Katie Rose's Baby Shower!

Hi Friends!   I am so very pooped but the shower was so much fun and I think my daughter was quite pleased.
My sister Susie and a friend of Katie's  helped with the hostessing duties. 
Dearest daughter insisted we set up in the garage since she felt their wouldn't be enough room in our house.
Well yesterday was another hot and muggy one.  So we started in the garage and after a few shower games we all moved inside.  Just too Hot and even pregnant daughter agreed. 

So we started out here.  Dan and I had set up 3 big tables and we had seating for about 30.

I found these pink and green tin flower pots at Jo Anne Fabrics.  They were clearances for 70% off and only cost about $3.50 each.  I bought a bouquet of roses and divided it between the 3 tables to use as centerpiece's.

I used pink tulle as a runner on this table and light green tulle as a runner for the other tables.

Some of the guests.  Dan's Mom, sister, nieces, sister-in-law etc.

Another view.  After two shower games, we were ready to get out the heat and move inside.
It was crowded, but it worked!  And the AC sure felt good.

 Katie Rose and her cake.  I made a variety of petite little sandwiches, BBQ, pasta salad,
fruit pizza, fruit and veggie trays, appetizers  and an ice creme cake.  I was so busy serving I didn't get any food pics but I think it went over well.

Then onto the gifts! 

They just kept coming and coming.  Katie is one very lucky young Mom to be!

A beautiful quilt made by my MIL.

Katie with her good friend Kate.  They started playing together in day care when they were only 2 years old.
They stuck to each other like glue.  It was always Kate and Katie, and boy could these two get into some mischief!

Katie with some of her other good friends from high school.  These gals are all only 20 and they do look so young don't they?

This is Katie's friend Krystal and her little boy Rory.  He was the only male allowed at the party!
I think he was a bit overwhelmed by all the estrogen.

More random pics.  Here I am holding my adorable niece Chloe.

And speaking of Chloe.  Here she is with her Mom, my sister Susie. 
She had a blast, and entertained us all!

She is such a cutie pie!

And the gifts just kept piling up! 

And there was just so much cute stuff! 

And my friend Jolene.  Jolene is the Mother of six and one very talented lady.  Out daughters skated together for many years and we had so much fun during that time of our lives.  Jolene is also a talented seamstress and she made Katie's baby girl her very first skating costume.

My 1 year old niece Chloe modeling it for us.  Sorry it's so blurry. Chloe is very hard to get a pic of as she is always in motion!

A few more scenes from the party.

By the time this pic was taken I was fried!  I was also sweaty and my hair looked awful but it's the only one of us together.

And the party comes to a close.  What a great day with family and friends! 
Have a great week everyone.  Oh, and today the heat and humidity broke.  We were in the upper 70's instead of the 90's and boy it does feel good!


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  1. It looks like you did a great job!! Everything looks wonderful.
    Now tomorrow you can relax, Grandma! Well done!

  2. Oh Cindy I have been waiting all day to see the fun shower pics...Your Katie is so dang cute girl and she looks just wonderful...Everything you did is just great and I know your daughter thought so too...and Look at all the gifts the baby got for her new journey into life...How very special this was of you Grandma to do this for Katie..I know you are counting down the weeks now as I am..6 more for me girl and 7 for you..hey will have to toast a drink to each other...ha ha!! Love ya girl..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. Looks like it was a wonderful shower. So glad everything went well....soon it will be Grandma Cindy!!! It is ok...you will get used to it!!!

  4. Oh what a "Beautiful Mom to be", she just Glows!!! and your party was wonderful... LOVE the garage idea, too bad the heat didn't break before the party... Love that picture of you and your daughter, and you look beautiful too...
    Hugs, Donna

  5. I am so glad that it all went well! You must be having that post event crash, where you just want to sit and do nothing for a couple of days! Everything looks great, your daughter looks darling and your niece is just precious. Twenty does look really young. I wasn't having babies at that age, but I did get married at 20...can't imagine it now!

    Hope you can relax for a little while now.


  6. It looks like a good turn out for a fun baby shower! Love your center pieces.

  7. Hi there...I can relate to the tiredness! But this does all look like so much fun...and I see some familiar things here! Looks like it was a great shower and your daughter is so pretty! I have missed you! :D

  8. Hi Cindy, looks like a wonderful party and a happy moom-to-be. Wonderful gifts, beautiful decorations, and the cake was darling. Sounds like you had our Georgia heat up there! Linda

  9. Wow, she got a lot of stuff! How awesome! I love the pic of you and Katie ~ two very beautiful ladies! Your decorations looked fantastic! Great job!

  10. Hi Cindy,
    I just love the pink and green theme of the baby shower. You did an awesome job and everyone looked so happy.
    Your daughter is beautiful and looks radiant and so do you in the photo of the two of you.
    You can just see the happiness in your face.


  11. Cindy, this looks like such a great shower and your daughter got so many fabulous things. Wow, you did good. Love your tables and the cake and everything. The picture of you two is wonderful. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Hugs, Marty

  12. Looks like you did a great job and the shower was a success!! Time for you and the Mother to be to get some rest! :-D
    Have a great week!

  13. What a fun baby shower. I cannot believe you are going to be a grandma soon, Cindy. Katie is such a cute preggy mom......Christine

  14. Looks like such a great time. Was that a diaper cake I saw there? I posted one on my blog last month. I love them. So creative.

  15. Cindy what a lovely party you threw. The dessert table was just gorgeous and so yummy looking and the cake is too cute.

  16. HI!!!
    what a fun pink party!!!
    baby showers are sooo much fun!!!Pink little things are so cute too!!!
    I have a gift for the new little Princess grand daughter!
    I will get it mailed this week!!
    Glad the heat has moved on!!!Wish ours would!!

  17. Cindy-I am in awe and envy!(will I ever be a grandmother?:) Katie Rose looks SO pretty and happy! The party looks like a huge success and your table looks amazing. I am giving a shower soon and will have to check out the centerpiece. Did you say in an earlier post how you did the favors? I didn't see it. Congratulations to all!!! ps-Your mantel and firescreen look great!

  18. Your shower looks like it was perfect! I love showers at home or in small settings. I find it hard to see everyone and everything when the event grows beyond 30.

    Many blessings to your daughter, her baby and to you, soon-to-be-Grandma! That is such a wonderful title!

  19. Hi Girlfriend...

    Just read your sweet note and came right over! Girl, I just got out of bed and it's 9:30...can you believe that? Hehe! I've had such a fabulous week with Jenni and the kids but I'm one pooped out Grandma! Hehe!

    Cindy, Katie's baby shower turned out sooo sweet! You did a fabulous job with all the decorations...ohhhh, I love, love, LOVE that darling 3 tiered diaper cake with the teddy bear! I have seen them before but have never attempted to make one...you did GREAT!!! Ohhh...and I love the beautiful pink rose floral arrangements too! Love all that pretty pink...it's sooo much fun having a granddaughter, isn't it! Hehe! Wow...it looks like ya'll had a super turn out! I certainly don't blame you for moving the party inside...what's up with all those hot temps? Sheeshhh...you're in Wisconsin! Hehe! I just adored getting to see all the baby shower photos...thank you so much for sharing them with all of us! Katie looks soooo beautiful...she's just glowing!!! Such a beautiful young woman...takes after her beautiful mama!!! By the way...I love that pretty blouse and skirt that you were wearing! You always look sooo pretty, Girlfriend!

    I just loved the quilt that your MIL made for the baby...that's such a special treasure! Ohhh...and that darling little skating costume that your Girlfriend made for the baby...tooooo cute!!! Well sweet friend, it won't be much longer till you are a bonifide Grandma! I'm sure that Katie is counting down the days...hehe!

    Well sweet friend, what are you up to today? I hope that my note finds you well! I know that you've been so busy with baby shower preparations! You did such a great job! Ohhh...forgot to mention how sweet those baby bootie party favors were! They turned out gorgeous!!!

    Jenni and the kids left yesterday! Ohhh boy...do I have alot to do! My house looks like a tornado ran through it! Hehe! And I know that I'll never get caught up with my blogging...eeeeks! We all had such a great time though! Our camping trip to the mountains was a blast! I just adored getting to spend that time with my grandkids! The mountains were beautiful...perfect weather! Well sweet friend...I'll talk with you later...sure did miss you!!!

    Love ya,

  20. Oh Cindy everything looked wonderful and so pretty in pink. What an adorable cake! Katie received some fantastic gifts. What a lucky mom-to-be. Chloe is just as cute as a button! Now it's time for you to rest up because soon you'll be holding your sweet little granddaughter in your arms! Hugs, Loretta

  21. What a great party...I'm so glad I didn't miss it! lol! Blogging has been slow but we are home now.

    Katie looks beautiful and happy and so do you! The garage and house look so pretty and girly~festive. Just think, a few more weeks.

    Love the pictures of baby Chloe, she is a doll and so is your sister, I see the resemblance.

    I am so looking forward to our weekend together. How is the 3rd weekend in September? We have stuff every other weekend. I will google Lake Geneva and send you some ideas. The weather should be perfect by then.

    Have a wonderful and COOL week, girlfriend! :-)


  22. A wonderful account of the party Cindy. Girl, you really went hole hog with this one didn't ya? Everything looked just marvelous! Everything from the cake to the perfect decorations. We're gonna have to hold ya back when that baby comes....heeehehehehe, your gonna be a terrific grandma.

    God bless ya and have a wonderful day sweetie!

  23. She is a cute girl, love the name too. I have a niece named Katie Rose. When is she due? She looks so young. I bet you can't wait to be Gma.

  24. Oh please send cooler weather this way! We are frying here. She looks absolutely radiant. So many pretty gifts. And of course I spied that quilt on the wall!

  25. Don't miss the birth Cindy...she needs you and the bonds made there are eternal! :D

  26. Hi Cindy! Oh, what a wonderful shower! Your daughter is so pretty and I can tell by the smile on her sweet face what a great time she was having! Little Chloe is adorable! :)
    You did an outstanding job, Cindy and you food, even without a pictures sounds so delicious.
    be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  27. Cindy, this looks like it was so much fun. What a pretty party. Wow! You even made the garage look pretty! Katy is such a glowing mother-to-be; so pretty. The cake is precious, and just look at all of those gifts. This is a baby diva, and she's not even here yet! Your niece is adorable, but I think she has competition on the way! So glad you're going to link this to Favorite Things Sat. Hope you're getting some rest now. laurie

  28. what a great shower...you did such a nice job...

  29. Your Katie Rose makes a beautiful Mom to be...I see she's having a girl...your so lucky, there is nothing better then a granddaughter...I speak from experiance!!....hope she has a safe and easy delivery...

  30. Wow!
    What an awesome day!
    And you may think you looked fried but I think you guys look adorable!
    You did such a wonderful job.
    Katie will always remember it.
    Love all the pictures of everyone . . . they all look to be having a wonderful time, heat or not.
    Just think . . . it could SNOW tomorrow! Which would you rather have?
    :) BIG GRIN!
    HUGS my friend! Karen

  31. Oh what a fun day this must have been for you and your daughter! You did a lovely job with all the prep and decorations. Those table centerpieces are so cute. Everyone looks so happy and excited for the baby to make its appearance. You will be a fantastic grandmama.
    lotsa hugs, Sue

  32. Good Morning Cindy Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share today. I so love the photo of you and Katie. Just priceless. You look great. Heck you always look great.

    Looks like this little girl is going to be the best dressed ever. She received so many beautiful things. I love the quilt from your MIL, it is beautiful. A treasure to keep forever and ever.

    When are you coming back to the valley? Maybe this Fall?

    We are still hotter than heck here. I will talk to you soon. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  33. Oh, Cindy! How wonderful! It looks like everyone had a great time and she got some wonderful gifts! How much fun! It won't be long until there is a little baby to go with all of those goodies! lol I hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  34. I love baby showers!! Wonderful pictures!! Looks like you all had a great time!

  35. Oh Cindy, all your decorations are wonderful and despite the heat it looks like everyone had a great time. Now it's on to waiting for the real BIG event — the birth of your new granddaughter. I am so excited for you and can't wait for those pictures! The ones of the baby, not the birth, lol.

    Could you please send some of that cooler weather this-a-way? The humidity has been unbearable and it rained all weekend. Just long enough to make the humidity higher and drench everything at my yard sale — 4 times! I would much rather have been at a party, any party.

  36. What a fun looking shower, love the diaper cake, it's adorable! Your daughter is just so cute and looks like she is set! Oh my, your little niece is a little doll!! Thanks for sharing!


  37. Hi. Congrats future grandma! You are going to have so much fun with a baby granddaughter! (I Know!)
    Pretty shower and special family times.
    ~ Julie

  38. What great photos of such a fun day. I love baby showers.

  39. I think you look just beautiful! So did your daughter in all of her photos! Looks like you had a wonderful day, what a lucky new baby! I loved your centerpieces too! Beautiful!

  40. Hi, sweetie pie! You did such a great job with this shower, Cindy! I love all of your special touches, and apparently the guests did, too, from the smiles on their faces. What an exciting time for you!!! And Katie is just adorable.

    I'm so glad you shared all of this with us. That centerpiece and the cake are so, so, so cute, too. And I love the skater dress and the quilt. Can't wait to see baby pics when she's born!

    I'm hoping to be blogging again in September. Lot going on here that is keeping me tied up, but I had to take a break and check in with you. Miss you a bunch!


    Sheila :-)

  41. I must say I love your little neice--such a cutie. I was also just thinking that you should have a pic with your daughter and just as I thought THAT idea the next picture was of you and your daughter! ha! I bet the air felt so wonderful after being out in the heat!! It is still hot here --was 93 at 1 with humidity it felt like 105 or so! I am looking foward to a bit cooler weather and dead mosquitoes!

    When is she due?

  42. Looks like a wonderful shower! I'm sure she got a lot of great gifts.
    Mom to be is a beautiful girl.

  43. so happy to visit here today...what a fun baby shower....everything looked lovely...and your daughter is adorable....

    what a day to cherish forever....


  44. It looks like it was a fun shower! How cute is that diaper cake! I love all those polka dot ribbons and Chloe is just adorable!


  45. Oh what a pretty little mama to be your darling Katy Rose is! Looks like a wonderful celebration. My sister lives in Appleton.

  46. Hi sweet friend...

    I just read your sweet note...thank you soooo much for the warm birthday wishes, Cindy! I may be a bit early but..."Happy, Happy Birthday to you too!!! Ohh, wouldn't it be fun if we could spend our birthdays together? We could do lunch...and shop...and shop...and shop some more! Hehe! Well sweet friend, I hope you have a fabulous time with your honey tomorrow! I hope you find something really special for your birthday!!! Russell is taking me out for dinner tomorrow night...not sure if we'll do anything else or not! He always has something up his sleeve! Hehe! Did I tell you that he got me an armoire for the Tea Rose bedroom? We haven't moved it into the room yet because I'm going to have to get rid of the piano first. I'm really excited to get it in there and see how it looks! I could really use the extra storage for linens, etc (shhh...more dishes...hehe!) Well sweet friend...sending you the very best wishes for the best birthday ever!!! You know that I love ya!!!

    Have a fabulous birthday!!!

  47. It looks like Katie had a wonderful shower and got lots of nice baby gifts. I'll bet you're all excited for the baby's arrival. I've heard the weather back there has been hot and humid. I'm glad to hear it's finally cooling off. Our weather had been cooler than usual, but this past week it's heated up. Go figure :-)

  48. So glad it all went well..looks like a lot of fun was had by all. :)

  49. Wow, what a fantastic shower--Your daughter is so beautiful and the cake and all the decorations--wow!!! Congratulations on a spectacular event and upcoming blessing.
    Whimsical Musings


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