Sunday Favorites Anniversary Party!!! A Baby Shower for my Sis with an update!

  On Saturday, I held a baby shower for my sister Susie.  She is eight months pregnant with a baby girl! Susie, my only sister, is number 7 child in our family which includes 6 brothers. I'm the oldest child of this large brood.   We had a beautiful sunny day and a lot of lovely guests .

My new punch bowl was purchased at Goodwill for only $6.00. I made a frothy green punch.

I used pink and green with my creamy white pitcher for a centerpiece. See the cute little candy dish Gloria sent me.    I was so busy, I forgot to take pic's of the food ! Still a new blogger at this point.

I loved the cake and so did my Sister.

Susie and I.  I was 15 when she was born and quite brother weary by then. Every time my Mom went to the hospital to have another baby I thought I was finally getting my sister.  However, when Susie was finally born I had entered the I am embarrassed my parents are still having kids stage. 

Some of my sister's gal pals who came to celebrate!

My Mother in Law, the quilt lady made her this darling baby quilt. There were so many cute baby girl clothes that she will need to change her daughter's outfit 3 times a day just so she can wear them even once.  There is my daughter Katie behind her looking slightly bored. 

Two grandmas and the godmother to be!  My Mom in the blue chair.  This will be her 24th grandchild, oh my!  Susie's MIL, Shelby in the red coat.  This will be her first grandchild and she is so excited!  My sister's good friend who will be this baby girl's Godmother.

Fast Forward one year.  On April 13, 2010 little Chloe Annabelle turned 1!  

Here's my darling niece!  The one we all fight over.  She is walking, talking and has a full head of dark brown hair!

She also has a yellow polka dot bikini!   I thought this pic was just too cute! When else in your life can you have little rolls on your thighs and still look adorable in a bikini!

A cute little smile and big brown eyes.

And here she is with her Mommy and Daddy.  Happy Birthday Chloe.  And  Happy Blog Party Birthday Chari!   Be sure to visit my good friend Chari  @  Happy to Design and wish her a Happy Anniversary and enter her cool give-away!    Yahoo!!


  1. Good morning Cindy ... what a wonderful way to begin my day ~ on a happy note. Loved all the photos .. with captions too!

  2. Happy birthday to sweet and lovely Chloe! Time sure flies, doesn't it? I remember this post and remembered how wonderful the baby shower was and how beautiful the cake was. You and your sister are so pretty, Cindy!...Christine

  3. Cindy, I remember this post about the beautiful shower for your sister. It's no wonder everybody fights over Chole. She is a little doll. love the yellow polka dot bikini! Happy Birthday Chloe! laurie

  4. Happy Birthday to an adorable little girl!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. You cannot top that yellow bikini picture....how adorable!

  6. What a beautiful family you have. You are so lucky to have come from a big family. Your neice is a cutie.


  7. Happy Birthday, Chloe! I remember this post, Cindy {we go back a long way!!} ;-D

    Everything was done so nicely and I loved getting a peek at your lovely house.

    Hope you are feeling 100% soon. You need to be ready for all the summer excitement!!


  8. What a darling little niece. I am 15 years older than my youngest brother and his children almost seem like my grandchildren. They're just extra special that way. Thanks for sharing those cute pictures!
    Ladybug Creek

  9. Your sister is beautiful...I am so glad she came along to save you from all those brothers! There are 7 in my family too and my older sister is 13 yrs. older than me. I am getting ready to give my daughter a baby shower so this all made me so excited! Come say hi :D

  10. Cindy, those 'Chloe thighs' are just precious. What a beautiful cake & event for your sister ...

    Sherry left this AM & now we are off to Ansel's 9th birthday party.

    Have a lovely weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs of love, Marydon

  11. Hi Girlfriend...

    Ohhh...I'm so happy to have you join up with Sunday Favorites...especially today since we're celebrating the "One Year" birthday of SF!!! Girlfriend, I remember this delightful post! You did such a fabulous job with all the shower decorations...sooo very pretty! I loved that cake! Darlin', I just can't get over how much you and your sister look alike...such pretty ladies!!! And...Chloe looks just like both her mama and sweet auntie!!! She sure is a beautiful baby girl! Love, love, LOVE that photo of her in that cute little yellow bikini...toooo cute!!! I always enjoy seeing photos of your sweet little niece...thank you for sharing them with us! Also...thank you sooo much for participating in Sunday Favorites, Sweetie!!! You are such a sweet friend and I always appreciate all of your love and support!

    Love ya,

    PS...I hope that I'm not asking to much for everyone to make a comment for each chance to win? What do you think? I didn't know any other way to for each chance to be counted when doing that "random generator" thingy. If you think of a better way...let me know, okay? Love ya, sweet friend! Hope that you're having a fabulous weekend! It's raining like crazy at our place!

  12. Happy Saturday and Happy birthday to Chole and Chari...cute that little yellow polka dotted binkin is so cute...Hope you are still on the mend my friend...Oooh got to go Harold is here for my sponge bath ha ha!! Love ya girl...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  13. How absolutely sweet!
    Cute baby shower and fast forward to a lil toddler!!! Darling.

    God bless,

  14. The baby shower looked beautiful! And so does your niece! ♥

  15. What a sweet baby girl! Such a fun post (and beautiful cake, I might add.)

  16. Cindy I remember when you had that shower...I can't believe it has been over a year ago...love the polka dotted bikini...

  17. Hi Cindy, It looks as though all of you had a wonderful time at the shower. Everything is so pretty and I especially loved that cake! The quilt is beautiful too. Your little neice is just beautiful. I can only imagine everyones excited ove the new baby coming ♥

  18. Hi Cindy!!!!
    Oh gosh, a baby sister at 15, that would have been so fun, but yes, I know kids like to think Mommy and Daddy do NOT make babies!!!hahaI would have loved it though, strolling all over town with a cute little baby!!!!No, she is my sister!!!!
    Love all that cute pink stuff, so yeah another baby niece to love on and enjoy, that Chloe is sure cute and love those pics, that bikini is sooo darling!!!!
    She is so precious!!!!
    What a fun day you had!!!
    I am off to Decor to adore's house, for her fashionista's 21st 70's theme birthday party!!!
    Bye for now

  19. What a cute little girl, and a great big sis for having such a beautiful shower.

  20. She is just so cute...I have 2 little grandsons that are so much fun, but I hope one of these days to have a little granddaughter to dress up and play with:)


  21. This is just so precious!

    What a beautiful party for your sisters baby shower; beautiful friends and family,such a precious, adorable and lovely child, and oh my that cake!.., Just darling!.., Congratulations on the soon to be, new arrival!

  22. Cindy, I just loved your baby shower post - I have just had a baby shower for DN 2 - please pop over to share my photos.

  23. Oh my goodness........I actually remember this post....Soooo cute!

    And, happy birthday to little Chloe...


  24. Hi Cindy,
    What a lovely post, I missed it the first time around and it was great to get an update and meet Chloe, supermodel in the making!

  25. Love your re-post and the cute little pictures at the end ! I reposted a post too and stole your ideas on what has happened since, great idea !
    HUgs ~ Kammy

  26. Sure looks like you gave a great shower. I love that cake with the diaper pins all over it. And what a cutie little Chloe is - just adorable.

  27. I would die to have a mother in law that makes such beautiful quilts!!! What an incredible cake that was!

  28. Chloe is gorgeous! I can see why this is your favorite.

  29. Absolutely adorable! I know she is such a joy for everyone.

    Brightest blessings,

  30. You have a cute sister & niece. I am 9 years older than my youngest sister. I do have another sister 4 years younger than me. But I am closer with my youngest sister. There is nothing like having a sister. Thanks for reposting this.

  31. Hi Cindy
    That is a lovely shower...so many happy faces and so lovely to meet your sister too and learn about your family. You have a nice big one that must have and is fun.

    I have only one brother and he is 11 years younger than I am.

    Your little niece is adorable and has grown into such a sweet little one. I love the bikini picture. *s*..

    The picture of you and your sister is very special....

    hope you've had a lovely day today too.

  32. I love showers and baby showers are especially fun! I know it is so exciting to be getting another little niece! Thanks for sharing your pretty pics with us.
    PS I love that cake too.:)

  33. That was fun! Chloe is so cute..her mom and aunt too! :)

  34. Happy birthday to the girls. I just love those chubby little thighs! It looked like everyone had a blast at the shower! Your just cute as a button Cindy!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous Monday!!!

  35. A belated Happy 1st Birthday to sweet Chloe! Oh Cindy she is a living doll. I can see why you all fight over her! I just love the picture of you and Susie! Hugs


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