Fun at the County Fair, My Gladiolas and a local traffic jam!

Hi all.  Tonight is a little potpourri of posts.  My friend Linda, at Reminisce This and That, grew up in my neck of the woods.  In fact, we knew each other in high school through 4-H and the fair. We used to model clothing that we had made in the 4-H dress revue. And as I recall, Linda always beat me.    Then last summer, we found each other again through blogging. Well actually, Linda found me!    Linda, who now resides in Tempe, Arizona just happened upon my blog and soon realized she had stumbled upon someone she already knew.  I was lucky enough to meet up with Linda during a trip to Phoenix last October and we both attended the Arizona Blogger Tea together.  It was so fun to see her and I hope to see her when I travel back there in October.  Linda is so missing our County Fair and I promised to share a few pics.

So Linda, these are especially for you!

The pretty young lady pictured with the lamb is a high school buddy of my daughters.  She was the Grand Champion winner and did such a nice job!

More scenes from the county fair.

I am also so excited that I actually have gladiolas.  This is the first time I planted them and I am so happy that they actually grew!
I just love the coral and lime green ones and next year I may plant a whole side of our house with them!

And I also wanted to show you the  local traffic jam I encountered on the way to the fair.  They were in no hurry to leave the road.   So I honked several times and when that didn't work, I ended up driving very carefully around them.
I guess I really don't mind this kind of traffic.  They sure were oblivious to me!
And since I have created all of these little Mosaic's I will join Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.
And speaking of Mondays, I hope your week is a special one.


  1. Such fun fair picture.

    Oh how I LOVE the northwoods traffic jams!!! We kept having to stop for wild turkeys crossing the road - - - and of course our FAVORITE is bears. We saw guinea hens too.

    We also make a big deal about "traffic jams" when we meet even ONE other car out in the wilds of the northwoods.

  2. I LOVE country fairs...ours is this month and it is a super big deal! Your flowers are super stunning!!! :D

  3. Cindy! Look at your flowers! You have such a green thumb! So pretty.

    And that young lady is pretty, too. Loved her sheep.

    And are those guinea hens? How cute! Enjoyed this whole post.


    Sheila :-)

  4. Cindy!! What a beautiful gladiola! I had those in my garden when we lived in New Mexico.
    How great it was you found your friend through your blog!
    I think I'd like to run across a road block like that!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  5. Oh Cindy, such fun at the fair. I use to love to go when I was a kid. Always so much fun. Love your gladiolas. They are fantastic. Can't wait for you to get here again in a few months. We will go shopping at my favorite fabric shop. Hugs, Marty

  6. I love county fairs! Your gladiolas are beautiful and that's some traffic jam! Great, fun mosaics!

  7. Your gladiolas are beautiful! I have always wanted to go to a county fair. I guess we don't have them here in this county as I never hear about them. Nice mosaics. Have a good week!

  8. I love your pictures and the story that goes with them! So great you've got a blogging friend who's also an old personal friend!

    Hugs XX

  9. Hello Cindy! I really love country fairs and we're very fortunate to have our State Fair only about 25 miles away. Being a part of 4H is a wonderful way for kids to grow up. I love your mosaics and your gladiolas..beautiful colors! That's wonderful that you found an old friend through blogging...it really is a small world isn't it! Have a wonderful Monday...Maura :)

  10. OK, cindy...that was just a little bit mean...you had to show the cheese curd booth...ooohhhhhh.....we LOVE fried cheese curds. I am literally in pain right now...oh, I will survive, but barely!!

  11. Oh I love glads! We grew them at a past house, but they all fell over all the time. They are one of my favorites to have in the house, but I rarely find them around here.

  12. Hi Cindy! Your gladiolas are beautiful! The blooms are so full and colorful. I love going to the fair. Our fair comes around in September and I am looking forward to it. Load of fun! What kind of birds were those. Hugs!

  13. Summer wouldn't be summer with out a visit to the county fair! You should enter some gladiolas next year, they are beautiful! Watch out in those traffic jams, I hear pea hens have twice as many road rage incidents than deer!

  14. Your gladiolas are so pretty. My mom used to grow them when I was growing up. I've never seen that coral color though. I enjoyed the county fair photos, and your mosaics too. I still haven't learned how to do that. In fact, I couldn't get my header right since blogger got new templates, so I just put up one I got from a free site last winter. I need to figure out one of those picture editing sites.

  15. These are wonderful photos, Cindy. I loved the fair photos and the chickens make a great mosaic!

    Your glads are amazing!

  16. Cindy..my Mema..always grew Glads..and she always took an arrangement into church for display at the alter.That small church couldn't afford florist fee's.

    I do love county Fair's. My kids always showed animals..we baked up a storm..and of course entered sewing and jellies.What memories!!

    I love the house!! My oldest just bought a home similiar to yours..I will let her see how you cottaged it up..she would love it!!

    Have a great day.

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  17. Hey Girl!
    Are those wild turkeys?
    We have traffic jams like that here - only with peacocks. And they don't move and are so big, especially the males, and you could honk until the moon turns to cheese, but they won't move. They just kind of glare at you like "How dare you". And poop? WHEW!
    Love county fairs, I even enjoy ours that we have here in September every year. I love going through all the animal exhibits and the craft buildings.
    Well, I wish I could say "See you tomorrow!" :( I'm sad.
    Carolyn is so funny - she asked me yesterday if we were going to see dolphins when we go to the beach. I told her not to get her hopes up. But you just never know!
    Love the glads. My Mom planted them too. Just loved them!
    HAGD! Karen

  18. Your glads are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your trip to the fair. We have some ducks and geese in the area that are bad about stroll across the road, total oblivious to the cars.
    Have a great week.

  19. Your glads are gorgeous. My Mom tells the story of her wedding. The florist made a mistake and delivered someone else's flowers to the church. They let her keep them. As my parents were students they had no money and this was a real treat.

    Becky K.

  20. I really enjoyed this visit to a country fair - and the wildlife encountered on the road!...most of all I liked the view of the table with the gladiolas!

  21. LOL... ahhh yes, nothing like a "herd" of guinea fowl to slow down traffic. Cute.

    Wonderful photos and a great post. My Mother's favorite flower are Gladiolas and they were her Mother's favorite as well. It's been passed down to me now. There is something so simple and beautiful about them.

    Hope you have a very lovely day,

  22. What fun country fairs are! Your flowers are very pretty. Great addition to your table.
    Glad you found your friend thru blogland.

  23. Oh those are the creatures that were in my yard and bloggers told me were guinea hens!
    Love your glads, and the fair looks like fun!

  24. Girl I just loved the trip to the Fail. It brought back many memories of 4-H and helpin' with the pettin' zoo at the Ozarks Empire Fair as a high school chicklett. Beautiful Glads...I love 'em...mine are in full bloom out bakin' in our heat...triple digits today! Now, that'll call for some Blood, Sweat and Tears. Just sayin....

  25. Hello sweet friend...

    Just read your sweet note and came right over! Hehe...I'm sooo glad that you like my blue cottage veranda! Hehe...you noticed I called it a veranda instead of a patio? Sounds more romantic...right? Anyway, so happy to hear from you, Darlin'! Girlfriend, I love, love, LOVE those gorgeous glads!!! That is really the prettiest shade of peach/orange! You know, my grandma always grew Glads...she had an entire flower garden full of them. What was sooo awesome is that they began to mix...and you should have seen all of the "specialized variety" of colors...simply gorgeous!!! I think I need to plant some as well! Thank you for sharing yours with us...sooo pretty!!!

    I loved seeing your fair photos! It just looks like sooo much fun! You know, I just love seeing all those kids involved with 4-H and having fair projects...it does my heart good!!! It's a great way to keep em' out of trouble...don't you think? Hehe...you really did have a traffic jam...didn't you? We have a few wild turkeys around here...but mostly pheasant. Loved your post and photos, sweet friend! Thank you!!!

    Hope that you're keeping cool and resting up after your big week!

    Love ya,

  26. Your glads are so pretty! I'm not a gardener, so I just ogle everyone else's pretty flowers. How fun to hit the fair! We loved to go as kids. Fair food- yum!
    We just have geese traffic jams. And no, they just don't move, either! LOL
    hugs, Sue

  27. I love county fairs. We had ours this weekend but I was busy catching up from my trip. You had some great adventures though. Enjoy the glads. Jane F

  28. I've never planted these, but they sure are beautiful! I haven't been to a fair in years. Looks like fun. There's that table and chairs I'm so in love with!

  29. Beautiful flowers, and looks like a great time was had by all! Have a great week!

  30. what a traffic jam...your flowers are so pretty....

  31. Look at those glads!!! They are gorgeous! I used to grow these down in NM but don't have any up here in Co. I am going to have to buy some next year and see if they will grow here!

    I love going to the county fair! My favorite part was visiting the flower/veggie , craft displays. Our beekeepers assoc wants us to enter honey in the fair this year so say a little prayer that I'll have enough honey to send it to the fair!

    bee blessed

  32. Hi Cindy -
    Love the photos of the fair. Your glads are beautiful! The new house that we are in, doesn't hve a single shrub, flower...nothing...I can't wait to plant some flowers, especially my favorites...hydrangeas & roses.

  33. Your glads are beautiful!!! I love county and state fairs. Such fun!

  34. Hey Cindy. I love your gladiolas. They're one of my favorite flowers. I love so many. I also love a country fair. I grew up in a small town and with N.E. Florida's heat ours is always in Oct. I don't know if you remember but I loved that porch rug under your cute table earlier this summer. When I saw it again tonight I had to pull a vinyl table cloth out of my fabric stash to see if I was right. Yep, it's the same pattern, not quite as pretty since it's vinyl of course. I think I picked it up at Walmart for $2.00 on sale about a month ago, thinking I will make something with it. So though I couldn't afford your rug that I loved so much I did luck up and get the pattern. I just couldn't believe it when I saw it again tonight and had to tell you.

    Be blessed. Hugs...Tracy :)

  35. I love old-friends-finding-each-other-on-the-internet stories! And it looks like that was quite a fun fair!

  36. Good Evening Cindy,
    What a fun time you must of had at the fair...Ours also was last weekend but missed it with Candace and all..
    I love yours glads girl...Mine won't start blooming until the end of the month YIPPEE!!

    I guess will be having babies around the same time my friend ha ha!! I know this Christmas I'm just going to toss them my checkbook and be done with it...Girl I have been so busy taking care of Candace that I don't have time to even think right now...I'm going to take off tomorrow and stay home and shovel out the inside of my house here ha ha!! I kid you not things are piling up and I have the whole dang family coming on Friday and won't be here when they show up...too many appointment for Candace that day again...Girl I have earned this new baby ha ha!!
    We have the shower on Saturday YIPPEE!! one more thing done am still trying to get the nursery done also ha ha!!
    Hope you have a GREAT week my Dear friend and Thanks for coming by and seeing more of my old stuff...Hugs and smiles to you Cindy, Gl♥ria

  37. Cindy, your Gladiolas look like they were grown in a hot house-beautiful! The Co. Fair looks like fun. did you win ribbons? How great that you and a friend re-found one another through blogging. Now that is a different kind of traffidc jam - glad you had your camera with you to capture that moment. laurie

  38. Hi Cindy, The fair looks fun! We are going to be in Kentucky soon and will just miss out on their fair. Seeing your pics makes me sorry! Love the glads...I planted them once and really enjoyed them. Also, loved the way the light came through the window on your white table and chairs....so pretty! I'm gonna paint some chairs soon! Linda

  39. THANK YOU CINDY!! Love the County Fair pics and thanks for linking to me! Wow, the fairgrounds have changed a lot.
    And your Glads are simply gorgeous. I had Gladiolas at my wedding because they were such a part of my childhood. My Mom always had the most beautiful floral arrangements on our kitchen table.
    Thanks again Cindy!

  40. oh wow! Your glads are so so pretty. Mine didn't even bloom this year. Do you know why that could be?

  41. That looks like a really fun fair, Cindy! And your gladiolas, how pretty they are! I love all the different colors....Christine

  42. Cindy,
    Your gladiolas are very pretty!! Your county fair looked like alot of fun. We just recently had ours here and it is always a fun time...I judge there every other year. It is fun to do, but can also be hard to pick the first place winners...when there is so many good items to choose from.

  43. Cindy the fair looks really fun! Great photos. :)

  44. Love your pretty glads! Nothing like a country fair -- I love all the homemade quilts and handwork. Thanks for your very kind visit to my table this week -- always fun to have you as a "guest" at my table.

  45. Hey sweet friend...

    I just read your note and wanted to come over to say hello! Sounds like you and Dan are keeping busy...getting ready for the baby shower! He's such a sweetie for helping you out! You know, most men wouldn't! I still say that we are two of the most blessed ladies ever to have such sweet husbands!!!

    Girlfriend, thank you so much for all the sweet compliments on my studio! Ohhh...doesn't my pretty bottle with that gorgeous topper...look just perfect in that room? I love, love, LOVE IT!!! Thank you again, Cindy!!! Well Darlin', I see that you have joined the Rooster Party...so I'll be back by later to check out all of your pretties!!!

    Love ya, sweet friend!

  46. Sweet! I just posted about our county fair as well!


I would love to hear from you. Come back and visit anytime. Warmest Wishes, Cindy