I LOVE FIGURE SKATING!!! U.S. Figure Skating Finals and a Pillow Project too!

The cute little girl gliding across the ice doing a very nice spiral,( If I do say so) is my daughter Katie at the age of 8.  These pic's were scanned in, so a little blurry.  She loved to skate!  The glide across the ice, the speed, the jumping and spinning were all her forte'.  She tried dance and skating at the age of 4 and skating won out.   Mostly  she liked to go fast.  And fast she did, outskating most of the hockey players.   Forever having contests with them at open skates to see who could go faster.

At age 16, she did a duet with another gal to the song Sweet Gypsy Rose, by Tony Orlando.  Katie was Gypsy Rose and the other gal wanted to be Tony Orlando.  (check my music here)

It turned out to be one of the cutest numbers and a real crowd pleaser at our annual ice show.

I have lot's of scrap material from figure skating dresses that had been specially made for her.  Here she is, age 11, in an outfit that she wore for an artistic skate.  She skated to a Shania Twain number and it had a country/western feel to it.
Since I've been in a pillow making mood, I decided to start using some of the left over material. It's all stretchy and shiny and not that easy to work with.  Which is one reason,  I was lucky to have found a fabulous seamstress who loved to sew and design Katie's skating outfits through the years.  So with valentine's day in mind, I decided to make her a pillow using left over material from this dress. 

Do you like my little note frame?

Tonight is the US Figure Skating finals.  I have been so frustrated this week not being able to watch.  ESPN used to carry a lot of the preliminaries, the short programs, the pairs, the ice dance.   Two years ago, Katie and I were there.  The finals were in St. Paul, MN and as a gift for her senior year in skating, Katie and I attended. It was magical, fun and breathtaking.   Being there in person is way better than tv.  It was a great way to cap off 13 years on the ice.   So check your local listings, NBC, central time starts at 2:00 p.m. with the short program and ice dance.  Then tonight, it's live with the ladies final at 8:00 p.m.  Sasha Cohen is trying to make a come-back and make the Olympic team.  She is one of my all time favorites and I so hope she does.  I can't wait for the Olympics and tonight the U.S. team will be decided.  Skating and the Olympics will help me make it through this long winter.    Have a great week-end everyone!


  1. I've always enjoyed watching figure skating but sadly it doesn't seem to make it onto our TV screens any longer.
    Your daughter looks delightful and I'm sure she will love the pillow that you made for her.
    Thanks for stopping by in Normandy.

  2. Hi Sweetie...
    I love this post. Katie looks so precious. I love the little Orlando and Dawn number. So cute. She also made a pretty cute western gal. Love it.

    I am so glad you mentioned the skating numbers being on today and tonight. I will have myself posted in front of the TV with a little sewing. I can't wait to watch Sasha skate. I love the little bit of fisty she has in her.

    Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday.

    Country hugs from Country Wings in Phoenix sweetie. Love ya girl, Sherry

  3. Wonderful photos!!

    I love figure skating too, Cindy. Our son in law played hockey in the youth leagues, in St Louis, and played again as an adult. I think it's been a couple of years since he played hockey. Last year Gabi, who was 4 at the time wanted to learn to ice skate. Steve the hockey player proceeded to give her lessons. I think they just played and skated for awhile and she didn't really do much, but she did have fun and so did he.

  4. Oh Cindy what a sweet idea! Katie will just love the pillow! I love figure skating too! I am in awe of those amazing skaters because the few times I tried skating I spent most of the day on my hiney! Love the song too! It brings back wonderful memories of when Ray and I were kids! Hugs, Loretta

  5. I can feel the passion and purpose in the skating pictures. My great niece is a skater in Michigan so I understand the time and money commitment. How fun to share the photos with us!

    You have a beautiful daughter and you can see the skating joy in her face in the photos.

  6. You must be so proud of your daughter and all her accomplishments on ice. What a great idea to make a pillow from some of the left over costume fabric! Did she keep her costumes? My daughter used to compete in Irish step-dancing. When she retired from competition a few months before leaving for college, we only kept the first (and favorite) solo dress. I did post a few pics of her on an earlier blog post.

  7. great photos of your daughter...I don't know why figure skating doesn't get shown as much as other sports...so much more fun to watch...


  9. Your daughter is quite the cutie~pie! What a cool idea making her a pillow filled with memories! Yep, I'm lovin' your little note frame.

    Have the best weekend filled with warm blessings!

  10. HI!!!
    Figure Skating is my favorite!!!!
    I have a BIG SURPRISE to announce soon!!!!!
    I have been watching all day!!!!I will be glued tonight!!!!!
    LOVE IT!!!!!
    always have!!!!!
    beautiful daughter their skating!!! I have only been ice skating 5 times maybe, it is HARD!!!!!
    I love that pillow you made her, great idea!!!!!

  11. Pretty pillow - you did good! :) You have good reason to be proud of your daughter, and she is a pretty young lady.

  12. I love it Cindy !
    check out my blog,there is a virtual dinner party going on!

  13. I love figure skating!~ Great photo scanning~ Thanks for stopping by, my yes thought provoking post~! Your daughter is beautiful and has been given such a wonderful gift to skate, I use to love Dorothy Hamil, I had to buy her shampoo and get her haircut for years. Debbie

  14. As a total non-skater, I am completely AWED by figure skating ... it's as if they are MAGIC as far as I am concerned. Your daughter looked so lovely on the ice!
    What a wonderful idea, to use bits of the old costume fabric to make pillows. Excellent idea! years ago, my Mom made a small quilt for me with fabrics from clothes she had made when I was a little girl; it was such fun to recognize so many of them.

    This pillow will bring back lots of memories for your Katie!

  15. Your daughter is beautiful. That pillow is such a sweet gift for her. I've lost track of the skaters the past few years. I was a huge fan when Scott Hamilton was skating and all of that group.


  16. Hi Cindy..
    Your comment on my post made me smile. Thank you so much for the compliment on my children. But..the biggest compliment you paid me is the one saying I was so much like your mother. I am honored. It has even made me feel better about myself. I am afraid I dwell too much on "what might have been" from time to time. I guess that is to be expected after 43 years. :) You made me feel so good. Thank you.

    I am still knee deep in paint around here but the color is making my home feel full of sunshine, which is fine for these dark days but..not so sure when the temp here reaches triple digit.
    Please do tell your Mom hello for me.

  17. p.s. Darn it all! I wanted to also tell you how lovely your daughter is...I know I have said it before..but she is! :)

  18. Your daughter was adorable when she was 11 and has grown into a beautiful young lady. I love ice skating and watch it on tv whenever possible. It's a love I share with my daughter even though we don't skate, it is just a beautiful art to watch.

  19. We love watching figure skating too. We don't have any ice skating rinks here in the desert though. I grew up by the beach, but we had one nearby, it was so much fun. I love your little heart pillow. It turned out so nice.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  20. Your daughter looks beautiful and very skilled in those pics! My daughter was in figure skating years back and I remember the time commitment and the costumes required. I also like to watch figure skating on TV. Have never gotten to see it live which must be awesome. It will be so close, (yet so far away due to price for tickets) when the Olympics are in my home province next month!


  21. Cindy, this is my very favorite spectator sport. I love to watch ice skating! How wonderful that your daughter was a skater and that you got to enjoy this on a regular basis.

    I think that is so sweet to make the heart out of her fabric. Those days must have been so dear to her. She was and is such a pretty girl, and I bet there was nothing like seeing her on the ice or her skating on the ice.

    Warm hugs across the miles coming straight to you...


    Sheila :-)

  22. Hi sweet friend...

    Ohhh...your Katie is just fabulous! I would have loved to see her ice skate in person! I think I told you that I love ice skating and always watch it when it comes on TV. It's just so romantic! Such grace and style!!! Katie's costume for the "Gypsy Rose" piece is sooo cute! I would have had so much fun helping to plan the costumes!!! More fun planning them...than sewing them though! Hehe! Her red velvet costume is gorgeous! Cindy, she is going to love that beautiful heart pillow that you made her for Valentine's Day...what a great idea! Great way to save and enjoy those sweet memories!!! Does she still skate? I have to admit that I've never even had on a pair of ice skates...now roller skates is another story! Hehe! I used to spend many a hour roller skating at our local Roller Rink! I wasn't very good at it but sure had fun nevertheless!

    Well Darlin'...we are about to take off to town! Need to go for groceries. We're having a wind storm delux outside! I really even hate getting out in it! There's so much dirt in the air you can hardly see...it looks like the dustbowl! YUK!!! I'll talk to you later, sweet girl!

    Love ya,

  23. Your daughter must have loved skating. She looks so cute in her outfits. What a lovely idea to make the pillow from her costume for Valentine's Day. Have loved figure skating since I first saw Peggy Flemming. Boy that was a long time ago, lol. Have a wonderful day.

  24. Oh Cindy how I loved seeing your Katie on Ice girl...I love to watch figure skating I think it so wonderful and what an art form to be able to do that...I use to skate as a kid...loooog time ago ha ha!! Love your sweet pillow my friend...Hope you have a great week...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  25. AWE! Sweet memories! I think that is an awesome way to keep the memories of all those expensive costumes. What would we do with out our daughters?!


  26. Cindy, I love to watch ice skating too, and I did watch last night. Two of my grands were here, and they wanted to know why I got so upset when the skaters fell. It just breaks my heart to think of all of their hard work and their hopes and dreams and then to see them fall. It is such a beautiful sport, and I'm sure you and your daughter have such wonderful memories of her ice skating competitions. It sounds like she had some really cute routines, and she is such a doll. What a great idea to make that pillow. She's going to love that. It's been warmer here lately, but we're getting some cold weather back this coming week. I'm not sure I could survive all of that snow y'all have!! laurie

  27. Hello Cindy!
    Ha!! Good ole Tony Orlando just came on!! Brings back memories of my teenage years!! Love all your photos of your lovely daughter on the ice! What a talent! I can't wait to see the Olympics. Figure skating has always been my favorite! The pillow is darling! Hugs!


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