like all that warm weather! Girlfriend, it's supposed to get to 60 here this week, in fact everyday it will be in the 50's and close to 60...until Friday and then they are saying more snow! Grrrr!!!

    Cindy, I love, love, LOVE your wide window sills!!! You are absolutely right about them being perfect for pretty vignettes! I love what you've done, my friend! Ohhh...and that egg tree is soooo pretty! You are so clever and creative!!! I also really like your beautiful Spring floral arrangement that you did up in the watering can! I love the red Gerbera daisies and those adorable little bees that you added! They're sooo cute! Girl, it really is in the details!!! That pretty bunny looks just perfect under your wire cloche and I love the Spring tag that Karen made for you! It's all soooo pretty, my friend!!! And...I love your pretty tea tray too! I love that apple teapot! Ohhh...and that beautiful red and white toile napkin...gorgeous!!! Girlfriend, is your red and white polka dot plate one that you made by decoupaging the fabric to the glass? It's sooo pretty! I still want to try some of those...love that idea!!!

    Well Sweetie, you have plans for this week? I need to clean house, especially after the weekend! Hehe! I still have last night's dishes in the sink...yuk! I hope to take advantage of the warmer temps...I would love to be able to open the windows and let the fresh air blow through the house. I should get busy with some Spring cleaning but don't know if I will! Hehe! Anyway, have a fabulous day, sweet girl! Thank you so much for your sweet note on my Spring Green! You always make my day, dear friend!!!

    Love ya,

  24. Oh doesn't it just make you feel so much better when the weather warms a little and the sun shines. Your spring decor is so pretty. And that old dirty white snow is finally melting away. It is a big sigh of relief.

  25. I love your Spring-i-fying. I know what you mean about go, snow, go. We still have remaining snow around the woods too.
    Thanks for visiting and your sweet comments.

    Have a wonderful week


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