Some Favorite Things Saturday/ US Olympic Training Center.

By golly, I think we found it!!  A sport Dan and I can enter in the next Winter Olympics.  We've been looking for years and when we figured out that we weren't meant for pairs skating, which I love, we almost gave up!
But here we are looking quite silly at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The gal who snapped the pic just couldn't quite figure out how to focus my camera.   But what the hey,  it's probably better that way.
I loved touring the Olympic Training Center and that's why it's one of favorite things!

Just seeing all the flags from around the globe.

This is right when you come in.  It's so awesome!

And there was a U.S. boxing championship going on.  It was really kind of cool even though boxing isn't my cup of tea.

And a peak inside an Olympic training pool. 

Where I expected this guy to show up any minute.

Now here's my cup of tea!  Oh yes, I love figure skating!   My daughter Katie skated for 14 years.
I spent many an hour inside a cold ice arena.

Which brings me to this place!  A place I sent lot's of moola to over the years.  The US Figure Skating Association and Figure Skating World Hall of Fame. 

It was a fun little tour!  Although I have to admit, not as cool as the Olympic Training Center.

But neat old things like this.  The Ice Follies of 37 where Olympic Figure Skater Sonja Henning was the star.

The dress that she wore in one of the Winter Games.  She was the Gold Medalist in the 1928, 1932 and 1936 Olympics.  Quite the feat!

And the tour took us right up to our most current Olympic Team! 
It was a fun tour for me and even my hubby enjoyed it.
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I'm off to the fair!
Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend too,



  1. Cindy, what a wonderful tour! I've never been to any Olympic Training Center, so this was a treat for me to see. How fun to see the old photographs and costumes of people who have become famous in Olympic events. Seeing the flags from all of those countries, lining the walkway looks like something I would see on t.v. Olympic coverage. Of course, so did you and hubby in the sled! How cute! I'm afraid I would have gotten stuck inside and they would have had to cut the historic sled upon to remove me! Thank you for linking this fab post to Favorite Things Sat. laurie

  2. Cindy...you made me laugh.....girl, what the hey? My hubs grew up in Wisconsin and he always says...what the hey? at least the got the picture!!

  3. Looks like a fun place to visit. I definitely think you and Dan should enter the next Olympics. I am sure you were made for it. lol Hope you are having a wonderful week. Hugs, Marty

  4. What a cool place to visit. I love all of your pictures...I bet it was interesting. So you two are doing the bobsled next Olympics? ;-D


    P.S. Let's do early September in Lake Geneva. I'll bring you the Blue Willow plates and you can bring me apples!!

  5. Love you and Dan bob, bob, bobbing along!


  6. Thanks for sharing your trip! Enjoy the Fair and have a great weekend.

  7. Look how cute the two of you are sitting in that bobsled! I bet Mark and I could even do that one! Wanna race?
    What a fun trip! We were in Colorado Springs last summer, kind of by accident, we had "coach" trouble. I drove by there, but didn't realize what it was!. My friend Joy and her husband re there right now until Tues. I'm going to text her to let her know! they also had FABULOUS antique stores there!
    What? Did I hear you right? You DO want me to pick you up at the airport next Tues? NO PROBLEM! Really! I can do it! Honest!
    :) We will sure miss you!
    Big hugs! Karen

  8. Oh how fun! I love the figure skating sculpture...it is gorgeous.

  9. Hi Cindy Sweetie...
    Hey my vote is on you and Dan. I would bet a little on that one. I am sure you two could do it, if you just stick your mind to it. Dan can build just about anything. You can do the painting, and I am sure between the two of you, you could drive this darn thing.

    Oh I love the figure skating statue, isn't that just your sweet Katie all over? I loved the photo of Sonja Henning's skating outfit. Aren't the beads just beautiful. It has been kept in really nice shape. Very well preserved.

    Thank you for taking me along today. I have so enjoyed myself. Colorado is not one of my better places to go. Every time I have had to fly there for work, I get a nose bleed about 45 minutes outside of Denver. My body does not like the altitude there.

    Was so fun taking this tour with you tonight sweet friend. I hope you are enjoying your Summer. I think of you every day when I pass my flamingo salt and pepper shakers.

    Many hugs sweetie and so much love, Sherry

  10. What a fun place to visit! That's something I'd love to do - we love watching the Olympics! Also, that statue is just stunning!


  11. That looks like fun...you and Dan would be good at that! You do a lot of fun stuff1 :D

  12. What an awesome tour Cindy! They both look like fun and interesting places to visit.

    Have a great time at the fair!

    ~ Tracy

  13. Thanks for sharing these great photos. I remember your love of skating during the Winter Olympics. How nice to see this place. It's funny that this former Olympian (me) has never been there ;-) I hope you remember my little story about being an Olympian so you don't think I'm telling tales. I just wasn't this kind of Olympian :-)

  14. This is so much fun, Cindy. I would love to tour that place too. You and Dan look so cute in the sled...Christine

  15. that was a nice tour Cindy....good luck to you and hubby...looking forward to seeing yall in the next olympics....

  16. You and Mr. Dan seem to be havin' a blast in those pics! That costume is amazin'! It looks like it would be very heavy. I've always loved figure skating and seeing those old photos brought back some memories.

    Hope your havin' the best weekend hon! :o)

  17. Very cool! This does look like a neat place to visit, both places! I just love that old vintage figure skaters outfit. I also am really in awe of the figure skater statue! It looks so much like the statue is wearing a real dress to me! You two look adorable in that bobsled! I'll be watching for you in the next winter olympics!

  18. Hi Cindy, though we live in the deep south, figure skating has always been one of my favorite sports to watch. Love the tour....were you seating in a luge? Linda

  19. Hi again, Cindy. To answer your question, we would love to live closer to our kids and grandkids. While we all live in Atlanta, the city is huge and we live an hour away from them. So, while our house suits us perfectly, the distance doesn't! (I saw my comment...meant to say sitting or seated....ended up seating???) Linda

  20. cindy, i think you should wear that sparkly skating outfit while you and dan toboggan...yep, i'll be cheerin' for ya, chickie!

  21. What a fun excursion you two had. I came over from Ceekay's blog.
    Loved touring around your blog.

  22. Who are those teenagers in the sled? You guys could really win I think. Nobody is better equipped to handle the many curves and turns of life (and a bobsled track) than a married couple that are in the ride of life together ;-) I love ice skating and tennis. It is such a beautiful sport/art. Will Katie teach her little one? What a great museum, and a very fun trip for your family. P.S. Sorry the pairs skating didn't work out :-(

  23. How fun, Cindy! You have more interesting places to see near you! I hope you are having a great weekend!..hugs...Debbie

  24. Hi Girlfriend...

    Wow...what a great photo tour, my friend! I loved all of your photos...sooo cute of you and Dan in the sled or toboggin...hmmm, not sure what it's called! hehe! Okay, I have to tell you that I didn't even know that the US Olympics Training Center was in Colorado Springs...sheeesh! I bet it was really interesting! I would have loved to watch some of the boxing...I like it! Hehe! Ohhh...but I would have really enjoyed going through the ice skating museum! And...wasn't that sculpture of the ice skater fabulous? Sooo pretty! Well my friend, I am just elated to hear that you and Dan have finally found your sport! Does this mean that we can look forward to you guys moving to Colorado to train? Yeeeehawwww!!!

    Cindy, I'm sooo happy for you! Taking a blue ribbon on your teapot floral arrangement! I just knew you would...it was gorgeous!!! Congratulations, sweet friend!!! Well, I know that you are probably pretty busy today...with getting all your things from the fair, etc. Just wanted to let you know that I'm finally posting on my patio project! Hehe! Should post tonight at 5:30 (our time). Sooo good to hear from you, my friend!!! I'll talk with you later!!!

    Love ya,

  25. I loved the pictures of you and Dan in that little car, and the one of you outside the Figure Skating Museum. How neat that you got to see all of this. Loved seeing the Olympic boxing... Mr. Magpie LOVES boxing. Me? I love figure skating!

    Love you, too...


    Sheila :-)


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