Top Ten Projects of 09/ Or I tried!

     I'm late!  I'm late!   For a very important date!   Rhonda's Blog Party @ Southern Hospitality!

     My projects are not as fancy or as skilled as my hubbie's but I do have a few to share!  I painted this old bench a cottage white and made a bench pad and pillows for it!  I kind of like how it turned out and hubby only had to touch up in a few spots!

     I tried my hand at decoupage and had fun making some plates to hang here, and other's to give away!

     With $5.00 in  Dollar Store supplies, and some burned thumbs I learned how to make this shell wreath. 

     I tried my hand at flower arranging and flower growing and took them to the Country Fair!  I got a red...

  and a Blue!

     When I didn't want to pay 16.00 for four new napkin rings, I decided to make some myself, from  toilet paper rolls and ribbon!

I learned to fetch apples as fast as I can................

And not to worry about the rest!!!

     For the heck of it, I planted some ornamental cabbage and just loved going outside to look at them!

     I took my old brass headboard purchased at a garage sale and painted in cottage white.

Painted the spare bedroom and used that headboard here!

When short on funds, I decided I would make my own tablerunners.........

And napkins for tablescapes! 

       I hope my itty bitty projects didn't bore you too much but I sure had fun making them and learning in the process!     I don't know about the rest of you but were in the deep freeze here, a major Artic Blast!  At 8:00 a.m. this morning it still was below zero and it looks like it will be here for awhile!  I am dreaming of warm beaches and exotic far away places!   STAY WARM!    Cindy


  1. Hi Cindy!

    Those are all great projects! The bench and cushion turned out very great.


  2. Hey, Cindy, those are some great projects you did. Your pics are so cute, love that deer shot. Thanks for stopping by the party! Happy New Year to you.

  3. Hello Dearheart...

    Ohhh my goodness, Girl...I just loved seeing some of your creative projects all in one post! I think you did GREAT...BRAVO!!! You really did get so many things accomplished this past year...soooo...so many pretties!!! You know, I'm still wanting to do a few decoupage plates like yours...I love that idea!!! I like it because you can really customize a plate to go with or wherever you're wanting to use it!!! Ohhh...and your fabulous shell wreath...it's really one of the prettiest that I've seen!!! You did such a great job crafting that!!! And...I love, love, LOVE your black toile table runner and black and white checked dinner napkins...love the combination!!! Girl, I think I need to get busy!!! Hehe!!! I used to do so many different types of crafts and just loved it. Then I just got away from doing them when I went to work full time! I just need to get back to it! All of your pretties are so inspiring, Cindy!!! You're such a creative and talented lady! Thank you for sharing all of your projects...so many great ideas here!!!

    How are you doing, Darlin'? Have you been having to work lately? I'm still pluggin' away at getting my Christmas put away! I got quite a bit accomplished today, but I'm paying the price for it tonight! I'm going to have to slow down again...eeeks! Sure hope that my note finds you well!!!

    Love ya, Sweetie...

  4. You had so much accomplishments, Cindy! You've been busy and they all turned out nicely. Congrats on the ribbons for the flower arrangements. How exciting to win!...Christine

  5. It has been fun seeing some of your projects and getting to know you!


  6. Wow Cindy, you are one busy lady! I love all your projects.. but I think my fav is the toilet paper roll napkin holders! I would never have guessed what they were! And the ocean themed wreath... lovely!

    And as for the deer... those darn sweet little things just make fast work of any pretty garden they can get in to! ~Vicki

  7. I love all your projects. Don't you just love getting to rethink all the older projects. You have a ton more patience than I do for projects that take time to put together.

    I linked my old projects also and all I could think about is what I would have done to make the project easier. I can't do anything that takes a lot of attention to detail.:)

  8. I love the little bench and it's pillows! You have been a busy lady..I'm not very crafty but admire those who are! :D

  9. Hi Cindy--

    I found your blog via Catherine's blog.
    Your recap was neat. Your very lucky to have such a talented husband! I love your yellow room--soooo inviting.
    As I was strolling through your post, I came across your state map and noticed that my fair state has not been visited yet. You like to travel don't you! :) Enjoyed the visit.
    Will be back!

  10. I think you did a terrific job on your projects and they look like something I might try...I just need to embrace creativity right?? I need help...thanks for sharing..;p

  11. Oh Cindy you did so many wonderful things in 09...love the bench and sea shells wreath...and I just notice you don't have any comments....so I'm thinking maybe you don't have elecric to even read them...hope all is well with you my friend...Thanks for your sweet visit the other day....Love ya sis...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  12. I love your projects, Cindy! You did some amazing work on things last year... clever and fun! Great job!


    Sheila :-)

  13. Cindy~ what a wonderful recap. You've been busy this passed year. When I saw your flowers it made me long for spring. I don't get out much, but when the sun is shining(in May) I can play amongst the flowers.
    I love the touches of red in your decor. I have it throughout my home too. I've even lined my white kitchen cupboards in red and white.
    Sweet wishes,

  14. I love your projects Cindy. They turned out great. I think I might plant some of that ornamental cabbage next year, it looks beautiful.

  15. Hi Cindy! Yes, I remember these great projects! And I still love that bench with the rooster fabric...my favorite! And stay warm. They are predicting SNOW for us today...about an inch. The entire city will come to a screeching halt! lol Happy Blogaversary!...hugs...Debbie

  16. I love the shell wreath...I'm totally going to have to mke one of those! Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. Bored, silly girl, not in the least. Wowed is more like it. You come up with the best ideas with things like....toilet paper rolls no less!

    I loved your project journey. Have a blessed day filled with the dreams of projects to come. I can't wait!!!!

    God bless you dear Cindy!

  18. Girl, you inspire me! I love that wreath! Congrats on the ribbons you won at the fair ~ how exciting! Have a great day!

  19. Lots of great projects. Congratulations on winning n your flower arrangements. Temps are dropping fast here. We got just a heavy dusting of snow - thank goodness. The big concern is ice on the roads. Stay warm.

  20. Hi Cindy,
    I so enjoyed visiting you today and not only reading this post but some of your previous post.
    Seeing all that you accomplished this past year has so inspired me to get busy, and start some of those projects that I have only been thinking and talking about.lol

    Your husband is so gifted with his hands, it is so evident that you love and appreciate him so much, how refreshing. I have a very special one too, that supports me in all my projects, especially with my blogging.lol
    Thank you for sharing and for your motivation.

  21. Those are some Great projects!! Wish I could retire and work on some of mine..maybe someday!!

  22. Congrats! on your flowers and ribbons. What fun your plates are so easy to make them match any decor. You bedroom looks so warm and inviting. Thanks for sharing all your fun projects.

  23. Your "bitty" projects look pretty wonderful to me! That shell wreath is fabulous and the brass bead painted white looks like an antique. Did you make the pillow with the red pom-pom trim too? It looks so sweet in the wicker chair.

  24. Cindy...great projects...I remember most of them from the year...congrats on the wins at the fair

  25. Cindy, all of these are great projects! I remember all of them, except the rooster on the toile plate (maybe I saw it and don't remember). I love it! What a creative year you've had! I can't wait to see what you create in 2010! laurie

  26. All great but I think my favorite is the wreath! We're trying to stay warm over here but that is no easy task. Hoping the snow ends up more tonight than they are expecting though, I love how everything looks draped in white, fluffy snow.
    Have a great night!

  27. Your "little" projects accumulated and you were kept quite busy all year! Your diligence sure paid off in those awards for your floral arrangements. It's always fun to pay a visit and see what you're up to. I used the snow blower once already and will have to use it again in a couple of hours. We are not as cold here as you are, but I still don't relish going out to "play" in the snow any time soon. brrr.... I'd like to be in the sun out on a CA beach, too.
    hugs, Sue

  28. Wow you did a lot. I have been thinking about doing a shell wreath. What did you use for the base? foam or grapevine or something else?

  29. Ok, now I feel awful after seeing how much you accomplished! Good for you. I guess I'll have to get up earlier and stay up later.

    You're an inspiration for me to really blog faithfully. People want that and look forward to it too.

    Happy blogaversary,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  30. LOVE THIS POST!!!! Especially your napkin rings, how resourceful!

    thanks for stopping and leaving birthday wishes. Good luck in my giveaway!

  31. Love the shell wreath, great job! Also, the iron bed painted cottage white is a beauty. My daughter has my childhood bed (looks very similar to yours) in her new bedroom at the cottage. Come take a look when you have the chance.


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