And the Winner Is.....Plus, Some Outdoor Winter Scenes with Critters

     And the Winner is........  Thank-you to Everyone who came by and offered best wishes and entered my Blog-a-Versary  give-away.  I am still trying to get back to everyone who left wishes and I should hopefully catch up this week-end.  I used the True Random Number Service.  There were a 135 entries and the winning number is 53!!!  Now just let me say, I counted and re-counted and re-counted again just to make sure I had everyone's entries just right.  And the winning entry is http://onesimplecountrygirl.blogspot.com/.   Congratulations Donna, please e-mail me @  applestonecottage@gmail.com so I can get your package in the mail.  Donna is such a sweet gal .  She also lives in one of  my favorite states,the beautiful mountains of Virginia.   Go say hi when you get a chance.  Donna also has a give-away going on herself that you will want to check out.

    This has been one of those weeks that started out slowly but has got a little crazier towards the end.
 Like many of you, I have my eyes glues to the TV every chance I get to keep updated on the situation in Haiti.   It is so scary and heartbreaking.  I am going to donate something as soon as I get off here.   I am sure every little bit will be needed.

     One day a week, I work out of town.  This was my view as I headed out yesterday.  It is really beautiful and although it's cold we have warmed up quite a bit from last week.  Well yesterday, I didn't get more than 100 yards when I saw these beautiful deer running along side the road.

     It was only about 7:30 a.m. and so peaceful and quiet.   But once they saw me it was more like this.

And  me trying to drive and get some pics at the same time.  Of course there is hardly any traffic, so not as difficult as it sounds.

      And then past this old barn  with a few twinkly Christmas lights still going.  I so enjoy the peacefulness of the drive and the outstanding beauty.  I may not like the cold so much, but I sure do appreciate the view!  Have a wonderful week-end everyone and thanks again for stopping by, I always love hearing from you.


  1. Congrats to Donna!! Beautiful giveaway.

    Your photos are amazing...love them all

  2. Congratulations Donna!

    I love those pictures, Cindy. I can feel the cold. I'm one of the crazy ones that love snow.

  3. Congrats to Donna! How lucky! What a beautiful scenery, Cindy. Love the deer but we almost hit 2 the other night and made us so nervous. Luckily we were able to stop just in time but it was so close. Be careful driving out there...Christine

  4. The thoughts of you driving on a icy road tryin' to get great pics of the wildlife is just a little scary. I'm so glad your safe, I know, I know, your used to it but I'm a both hands on the wheel tunnel visioned snow driver. Heeeheehe!

    Congratulations to Donna on the giveaway win!

    Have a terrific day filled with blessings!!!

  5. Good morning my friend...Congrats to Donna...great give away...Oh girl to see those white tailed deers how pretty...we don't have white tail here but I do have a family of 5 that visit me every day to come to the salt lick...May you have a great weekend my Dear friend...Many hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. Your picture of the road and of the barn look as if they came out of a magazine. Perfect! Wishing you another year of blogging success...
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  7. Congratulations to Donna for winning your wonderful giveaway. Cindy please forgive me if I forgot to wish you a happy blogaversary. I thought I did but now I'm not sure :(
    The view looking down the road is like something out of a magazine, and the pic of the barn is simply beautiful! Poor deer, it's so hard for them to find food this time of year. My dad buys apples, dried corn and seeds and they are all very well fed around here! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Loretta

  8. Love that photo of the barn...and the love story you posted...

  9. Congrats to Donna. Love those pics.


  10. Good morning!
    Congratulations to the winner of your wonderful giveaway. I certainly will go congratulate her as well. Your photo's are just beautiful.
    You have no idea how much I am enjoying all the pictures of snow I have been seeing on the different blogs. That is how I have been getting my REAL winter season. Lovely! Thanks for taking the trouble to take them and share them with us.
    p.s. Please forgive me for running on and on in my emails to you. :) Eventually it passes and I get on with my life today and stop trying to find him by talking about him. You've been very patient. Thank you, Cindy.

  11. I am sure Donna will enjoy her gifts..
    Beautiful pics, Cindy, but I don't envy you having to get out in the cold.
    The deer are very hungry, I just noticed they have devoured one of my shrubs, and it still had the Christmas lights on it..Guess they are eating light these days..:)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. you do have a great view...I love that barn photo....Congrats Donna...

  13. Cindy, What beautiful pics! The ones of the deer are fabulous... You are right about the situation in Haiti.....it's totally horrible. I want to donate as well. You be blessed and stay warm friend. Love the Teacup print today! :)~CC Catherine

  14. YOU can drive on all that snow!!!!
    I guess you have a 4 wheel drive!!!!!The snowy road looked quite scary to me!!!!!
    I loved the pics of the deer!!!!They are so graceful running!!!!

  15. I don't blame you for trying to get pics of those beautiful deer...I can't help myself, I smile everytime I see one. Stay warm.

  16. What a magical looking morning. Beautiful photos!

  17. Congrats. to the winner! Great photos - thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend. We feel like we are having a heat wave - daytime temps in the 50's! But then a week from now, we may be freezing again.

  18. Cindy,
    I was so excited to log on this evening to find out that I won your wonderful giveaway!! Woohoo!! Thank you so much ~ I can't wait to get my loot! LOL!! I am e-mailing you with my mailing info tonight. Please let me know if you don't receive it.

    I just love your winter pics! You are right ~ everything looks so peaceful and beautiful. That barn is awesome! And those deer ~ WOW!! Gorgeous!


  19. Those are phenomenal photos! Love barns.

  20. What beautiful photographs ... winter has its own peaceful beauty. Enjoyed browsing here!


  22. Congrats to your winner!

    I'm with you, I don't like winter...but, it is so beautiful sometimes.

    Have a great weekend, Sue

  23. Congaratulations to Donna. It really is a wonderful giveaway. I can't believe the photo you got of the deer. That's wonderful. About the barn though, is it me, or is it missing part of the roof? It's beautiful, but it looks like the trees are coming right out of the roof. I must be looking at it wrong.

  24. Cindy what an amazing and scenic view you have. It's so peaceful. ~Lovely!

    Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement on my new heakthy life. I really appreciate it.

    Have a blessed weekend. ~Melissa :)

  25. congrats to Donna!

    the barn is so beautiful!!!!!!

  26. Congratulations to Donna! I know, I always count, re-count etc. I'm so afraid I'm going to count wrong. I wish there was an easier way to number entries.

    The photos of the deer are just spectacular!


  27. Cindy, that first photo and the barn photo look like post cards. Absolutely gorgeous! I would be stuck at home if it snowed like that here. You are so brave to be able to not only drive in it, but take pix while driving! You have such a great outlook. I love that you enjoy your peaceful drive to work. (if I was driving in that snow with deer on the edge of the road, I think I would be so tense and worried.) Congratulations to the winner of your lovely prize, and thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.

    I have never posted on my blog twice in 1 day, but I started regretting my earlier post about apologizing and posted another one, thinking that the "apology" post wouldn't be read, but several have gone back to read it! Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm so fortunate to have "met" you in this cyber world. Sorry, I wrote you a book. (Ooops! I apologized!) laurie

  28. Hello Dearheart...

    Just wanted to stop by to say hello and see what you and Dan were up to this weekend...okay, okay...I also wanted to see who was the lucky winner of your fabulous blogaversary giveaway! Hehe! Congratulations to Donna...lucky girl! Hehe!!!

    My friend, I just adore where you live! The countryside is sooo beautiful and I love all of your "critter sightings"! Seeing those pretty deer in the woodlands is just so magical! You know, we used to have deer come up in our backyard but that has been several years ago! I'm afraid that the coyote population around here has chased them off! Now, sweet friend, do I need to give you "the talk" about shooting film and driving at the same time??? Hehe! Girl, you crack me up...only a true blogger at heart would do that! Thanks for sharing your photos with us though...just awesome!!!

    We have the kids here this weekend. It's just about time for me to go and make some dinner! We will leave to take them back home tomorrow...up to the big city! Not sure if we have plans up there yet or not! I always like to shop...our shopping here is Walmart and that's it! We'll see! Well Darlin', ya'll have a great weekend and I'll talk with you on Monday!!!

    Love ya,

  29. Cindy, thanks for taking us along on this winter walk. Everything is so beautiful! Also, thanks for stopping by and leaving the thoughtful comment. I always appreciate your visits. ~ Sarah

  30. Hi Cindy !
    I love your pictures and that snow...we got it here too ! Love all those deer pictures - I just hate when they jump right in front of the car ! I took some pictures of antelope the other day and will try to post for Outdoor Wednesday . I feel sorry for those city folks as they don't get the wild critters like you and I seem to get :o) Congrats to your winner - bet, she will be excited !
    Hugs ~

  31. Cindy, Congrats to Donna as the winner for your give away!! What a beautiful drive you have. The deer were amazing. We have some in the front yard occasionally, but right now the coyotes are keeping them at bay. I loved the picture of the old barn. It is amazing. Stay in and stay warm. hugs ~lynne~

  32. Love the pictures but that road looks scary to drive on

  33. Oh my goodness...your photos are amazing. I can't believe you managed to snap those but so glad you did. It looks so much like our country roads. And I love, love, love the barn photo with the Christmas lites. It truly warms my heart. Yesterday I took photos of my neighbor's barn and will share them later this week. Have a good one. xo Lynn

  34. Congratulations, Cinday! I love those pics of the deer jumping!
    I wanted to extend a warm congratulations on your blog. You know I love it....I am a follower!

    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  35. Cindy, your pictures are lovely.....stunning! Congrats to the winner.

    Thank you so much for the always gracious comments you leave for me. You are so dear!

    Barb ♥


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