Some Favorite things for Saturday and Summer Sundays!

I love this meme that Laurie @ Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie started.  It can change all the time, as you discover new favorite things!  This charming pitcher, filled with flowers is a new favorite thing!
My hubby brought it home for our Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday.  I had forgot it was our anniversary and yet he had remembered..... what a guy, love you honey!
Another favorite thing are my Rooster Place-mats!  I was one of the lucky winners of Barb's, Bella Vista
 Rooster Party give-away! Aren't they cute?  I just love them Barb!

I have them on my table as I write this and need to get busy and do a complete tablescape!
Can I borrow your cute new napkin rings Marty?

Another favorite thing are my phlox!  They re-bloomed and look so pretty right out my dining room window!

And yesterday while shopping at Hobby Lobby, I found this cute little bird house marked down.  I love it and snatched it up quickly. 

And the last of my gladiolas!  I wish I had planted more.  This white one is the last of them and so it's one of my favorite things right now!

And last but not least, adorable baby clothes!  I have an overflow at my house that I am helping my daughter get washed and ready.   They are so cute and this little ducky one just makes me smile, so it's one of my favorite things right now!
And I am also joining the Tablescaper for Summer Sunday's!
We don't have a lot of them left so I want to enjoy each and everyone of them.
Thanks for coming by and I hope your enjoying your weekend!


  1. Oh Cindy, Happy Anniversary!!! I forgot our 25th of all things. You would think it was such a milestone that I would have had it on my mind, but I didn't and then when DH came up with a fabulous pressent all engraved and flowers with a really beautiful card, I felt like a real smuck. lol Your flowers are gorgeous.
    Love your rooster placemats and boy do I wish we lived close enough that I could lend you the napkin rings. That would be so much fun. All of your flowers are just wonderful. So hot here that everything is dead. Hopefully fall will get here someday. I am so ready.
    The baby clothes are all so cute. Isn't it fun to see them and plan for the new little one. Enjoy. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love your rooster win! Very cute placemats. The last of your spring flowers are beautiful. Thanks for sharing today. Anne

  3. I love your favorites, Cindy!
    The phlox and glad are gorgeous.

    Those baby things are just ducky. Sorry I couldn't resist. They are so cute. Our babies are growing up so fast! Guess I will have to wait for the great g'kids to start arriving. Not right away though, LOL!

  4. Now thats a sweet hubbie, I love the pitcher..and the mats..and the baby night gown too..so cute! ;D

  5. Your photos show so many gorgeous things, that I will just mention two: your phlox and the 4 bluebirds in the nest. Cute.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Loved seeing your favorites. I started to buy some glads at the grocery recently, but they had almost all bloomed out, & I knew they would not last long so passed them up.
    Thanks for sharing your favorites.

  7. LOVE those phlox... That is my VERY favorite garden color! and your table is SO inviting and fun... Hugs, Donna

  8. Happy Late Anniversary Cindy Sweetie...
    I am so thrilled for you and DH remembered and brought home such a lovely arrangement. This will be an anniversary he won't let you forget.

    Oh I love your share today. Love the placemats. Congrats on that win, as they are truly beautiful. They look so lovely on the table.

    Your phlox are just breathtakingly beautiful. I so love the bright purple colors with lighter shades amongst them. Just beautiful. How gorgeous to look out your window and see such beauty.

    Oh and I love the birdhouse. What a wonderful find. I am afraid I would have wrestled you for that one. It looks so precious on your shelf though, I do love it.

    Now those little duckies, oh my do they ever say "new baby". Just wait until you get that little munchkin in those duckie gowns. I can smell the baby breath already. Our little James is now 2 months old and smiling and cooing away. He is a doll baby. I have several photos posted on my scroll bar of him. He has big deep dimples on both sides of his little mouth. A cutie for sure.

    Thank you for sharing sweet friend. Our grandkids have now all been in school for 2 weeks. They start their 3rd week on Monday. My how the time flies, and they all love school. Yes, that is right, LOVE school. I said could I have that in writing to remind them as the year progresses? Do you think any agreed?

    Hope you are well sweet friend. It is still hotter than a firecracker here. No relief in site.

    Have a beautiful Sunday. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  9. Happy Anniversary sweet Cindy, I'm sure glad your wonderful Hubby remembered!

    You lovely rooster place mats make a beautiful table and ooooh my goodness, I'm lovin' those little duckies on those 'jammies. You gonna have so much fun with that baby!

    You have a great weekend filled with lots of lovin' blessings!!!

  10. All your favorites are just beautiful. Cindy. Congrats on winning Barb's, pretty placemats! Can't wait to see your completed tablescape. Happy annivesary! Your hubby is so thoughtful for giving you those beautiful flowers. Aren't baby things just the cutest?...Christine

  11. How exciting! It appears that you are expecting a granddaughter. Fun, fun!
    Thanks for the visit today. Our business is located in the state of Colima. It is considered one of the safest states in Mexico... much to our relief. I do live on the border with Mexico and things are bad. There hasn't been much support from our government however it does appear that this will change soon. We'll see!
    Have a peaceful Sunday!
    Ladybug Creek

  12. Happy Aniversary Cindy and Dan!

    I don't know which of your favorites is my favorite...I love roosters...but the white gladiola is divine...and the duckies are so cute...They're all my favorite!

  13. Your flowers are beautiful and the rooster placemats go great with your runner! But my favorite is the ducky baby outfit-too cute!

  14. Cindy,
    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! And congrats for winning the rooster table linens. They are so cute. I have a love affair with Carter's baby clothes. It was one of my favorite things to buy my littlest ones. The gowns like you have here is my number one pick for a layette. Night time diaper changes are so easy. Love those little duckies!

  15. You know I lust for that white table each and every time I see it. Love the pretty flowers!

  16. Oh I love your favorite things! My favorite of your favorite, ha, has to be the flowers hubby brought home. Do you know that my husband is much better at keeping track too? Who would of thought! Happy Anniversary!


  17. Happy anniversary! I love the color of your phlox! It is so much fun getting ready for a new baby!

    Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  18. Cindy, your husband never ceases to amaze me! I have to drop a million hints before our anniversary and before my birthday, so my husband will remember, and yours brought you those pretty flowers in that pretty pitcher and you didn't even remind him! Happy Annniversary! congratulations on your win. Those place mats are perfect on your table. Your Gladiola is beautiful, and what a pretty vignette on that table - the little blue and white lamp, the blue painted pottery, and the blue birds in a nest - all so pretty. But the precious little duckie nighty stole the show. What fun you're going to have! Thank you so much for linking to Favorite Things Sat. laurie

  19. Cindy, you have some wonderful favorites....the yellow and red flowers are just gorgeous. And the phlox - love it! Beautiful post, girl. Linda

  20. First of all, Happy Anniversary! What do you mean you forgot!
    Lucky you winning the place mats!
    The sleeper is adorable!The flowers are beautiful, and you are so right! Let's enjoy these summer Sundays while they last. I won't give them up till late September!

  21. That is an adorable pitcher! What a sweet hubby!

    Lucky you to win those cute placemats and that duckie sleeper is just tooooo cute!!!


  22. Happy Anniversary...can't believe you forgot. Oh well, so nice he remembered. I love your new birdhouse and of course who doesn't love baby things...so sweet!

  23. Oh Cindy, what sweet and special favorites! Love your phlox, they are just brilliant! Think your rooster placemats would look mighty cute on my table with my rooster! May have to look for some soon!


  24. Love the place mats and look at your beautiful phlox. Adorable ducky baby clothes.


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