On Saturday, May 1st my daughter Katie Rose turns 20.  My May Day Baby!  I always loved May Day when I was a little girl.  And for the last 20 years it has been an even bigger day for me.

When Katie was a little girl of about 4,  some of the older neighborhood kids placed flowers outside of our door in celebration of May Day.  The first time this happened, Katie ran to the door and came back excitedly with the flowers in hand. " Mommy", she said,  "how did those kids know it was my birthday today?"
I will never forget that sweet moment.

So in celebration of Katie's birthday and May day I thought I would share some of my favorite pics of her.
These were taken 2 years ago for her senior pics.  She compromised with me a bit and wore some pinks.   I have always loved the color pink but Katie not so much.  

I used our scanner for these.  They are in a book we ordered that contained all of the pics the photographer took. 

I got my pink pics.  Thanks daughter!

It was in the 90's the day she had these taken.  I remember the bottom of her feet were burning from the hot rocks.  She was a trooper.  The photographer spent 4 hours with her that day. 

I loved the light coming in the window here. 
Happy Birthday Katie Rose!

I am joining Bev @ How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday.

Please visit their lovely blogs.  There will be a lot of fun links to enjoy.
Happy Weekend Everyone.



  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Katie Rose.
    What a lovely name and a lovely young woman.

    I know she makes Mama proud.


  2. Happy Pink Saturday Cindy Sweetie...
    Happy, Happy Birthday to Katie Rose. She is so beautiful. She takes after you for sure.

    I love the photos you shared with us. I can't decide which one I like best, they are all so excellent, but that dress is absolutely exquisite. She looked so beautiful. Please tell her Happy Birthday.

    Hope you are getting better and recovering nicely from your surgery. I too had gall bladder surgery a few years back, it is no picnic for sure. Get better soon sweetie.

    Hope you have a beautiful May Day with Katie Rose. What a wonderful way to start May out.

    I am battling a round of pneumonia. I came home with it from Maryland. I slept with the windows open as it felt so nice. I guess it was to much for system. Marydon is worth every single cough I take.

    Country hugs sweetie and so much love, Sherry

  3. She is a beautiful young lady! Happy Birthday Katie!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your Katie - she is very beautiful and I imagine the best May day surprise you ever had :)

  5. Awww....I love those photos. Happy Birthday!!

  6. She sure is a beautiful girl...it's so fun to see them grow up even though there is a sadness about it too...at least until they get married and have grand children for us...then it's Heaven again! Come say hi :D

  7. Happy birthday to your daughter! She is a beauty!

  8. Your Katie Rose is unbelievably lovely .... please say Happy Birthday from Bend Oregon!

  9. Happy Birthday to your dear Katie Rose. I kept thinking through the photos that she must be a gymnast but at the last couple the dress reminded me that she is a figure skater, right? She is so graceful and beautiful. I bet she takes after you!

  10. She is beautiful! I have two daughters too...one about her age...and one a couple years older. Daughters are so so much fun! I love the sweet story about the May flowers!

    Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

  11. Such a beautiful and lovely girl! Happy birthday, Katie Rose. Our birthdays are a day apart!...Christine

  12. Ooops sorry, I thought Katie's bday was April 30th but that's the day of posting. I should have read the title consisting of May day. Duh! LOL!...Christine

  13. happy birthday Katie!

    She a real beauty!

  14. Happiest Birthday to your beautiful baby girl...
    I know just how you feel..I just shared MY baby girl's birthday on the 29th. No matter how old they get, our hearts say BABY !! :))

    You are a very special daughter to your Mom and dad and they love you so much!!!!
    I hope you have a very fun day on your special day!!!
    Love the flowers and always have!!!!
    enjoy your day

  16. The picture of her by that window in that most gorgeous dress just made me sigh...what an amazing picture.

    Happy Birthday beautiful Katie...blessings to you this day and always.

  17. Happy Birthday to your May Day baby. Love her pics. She is beautiful. They will always be our babies won't they.

  18. Oh, Happy Birthday to Katie. She is so beautiful. I love these pictures. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  19. Beautiful girl! it is amazing how fast time goes and our children grow and leave us...

  20. Happy 20th Katie Rose..I love her name...it is as pretty as she is...love the last photo...Happy May Day

  21. Happy birthday beautiful Katie Rose!

  22. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Katie Rose! What a lovely young lady she is! Happy Pink Saturday to you and wishing you and Katie Rose a beautiful weekend.


  23. Oh Cindy, that one with her by the window with her beautiful dress is stunning! She is a beauty for sure. Now, I will always think of her on our Anniversary.
    Happy PS CIndy.
    Love Claudie

  24. Lovely photos of a beautiful young woman! Happy May Day to you both. :)

  25. Oh Cindy, Katie Rose is gorgeous! Each photo captured her beauty in a different way. I loved the story about the May Day flowers. Thank you for linking this beautiful post to Favorite Things. Happy Birthday to Katie Rose. laurie

  26. A very Happy Birthday to your beautiful Katie girl. Oh Cindy, she is just gorgeous!!! Have a fun day celebratin' your gal!

    God bless ya and have a great weekend!!!

  27. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter!

  28. Happy Birthday Katie Rose, Cindy your daughter is a real beauty my Dear friend...I pray all is well in your world and your feeling much better friend...Hugs and smiles to you Sis...Gl♥ria

  29. You have a very beautiful Daughter. She reminds me of my Granddaughter, Alayna, but older. She will be 10 on May 10th.

    I hope your Daughter had a Very Happy Birthday.


  30. What a beautiful girl Katie is- must take after her Mom!!! Happy Birthday-

    I got to spend the whole day working in my sunroom that I am trying to get ready for summer. I was painting all kinds of furniture and, at one point, it was snowing ! Isn't that crazy weather for you!

  31. Happy Birthday Miss Katie!!! Isn't May the best? The perfect month for a baby.
    CIndy - happy "birth"day - since you were the one dong all the work!
    And thank you for the cute card Dear Friend. :) Made me smile!
    SOME day I'll get caught up blogging - don't know when tho . . .
    HUGS! Karen

  32. A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your beautiful daughter. I am a day late..well, actually one hour and fifteen minutes late! Can I still be counted in on wishing her all the happiness in the world?

  33. Happy birthday to your Katie Rose! My goodness, Cindy...she's beautiful! I know you must be so proud of her! Love the story of the flowers...so cute! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  34. What a beautiful daughter you have - hope her birthday was the best!

  35. Happy Birthday, Katie Rose! You're pretty just like your pretty mother.
    Oh, Cindy, Katie is such a beautiful girl and what lovely photos of her! Hope she had a marvelous birthday.
    Thanks for popping in to see me. Your visits are always a high point for me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  36. Your daughter is so beautiful! Happy birthday to her!!

  37. She is such a beautiful girl. Nothing quite like having a daughter, is there? Mine doesn't really like pink either (maybe I made her wear it too much as a little girl).

  38. What a beautiful young lady! So graceful & poised!
    "Happy Birthday, Katie Rose!"

    These photos captured a very special time in her life & she will be grateful that you made her wear pink...it looks lovely on her!

  39. Just found your lovely site thru WooHoo Wednesday and so admire it and your gorgeous pictures! Katie Rose is stunning and the shot in the dress at the window is something I'd expect to see in "Brides" magazine. I have a (6yo) DD named Sarah Rose and we celebrated a May Day Bday - but for our puppy Olivia... Your appreciation for your drive reminds me of myself too. I often wonder if my kids will feel the same (and if my DD will wear pink when she's older). ;-)
    Thanks for sharing!

  40. She is a stunningly beautiful girl! And those eyes! I love the story about the flowers.

  41. Happy Birthday Katie Rose....the pictures are beautiful...especially the one in the ball gown at the window...Have a wonderful year!!

  42. A belated Happy Birthday to Katie Rose. My goodness, what a beautiful young woman. I can tell she is just as beautiful on the inside.
    In regards to my rattlesnake posting... I can't believe my husband brought that rattlesnake in AND I can't believe I cooked it AND even ate one piece. Not bad.. tastes like chicken!
    Thanks so much for your visits. Your blog is always a delight.
    Ladybug Creek

  43. Lovely young lady! They sure do grow up quickly, don't they?! My "baby" will be 24 next month...doesn't seem possible!
    Have a beautiful day!
    ;-D Kathleen

  44. Hi Girlfriend...

    Ohhh...your Katie Rose is such a beautiful young woman! I think she takes after her beautiful mama!!! I really enjoyed looking through your photos of her...the photographer was really good, he/she seemed to "catch" that beautiful spirit perfectly!!! Well my friend, I realize it is a bit late...but still wanted to wish Katie a very Happy (belated) Birthday!!! I thought your story about the May Day flowers was sooo cute...loved that!!!

    Darlin', I just didn't realize how far behind that I had gotten with my blogging...until I came over to say hello! Sheeeeshhh...I think I missed a whole handful of your lovely posts...I do apologize! I'm going to enjoy going through them now...and see what all you've been up to!

    Love ya, Sweetie...


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